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Stone Energy: How to Choose a Crystal That Will Rock Your World

INSIDE: Stone energy is a real thing, and this article to show you how stone energy works and provide some proof as to why it does. Plus, you'll discover 5 different ways to choose a crystal that is right for you.

I find myself being drawn to crystals. I always have been.

But I've also always had two questions in mind when it comes to crystals:

1) How does stone energy actually work?
2) How do you go about choosing a crystal?

In this article, I'll answer both questions and then some! Let's get to it...

Stone Energy: Is it a Real Thing?

Stone energy, otherwise known as crystal energy, pertains to the energy each stone gives off. That's pretty clear, right?

But what isn't clear is what that really means. For skeptics, it just sounds like some New Age hocus-pocus. And even for crystal lovers, it's usually a question that lingers in the back of their minds.

Let's look at people as an example of how stone energy works. Wouldn't you agree that each person has their own energy that they give off?

Stone Energy and People
We all have life experiences, personality traits, and DNA that make us who we are, and who we are has a certain energy about it. You know this because there are certain people who walk into a room and you are immediately drawn to their energy, while there are others that repel you.

Healing stones are no different. Their life experiences are where they were found and how they were mined. Their DNA is their structure, and their personality traits are their composition.

Now let's look at energy itself.

Everything in the world is composed of energy. At its smallest component, all living beings, plants, objects, and even words and thoughts are vibrating energy.

Everything is Energy and Stone Energy
Crystals are no different. Some crystals resonate at a high frequency while others resonate at a lower frequency. Neither is bad; just different. The frequency of their vibration determines how they affect us... and that is their stone energy.

How Stone Energy Powers a Quartz Watch & The Human Body

To illustrate that this is not a far-fetched, woo-woo, made up concept, let's look at a quartz watch. Quartz is a crystal that has been used in watches since 1969 and is still used to this day because it is one of the most accurate ways to power a watch for a long period of time.

Quartz Watch
Here's how a quartz watch works: Quartz is piezoelectric, which means it generates its own electric current when squeezed. It also means that if you put electricity into a quartz crystal, it will vibrate at an exact number of movements per second. So in the case of a quartz watch, the battery sends electricity to the quartz, which causes oscillation (vibration back and forth) at a frequency that is precise, which sends one electric pulse per second to power the watch.

This is known as the Piezoelectric effect, and it works the same way in our bodies. When a crystal is in your energy field, your electrical impulses interact with the crystal in a very similar way. This is because they emit consistent frequencies and are able to store a lot of information.

It's also important to point out that computer chips and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens are also created from silicon, which is the element that the quartz crystal is made of. There is a reason these things are made from the same element that makes up such a powerful stone!

What Crystal is Best for Me Quiz

How Stone Energy Affects the Body

Certain crystal vibrations resonate with certain energies in our bodies, and when that harmonizing stone energy is in our energy field, it strengthens the energies within us.

We all have chakras, or energy centers, in our bodies that each vibrate at their own frequency. However our chakras often become out of balance as a result of poor lifestyle choices, pollution, stress, and many other factors. Stone energy can be used to bring our chakras back into balance.

Chakra Healing Stones
The concept of using resonance for health is not a new one as vibrations have been used in sound healing to heal the body for as far back as the ancient time.

Each color corresponds with a chakra, which also determines how its stone energy will affect us. A color is simply a vibration that generates a frequency. Different color crystals have different densities, which create unique energy signatures.

Stone energy can help everything related to energy, and when it comes down to it, everything is energy. Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • Certain crystals can reduce unwanted energy like stress from the body.
  • Others can help free up energy blockages that are leading to pain or tension in the body.
  • Some crystals help our energy flow more freely through the body, which improves our physical energy levels.
  • There are also crystals that can help us feel certain types of energy more readily, such as happiness or serenity.

The stone energy is greater and can extend further when the stone is larger. Crystal beads put out personal energy that will extend out about a foot around us. Tumbled stones can extend about two to four feet, while the stone energy from a crystal that is about 3 inches in diameter can penetrate an entire room. Just imagine how powerful the energy is from a large amethyst geode!

How Stone Energy Improves Personal Growth

Stone energy helps amplify the positive energy that is already inside of us. Crystals are tools of personal growth because they help us take the steps we need to grow, they give us the strength we need to make changes, and they uplift us.

Stone Energy for Personal Growth

How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

Many people believe that crystals find us. That's because it is very common for someone to choose a crystal based on the way it looks, only to discover that the healing properties of that stone are dead on when it comes to what is needed in that person's life at the time.

MindBodyGreen suggests you think of crystals as a consciousness because each crystal will serve as a companion for you.

