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How to Start Meditating with Crystals: Methods, Steps & Tips

INSIDE: When you start meditating with crystals, it takes your meditation practice up several notches. Discover the different methods you can use, the steps to take, and some extra tips for success right here!


It seems that the trendiest item this past year have been crystal accessories and décor. People are buying them in forms of jewelry, dishes, or centerpieces in order to bring them satisfaction.

But crystals and healing stones can have a much stronger influence on your well-being when used as a meditation tool.

For centuries, crystals have been used around the world in different cultures as a form of healing. Certified meditation leaders explain that meditating with crystals can affect your experience by deepening your focus and raising your awareness.

They do note that there is currently no scientific research on the healing abilities of crystals, only ones that claim it is nothing more than a placebo.

There are numerous studies, though, that have found placebos to be effective in their own right. People can experience healing from inactive or fake medications because they believe it to work. Placebos have also been found to change a patient’s brain due to their expectations of medicinal healing.

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Everything is energy, including our thoughts, so it makes sense why placebos are so powerful.

Crystals can work in a similar way. They provide the user with a sense of therapeutic relief. If you believe in the crystals’ capabilities, you will notice a much stronger effect when you use them.

But, crystals also emit certain frequencies that bring our energy system into balance, so we aren't so convinced that the placebo effect is all that's at work here. Learn more about how crystals work here.

If you've been wanting to learn more about it and get started, here's a quick guide on meditating with crystals for beginners!

Crystal Meditation and Sacred Geometry

Crystal Meditation Methods

There are many different methods to meditating with crystals, so take some time to evaluate your current preferred meditation practices and the ways you can incorporate crystals into them.

Experiment with some of the following different meditation methods to see what you like best...

Crystal Grid

Some people don’t like it when crystals touch their physical bodies during a meditation session, so instead they create a crystal grid.

This is where you lay the crystals around your body in a specific shape, such as a circle or pentagon.

By using sacred geometry shapes, you create a clear pathway to the issue you are trying to meditate on, which allows the energy of the crystals to be more easily focused and harnessed.

Placing the crystals around you will assist you in the process of connecting to their energies.

Crystals on Chakras

Chakras are the centers of spiritual energy in the body. It is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “disk,” which refers to the mechanisms of the chakras and how it keeps the body functioning.

There are seven chakras along the spine, beginning at the tailbone and then moving up to the crown of the head. If you're interested in learning more about meditating in accordance with the chakras, head over to our guide to chakra meditation.

Meditating with crystals on your chakras can aid you in chakra opening and healing. Lay a crystal of matching color on top of the chakra that best aligns with your goals and purpose for the session.

Your chakras each represent aspects of not only your physical body but also your spiritual being, so by placing a crystal on your charkas, you can channel the healing properties to balance out your energies.

Chakra Healing Gemstones

Take a Bath With Crystals

Another common meditation method for those who struggle to relax and slow down is to take a warm bath with crystals.

The hot water will soothe your exhausted body and relax your muscles. It will allow you to calm down and step back from any stress you might be encountering.

Bathing is a good way to unwind to either recharge after a busy day or set the tone for a new one.

Just as you would use bath salts to remove stress and toxins from your body, you can incorporate crystals as well. Meditating with crystals in the bath helps you recharge your mental wellbeing while allowing your body to absorb the healing energies of the crystals you are bathing in.

How to Meditate with Crystals

If you're a complete beginner to meditation, we suggest you read this beginner’s guide to meditation and mindfulness before you start. Once you have a grasp on how to meditate, then we can begin!

You'll first need to gather your supplies. You should select the crystal(s) you will use as well as any additional tools you might need. This might include candles, incense, essential oils, or images.

These tools will help you relax and set the tone of the meditation.

Now, let's begin with step one...

Cleanse Your Crystal(s)

The first step when meditating with crystals is to cleanse them. Start each session with a ritual to strip them of any negative energy in order to have a beneficial meditation.

There are many different methods to clearing crystals, such as using sage smoke or other incense, sound, immersion in salt water, or leaving it out in the moonlight for a few hours.

Without this step, you will not be able to receive the full effect of the crystal’s healing properties.

Grounding for Meditation

Ground Yourself

Grounding is a practice that allows you to connect to yourself and give your meditation session purpose.

Focus on your connection with the Earth. It will allow you to be more in tune with yourself and more aware of the present moment.

Grounding yourself will reconnect your mental, physical, and emotional state to the energy around you, especially from the crystals. Take deep, slow breaths and connect to the vibrations of the crystals.

Choose Your Method

After you have cleansed your crystals and grounded yourself, go ahead and meditate using one of the methods we outlined above or one of your own techniques.

End the Meditation Gracefully

As you end your session, take it slowly. Take your time to become more conscious of the room and of your body.

Stretch yourself out and only get up once you are completely focused on your physical presence and have mentally reconnected to the present.

Make sure to drink water afterwards to flush your system of any negative energy you were able to move through you.

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Tips for Meditating With Crystals

Now, let's look at some additional tips to help you become a crystal meditating pro...

Choose Crystals by Intention

Do your research on which crystals work best for you. Each one has a different purpose and healing ability, so decide which one(s) to use based on the intention you have for their use.

For example, Rose Quartz improves loving relationships with ourselves and others, while Tiger’s Eye helps us find clarity in our purpose among difficult times of change.

You might start by reading this article about the best meditation crystals or simply browse our Crystals by Intention menu in the left sidebar on our website.

Also, some crystals can’t be used in specific meditation methods, as they can break down. Water can dissolve some crystals, so if you decide to meditate with crystals in the bath, make sure to double check their conditions and properties.

Here's a handy Crystal Care Guide to direct you.

Final Thoughts

Meditating with crystals allows us to deepen our focus during our sessions and channel strong energies into the directions that align with our intentions. They can empower us and increase our ability to relax and connect to our higher consciousness. Use them to improve your awareness and rebalance your own energy within your body.

How to Use Crystals E-Book

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

How to Start Meditating With Crystals

Meditating With Crystals

How to Meditate With Crystals

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