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10 Signs You Need a Natural Amethyst Geode

INSIDE: You may have heard that a natural amethyst geode is beautiful or serene, but you might not know how much of an impact it can have in your life. Here are 10 signs that you need one! 


Feeling serene at all times is a luxury only a very few people can afford. The reality is, we are exposed to various social, energetic, and environmental stressors every day.

As published by NCBI, when those stressors are too persistent, they can take a toll on our health, resulting in a variety of psychosomatic diseases.

One of the best ways to cope with overwhelm and improve the quality of our lives, because it’s so potent and natural, is to use a natural Amethyst Geode in your day-to-day life.

You Need a Natural Amethyst Geode if...

We know that even a single tiny piece of Amethyst can do magnificent healing work, but a geode is something else.

Here are some signs and cues that this piece of nature can be particularly beneficial for you...

You're Stressed Out

The energy of a natural Amethyst Geode is soothing. It provides instant relief when we feel overwhelmed, helping us cope with everyday obligations.

It helps calm both the body and the spirit, eliminating accumulated tension from our aura. Its frequency directly impacts our nervous system and works to relax the nerves and muscles after a long day.

Natural amethyst geodes can help us release anxious thoughts and bring about a greater sense of serenity, which is particularly helpful to those who worry or find it difficult to relax.

The energy of these geodes removes heaviness from our aura, acting as a natural tranquilizer.

Amethyst Geodes

You Have Trouble Sleeping or You Have Nightmares

Amethyst Geodes can help us improve our quality of sleep solely by placing one by our bedside. This is possible due to its ability to clear our subconscious from heavy emotional residue and fear.

Because of that, we are far less likely to be haunted by nightmares. Not only does it make our dreams more pleasant, but as it cleanses our energy field, Amethyst allows our body to recalibrate during the night, improving sleep quality.

By blocking exterior interferences, it acts as a natural sleep remedy, helping us get a true, proper night's rest. 

You Get a Lot of Headaches

Anyone who is frequently struggling with headaches and migraines knows how debilitating they can be.

A natural amethyst geode, since it acts as a natural pain reliever, works directly with the source of pain. It absorbs heavy energy, clears the mind, and most importantly, helps alleviate the physical effects of headaches.

These geodes work to prevent geopathic stress from interfering with our system and help dial down the unpleasant pressure and pain in the head. They can provide natural relief for somatic symptoms of this sort, taking away localized discomfort and migraines.

You Have Brain Fog or Trouble Focusing

Thanks to their high-vibrational healing energy, these geodes improve our ability to focus and be mentally present. They are particularly healing for those who tend to zone out frequently and struggle to remember details, be it little everyday things or important information.

A natural amethyst geode helps us process events and knowledge with greater clarity and assists information in transitioning through our consciousness without getting lost.

It works to eliminate mental fog and improves our ability to concentrate for an extended time. This not only improves short-term memory and boosts our learning capacity but also helps with knowledge retention in the long run. 

You’re Having Trouble Making an Important Decision

Through eliminating the cause of clouded judgment, a natural amethyst geode helps us become more certain in making just decisions. It improves our discerning ability and helps relieve tension connected to the decision-making process.

With its assistance, we are more confident in our judgment and less likely to endlessly juggle between options. Their frequency helps us compare opposing factors in a balanced manner and it reduces stress and conflict when doing so.

This improves our ability to stick to a decision once it’s made, rather than going back and forth, questioning our choices.

You Want to Set Goals That You Actually Accomplish

This is a highly spiritual crystal that brings us closer to our soul mission. Because of that, it can help us get in touch with what is right for us so we can set goals that are more in alignment with our essence rather than rooted in ego and instant gratification.

When the goal-setting process comes from such a high-vibrational space, achieving goals seems so natural and almost effortless.

No matter where we place a natural amethyst geode, it gets to work, first clearing out our energy from self-limiting beliefs, and second, helping enlighten us to what we truly want to work towards.

Although gentle, this energy can be a powerful motivating force in our lives, helping us not only set our targets but actually encouraging us to accomplish them.

Amethyst Geodes

You Want to Raise Your Vibration

With these geodes around, we are able to function from an energetically elevated state, which opens doors to prosperity, abundance, and effortless manifestation.

When we raise our vibration, it spills into all life arenas, making us magnets for good things. When our vibration is high, we can naturally attract people and events that are a reflection of our soul’s truest desires and a match to our energy.

These geodes help us operate from our higher selves, and we are less likely to be led astray by fears and ego. When our energy is blessed with positivity, realigning chakras, and overcoming obstacles usually comes with ease. 

You Want to Tap Into Your Intuition

By resonating with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye, natural amethyst geodes work in favor of our higher selves. They improve our capacity to receive spiritual downloads and tune in to intuitive hints the Universe is trying to send us.

Every time we feel like we’ve lost touch with our inner guidance, we can turn to the power of Amethyst geodes. They will help us reconnect with inner guidance and prevent us from over-analyzing or over-rationalizing to our detriment.

Through heightening intuition, they also help us overcome the tendency to be too absorbed in the matters of the material realm.

Reasons You Need an Amethyst Geode Infographic

You Want to Meditate Without So Much Mind Chatter

If you want to get the most of meditation, look no further. These geodes are perfect companions for those who struggle to stay in a meditative state for too long and tend to get carried away by thoughts.

They are great for those who are new to meditation, as well as those wanting to level-up their practices.

Natural amethyst geodes trigger transcendental experiences and healing, and since they are so soothing, they calm the mind. Such energy helps stop the mind chatter and simply allows thoughts and emotions to pass by without disrupting meditation.

This improves the quality of meditation but also amplifies the benefits we get from practicing it.

You Want to Remove More Negativity From Your Life

Anyone who feels trapped in negativity is frequently surrounded by low-vibrational energy and people. Amethyst geodes help improve the quality of our lives simply by absorbing toxicity and foul energy from our space and clearing our aura.

They minimize and prevent low frequencies that threaten to steal our peace of mind and dim our shine. They work to clear up emotional residue, fears, and doubts.

Once we are no longer restricted by negative vibrations, we can live soulfully and shine our light brightly without being disrupted by our own or another’s shadow side.

Final Thoughts

If you're experiencing any of these issues, a natural amethyst geode could be a great addition to your life.

Cosmic Cuts offers them in all sizes and shapes. Browse our current selection of Amethyst Geodes now!

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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