As long as you choose a quality crystal, there's no right or wrong way to select one. We covered the quality issue in our article How to Easily Buy Geodes You Can Actually Trust (most of what we wrote there applies to all crystals, not just geodes). Now we'll some ways for selecting a crystal that is perfect for YOU.

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Here are 5 Ways to Choose a Crystal That is Right for You

Choose a Crystal Simply Because You're Drawn To It

You'll find that the right crystal will call out to you based on what you need at the moment, and that is often the best way to choose a crystal.

To follow this method, we suggest going to our Tumbled Stones page where you can see a wide selection of stones all at once. Then, follow these steps:

1) Make a note of any stones that pop out at you immediately. Don't click on them and don't read anything about them - just write down their names. Here are some questions to help you with this step.

  • Which one are you drawn to because of its beauty?
  • Which one tugs you energetically as you pass your eyes over all the different stones?
  • Which one just feels like it's calling out to you?
  • Which ones are calling out to you to touch them?

2) Now spend a little time gazing at each different stone (again without reading anything about them). As you do that, be on the lookout for the following:

  • Notice any emotions that come up as you gaze at a stone.
  • How does its appearance make you feel?
  • Close your eyes and imagine holding it in your hand - notice if your hand becomes warm or if you feel any sensations or subtle vibrations.
  • Ask your higher self to guide you and follow your intuition.

3) Notice if any of the ones you were immediately drawn to also made a lasting impression on you after you spent a little time gazing into the image. If so, those are the ones to start with.

4) Click on the stones that you were drawn to the most in steps 1 and 2, and read about them. Our guess is you'll be surprised at how much they align with what you are looking for in your life right now.

Choose a Crystal That Corresponds to a Chakra That You Want to Open or Balance

Crystals are wonderful tools for balancing our chakras. Different stones emit different frequencies that resonate with a corresponding chakra. So if you know that a certain chakra is out of balance based on certain symptoms you are having, you can choose a crystal that heals that chakra imbalance.

We put together a super handy infographic that will help you with this. It lists the chakras, their main functions, how it affects us physically, and what chakras will help. Here it is:

Crystal Chakra Healing Infographic

Choose a Crystal According to the Positive Things it Will Do for You.

It can also be fun to choose healing stones based on how they can positively improve your life. For example, if you type in happiness in the search bar at the top of any page on our website, the crystals that assist with happiness will be shown.

You can type in money to see all the crystals that help draw money to you. You might also type in things like peace, motivation, protection, or love.

Here's a simple chart to help you as well...

The One Word Solution to Choosing a Crystal

Ambition - Goldstone 
Awareness - Howlite 
Balance - Zebra Jasper 
Calming - Blue Tiger's Eye 
Cleansing - Clear Quartz 
Communication - Blue Quartz
Compromise - Rhodonite 
Confidence - Bronzite 
Courage - Tigers Eye 
Creativity - Yellow Quartz 
Emotional Healing - Rutilated Quartz 
Empowerment - Aquamarine 
Endurance - Red Jasper 
Enlightenment - Azurite 
Good Luck - Blue Goldstone 
Happiness - Citrine 
Harmony - Sodalite 
Hope - Leopardskin Jasper 
Intuition - Amethyst 
Kundalini Activation - Serpentinite
Love - Rose Quartz 
Magical - Labradorite 
Magnetism - Tiger Jasper 
Manifestation - Citrine 
Motivation - Carnelian 
Order - Blue Quartz 
Peace - Lepidolite 
Perseverance - Yellow Jasper 
Power - Smoky Quartz 
Protection - Black Tourmaline 
Power - Lodolite 
Stability - Hematite 
Steadfast - Black Jasper 
Strength - Black Onyx 
Survival - Red Tiger's Eye 
Transformation - Ametrine 
Truth - Amazonite 
Unification - Emerald 
Vitality - Garnet 
Wholeness - Green Quartz 
Wisdom - Chevron Amethyst 

Choose a Crystal Based on Symptoms You Want to Improve.

It can often be beneficial to search for the healing stones that are known for improving specific symptoms as well.

While most of our product descriptions are written to show you how each stone can improve your life, you can use the search bar on our website to search by symptoms in some cases.

For example, you could type in stress, migraine, bullying, cardiovascular, or even a part of the body such as stomach to determine what crystals will help with those things.

Choose a Beginner Crystal Kit

Chakra Crystals Healing Bag

If all of the above is too much and you just want a simple way to start enjoying the healing effects of stone energy, you can always pick up a beginner crystal kit.

For example, you can't go wrong with our Chakra Crystals Healing Bag, which contains 7 of the most effective stones for improving everyday issues and concerns. It even comes with a handy little guide as to how to use those crystals.

Never underestimate the power of stone energy in your life! Let your intuition guide you to find your own crystal companion(s) and soak up that energy! Ahhhhhhh, it's so good.

Beginner Crystal Kit

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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