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10 Crystals for Intuition & Psychic Ability: Tap Into Your Innate Power

INSIDE: Use these crystals for intuition to enhance your psychic ability and support your spiritual endeavors. They'll help you raise your vibration and tune into Divine consciousness on a deeper level.


As part of our human conditioning, we have learned to rely on objective evidence when making decisions.

As a matter of fact, we have become so fond of rationalizing everything that dismissing the intuitive hits we receive has become the norm for most people.

But the truth is, intellect and intuition go hand in hand, and in order to lead a fulfilling life, we need to listen to both.

In fact, research published by the Association For Psychological Science has shown that intuition is not only valid but is essential for making important decisions. 

There are many ways we can get in touch with our intuition and learn to listen to our inner voice. Using gemstones is one way.

Let's dive in and learn how we can use crystals for intuition and psychic abilities now...

How to Tap Into Your Intuition & Psychic Ability With Crystals

Crystals are natural intuition-enhancers. No matter if you intend to work on elevating consciousness, having psychic experiences, or enhancing divination abilities, healing stones can help you change your vibration, making it easier to tap into your intuition.

Gemstones activate a positive change in our frequency and help us align to receive spiritual downloads. Not only that, but they help us become aware of the conscious and subconscious patterns that drive our behavior, thoughts, and emotions.

With their help, we can become better at manifesting, better at visualizing, and more importantly, better at trusting ourselves and the Divine.

Before using them, just make sure they are cleansed and ready to fully work their magic. If you're using them in the closed space, you can also sage the space and the crystal if it feels right.

Amethyst Geodes

Without further ado, let’s look at some practical tips on use crystals for gaining deeper insights and guidance.

Meditate With Crystals

We can do a sitting meditation with a crystal in our hands, or mindfully place them by our side as we are meditating.

Meditation on its own is transcendental, and using gemstones while we do it puts us in touch with our inner guide and makes us more receptive to messages coming through from source.

Chakra Opening

Placing 7 different crystals on our 7 main chakras stimulates the flow of prana. As energy moves through and our energy centers open, we become more sensitized to receive higher knowledge.

We can also lay down, similarly as with Shavasana, and place crystals for intuition on the third eye chakra and/or above the crown chakra to further enhance psychic ability.  

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the essence of everything; therefore, it's an essential component of spiritual upgrades. Placing crystals to form a sacred geometry shape will raise the vibration of the room and affect our own energy field.

The combination of sacred geometry and crystals will naturally enhance our intuitive abilities and create a sacred place for meditation and spiritual introspection.

Crystals for Psychic Ability

Grounding in Solitude

Sitting in stillness with a crystal, similar to meditation, helps us gain deeper insights. When doing mindful grounding, we are open to sensory input, including visuals, smells, and sounds.

This way, crystals enhance our awareness, help us listen to our inner voice, and assist us in gaining a deeper understanding of subtle messages coming in from our environment.

Sleep With Crystals

Keeping crystals for intuition under your pillow at night can help you get spiritual guidance and insight through dreams. They can help with lucid dreaming and enhance our connection with the subconscious.

Furthermore, crystals placed beside the bed can help us remember our dreams more vividly and uncover the secret meaning of symbols within them. 

Tarot & Oracle Cards

For those who like to practice divination, using crystals aligned with tarot cards can help provide greater clarity about a specific matter.

Not only that, but placing crystals on and around tarot cards can help us channel messages from our spirits and illuminate what our subconscious is trying to tell us. 

Our Favorite Crystals for Intuition & Psychic Ability

There are many crystals for psychic ability and intuition, but we certainly have some favorites.

While all of these stones are powerful, not all will "feel right" for every person, every spiritual practice, and in every given moment. So choose the one(s) that call to you the most.


Amethyst is known as a third eye crystal and a crown chakra crystal for a reason. By first calming us and removing energetic blockages, it makes us more receptive to Divine guidance. Not only that, but helping us get in touch with higher knowledge teaches us how to trust our gut.

As it helps us become more aware of Universal truths, Amethyst naturally heightens our psychic abilities, helping us tune into the tiniest changes in energy.

It helps enhance clairvoyant abilities, opening doors to spiritual revelations and deep insight. Amethyst can help us get in touch with astral beings, and it shows us a way to spiritual development.



This crystal works to calm the mind and stop the inner chatter that makes us see things and events on a surface level. Sodalite teaches us to open up to the unknown and see things from a higher perspective.

Its frequency helps us overcome the need to rationalize things, but it also helps elevate our consciousness. Through connecting us with the Divine, Sodalite helps our higher self come through with guidance and messages that are essential for our spiritual development.

