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5 Simple Safety Tips For Diffusing Essential Oils At Home

INSIDE: When you're diffusing essential oils at home, there are some safety tips you'll want to take into account. With this guide, you can feel confident you are using them properly so that you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits they provide.


Essential oils are one of the most used items in the world for enhancing health and wellbeing. Their medicinal uses literally date back thousands of years.

Just like crystals, essential oils are a simple and easy way to get started on the path to a less stressed and more conscious lifestyle. 

With people all over the world using them daily, they rarely cause problems. With that said, like with anything, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Safety Tips for Diffusing Essential Oils

Whether you realize it or not there are several things that can go wrong when diffusing essential oils.

That’s why we are providing the following simple tips for safely using essential oils at home...

Don’t Use Too Much Oil In Your Diffuser

Here we can apply the saying “less is more.” It’s very easy to put extra drops in the diffuser thinking a few won't do enough, but the truth is a few drops is all you need.

Essential oils are concentrated substances and the amount of drops you should use depends on how large the space is.

A few drops should be enough for most spaces. If you feel like the scent is not strong enough, add a couple more drops.

Remember Not All Oils Are For Aromatherapy 

You can damage your oil diffuser by using the wrong type of oil, and it can be hard to tell which oils will work in your diffuser.

You might purchase a misleading 100% natural oil with a really thick consistency and that could not only ruin your diffuser but even harm your health as well.

No fragrance oil or carrier oils should be used in diffusers. Stick with high quality essential oils and water.  

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Olfactory Fatigue Is a Thing

Olfactory fatigue is a very common phenomenon and it has probably happened to you before. It's when you wear perfume and after a while you can’t smell it anymore but you keep receiving compliments.

Well, when you use your diffuser for a long period of time, your nose might experience this phenomenon as well.

When this happens, Your nose may not be able to perceive the scent molecules, but they're still there.

You're still inhaling and getting it into your lungs, and that’s why it is recommended to do it for short periods of time. Then give your nose and your body a break.

It’s been proven that you don’t get more benefits from longer exposure to essential oils, and this could create extra stress in your body. So take it easy and don’t spend more than ten to thirty minutes breathing in essential oils.

Be Careful When You Use Your Essential Oil Diffuser With Kids or Pets Around 

Little do most people know, certain essential oils can be dangerous to use around kids and pets.

Kids should always be watched around essential oils. They can be very attracted to the smell and spend too much time near them, or worse, try to drink the oils.

Second, pets are very sensitive to smells. They respond just like us to scent stimuli, but in a different way.

One of the most important safety tips to abide by when using diffusers around pets is to leave a door or window open for them to exit the space if they are uncomfortable.

They need air circulation in the room. You can also test how they react to the essential oil you are diffusing by choosing the one you want and just using one drop. Then check their behavior around it, and if you sense your dog or cat is unhappy, try something else.

Lastly and most importantly, some essential oils can be toxic to cats and dogs. A few Google searches will show you which are safe and not safe to use around your specific pet.

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Some Oils Can be Highly Flammable

Double checking if your essential oil is flammable is extremely important. You never know when one of these seemingly harmless oils can be highly flammable, resulting in a very unfortunate situation.

Rarely does diffusing essential oils cause fires. However, they can be a hazard if left unattended near any source of heat like a wood fire at home or in the kitchen.

Just make sure if you’re using a flammable oil that you don’t use it near any fire sources.

Final Thoughts

By knowing these 5 simple tips, you should have nothing to worry about when diffusing essential oils at home. To finish up this post, I want to just give you one final tip, which is cleaning your diffuser.

If you don’t clean your diffuser, residue can build up over time, interfering with its ability to function properly. So make sure to clean it using mystiq moon’s essential oils at least once per month.

Cleaning is easy, just adding 10 drops of white vinegar to the diffuser with water, and turn it on for 5 minutes max. 

I hope you enjoyed this guide to safely using essential oil diffusers. 

With these simple, no brainer tips you can safely diffuse oils at home and experience the extraordinary benefits of aromatherapy.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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