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14 Types of Divination: Gain Access Into the Future With These Fun Methods

INSIDE: Honing our psychic gifts can increase our awareness and help us lead a more spiritual life. Join us as we explore the different types of divination to make them part of our daily experience.


We all have psychic gifts, as we all come from the same Source of Universal Wisdom. However, some people shut them down as they require us to put our egos aside and be fully connected with our sixth sense, which can be an overwhelming experience.

If you feel somehow linked to the spiritual realm and want to dig deeper into your talents, there are many types of divination to explore. 

Far from being a fortune-telling charade, divination methods allow us to better understand our choices and help others lead more spiritually meaningful lives.

Read on and discover the different types of divination you can start incorporating into your life.

What is Divination?

The forms of divination refer to a component of witchcraft, psychic abilities, and magic that help us disclose the secrets of the spiritual realm.

Rather than predicting the future, methods of divination can give us insight into how our lives could turn out if we do not change our current circumstances. Becoming more aware of the path we are taking and the choices we are making can be life-changing.

That’s exactly what these different types of divination offer.

Polished Stones

14 Types of Divination

Let's look at the best-known types of divination that can help us raise our consciousness and align our decisions to our higher selves.

If any of these methods appeal to you, it's probably because your ancestors practiced them or because it is an ancient talent that reminds your subconscious of a past life.


Pendulums are great for beginners as they respond to yes or no questions. No one needs formal training to use them; a sharp intuition is all you need.

Simply hold the chain and let the pendulum dangle until it is fully stationary. Then you can ask a yes or no question.

A front-to-back movement is an affirmative response, and a swing from side to side is negative.


Crystal Divination involves using healing stones like Amethyst, Labradorite, or Lapis Lazuli to connect with the Divine.

You can use any crystals for this practice as long as you feel a strong affinity with them. Pace several stones in a bag and ask yes or no questions. If a light crystal comes out, it is an affirmative answer; if it comes out dark, it is negative.


Similar to crystal divination, this type of divination uses stones to connect with a higher force. 

However, it requires us to personally collect stones from a natural setting, creating a spiritual bond with them. This energy strengthens our psychic knowledge and helps us conduct more powerful readings.

methods of divination


Runes are one of the most ancient types of divination that was used by German and Nordic tribes. Runes are stones that have symbols on them. The symbols correspond to particular meanings that can provide insight into our heart’s desires.

Discover how to use runes here!

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot and Oracle cards are well-known types of divination that require a lot of study and training to match our knowledge with our intuition.

The card reader throws the cards and adapts the information offered by them to the consultant’s particular situation.

The Tarot and Oracle cards reveal information about our past, present, and future to help us break from harmful patterns of behavior.


This is another one of the most ancient types of divination. It was first used in Europe around the 15th century.

This method uses two L-shaped metal roads to help us communicate with the spiritual realm and locate malign earth vibrations. Many people use it to talk with supernatural entities or spirits.

You can also dowse with a pendulum!


This divination method requires us to relax the physical eyes and invite our sixth sense to emerge as you start to see messages in things like a crystal ball, flame, mirror, or bowl of water. 

Scrying helps us reach our subconscious self and communicate with our higher self to find clarity and keep us grounded in our spiritual essence.


In this form of divination, we toss coins a number of times to see how they land. Then, we evaluate the pattern created using “The Book of Changes” and reveal its particular meaning.

I-Ching requires a lot of training in hexagram interpretations to accurately interpret the message.

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The core beliefs of numerology state that all numbers have spiritual meaning provided by our spiritual masters.

According to this type of divination, seeing a repeating number everywhere we go can be a sign from our guardian angels. For example, if you are not sure whether you are going down the right road, seeing a specific number numerous times could give you the answer.


Eastern and Western cultures have used Astrology to navigate their life experiences for centuries. The royal courts of Europe even used them to plan their war strategies during the Middle Ages.

This form of divination is a complex system that interprets the connection between our lives and the celestial bodies overhead. Astrology also helps us better understand our unique personalities and ways of approaching life.


Tasseography is one of the most mysterious types of divination. It refers to the spiritual message behind the tea leaves remaining within a cup after blending.

This form of divination was first used in the 17th century, and it requires us to have a honed intuition to properly decipher the tea leaves’ pattern.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is one of the most popular types of divination used to communicate with the spiritual realm. It requires us to let go of control and put our ego aside to become a divine channel for our intuition to flow.

To perform this method, let words flow onto paper and allow messages to come without conscious thinking.

This is one of the easiest ways for our spirit guides and angels to communicate with us. This form of divination gets better with practice. The more we do automatic writing, the more we’ll understand the signals coming from the Divine. 

forms of divination

Dream Interpretation

The barriers of our ego dilute while we sleep, so dreams become perfect channels through which messages from the other side are filtered.

The best way to examine our dreams is by having a notebook on our nightstand and writing down what we remember as soon as we wake up. This will prevent us from forgetting meaningful details, and we can revisit them to discover patterns.


This method of divination predicts our destiny by following our hand’s qualities, such as the color of our hand, shape, particular lines, fingers, and so on.

Experts in palmistry can shed some light on our personalities and help us uncover our hidden talents.

Final Thoughts

There are many types of divination that can help us approach our challenges and crossroads with more meaning and purpose.

But we must cast aside our egos to fully embrace the knowledge that is there for us.

Our egos want to control everything that happens around us and use these methods to govern our future. However, our soul is fully aligned with the present moment and can use these methods to enhance this connection and get closer to our spiritual purpose.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 


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