As a result, we can pick up subtle frequencies and shift our perspective from ego-based to truth-based, which helps us live purposefully and authentically. Sodalite helps our subconscious communicate with us through dreams, helping us dive deep into our psyche.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of spiritual revelations, and it is one of the best crystals for intuition to use when we want to get in touch with our spirit guides. This is a gemstone that opens the doors to the depths of our consciousness and allows us to gain profound knowledge about ourselves and the world around us.

Through connecting us with our inner guide, Lapis Lazuli teaches us to listen to our body and our frequency before we act. It helps us pick up energetic hints from our surroundings, and this helps amplify and sometimes even discover our psychic gifts.

This way, Lapis Lazuli shows us ways to inner wisdom, leading the way to enlightenment and self-discovery.



If you want to get insights into your past life, Labradorite is the crystal for you. This gemstone has the power to open us up to revelations about our soul mission and past-life karma, and it is a great aid in regression therapy.

It can be used cleanse our Akashic Records and is known to stimulate profound spiritual awakenings. Labradorite can help us overcome the limitations of the 3D and learn to listen to our inner voice more often.

Because it protects our aura, it helps create a safe space for us to dive into and develop our psychic abilities. When focused, and with a clear intention in mind, this gemstone can also enhance telepathic abilities, assisting us in establishing 5D communication. 


There is no better crystal than Citrine to take with you on a spiritual self-discovery journey. Its immense power lies in its ability to gift us with high-vibrational energy that unblocks our intuition.

In a sense, this crystal fixes our inner compass, that gut feeling located in the Solar Plexus, acting as an energetic guide. Citrine teaches us how to trust ourselves, deep-dive into our power, and embrace the fact that we are conscious creators.

Solely by connecting us to our essence and teaching us to trust our gut instinct, Citrine helps us work with Universal Laws, making us magnets to attracting positive things.

We are all cosmic beings, and this gemstone helps us accept that as the ultimate truth by showing us how to communicate with our higher selves. 



Being one of the crystals for intuition, Serpentine helps realign our energetic centers, which allows for an undisturbed flow of energy. As we feel more aligned, we can turn inwards and tune into our intuition.

This is a crystal of higher wisdom, so it will help us every time we try to connect with and ask our angels and guides for assistance.

When we feel lost, its energy can lead the way through the confusion, helping us see things from a higher perspective.

Serpentine is a great stone for mystics and shamans, as it helps with illumination, strengthens prophetic abilities, and cleanses the aura from negative frequencies. It also helps us accept what we cannot change, and listen to the little hints that come through our emotions.

Clear Quartz

To make us receptive to higher guidance, Clear Quartz first cleanses and then opens our energy centers to receive spiritual downloads.

If we let it work its magic, this is a crystal that can help us get on the destined path and reveal our soul mission. And it can even do so through our dreams.

Although Clear Quartz cleanses our whole aura, it is a particularly powerful channeling crystal that connects us with the Divine through the crown chakra.

As we work with it, it teaches us to operate from our higher self and let go of patterns and beliefs that tell us what we should do. Instead, it teaches us to listen to our soul calling, and go for what we feel is right for us.



Kyanite is well-known for enhancing clairvoyance and clairsentience. This is a powerful crystal to use for channeling and divination and it can help us uncover hidden spiritual gifts and talents.

This is a crystal that can help us work with higher consciousness solely by holding it in our hands. It amplifies the benefits of meditation, helping enhance our communication with the Divine and our higher self. It makes us receptive to higher messages coming through and amplifies the power of intuition. 

Kyanite is a perfect crystal for clearing out energetic blockages that cloud our judgment and make us dismiss what our inner voice is trying to tell us.

Black Obsidian

This is one of the best crystals to use when we feel disconnected and lost. Black Obsidian works to create an internal balance, heal our emotional body, and clear out the karma we carry from past lives.

It is a powerful mediator stone that can help us get in touch with our ancestors and heal ancestral patterns that stand in the way of living our fullest potential.

Through assisting us on our spiritual journey, it enlightens us to our limitations and teaches us how to tune into synchronicities and interpret signs. Black Obsidian elevates our consciousness and does a great job of enhancing psychic abilities and communication with spiritual guides.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is another one our favorite crystals for intuition because it aids us in working with Akashic records and past life regressions. It works to eliminate the mental fog and break down negative beliefs that keep us stuck in the material world.

This is a stone for introspection, and it has the power to raise spiritual awareness through dreams and insights. The spiritual self has many fragments, and with the help of this crystal, we can gain access to next-level consciousness, depending on where we are in our journey.

Every time we feel disconnected, Blue Apatite can help bring us back in alignment and open us up to receiving guidance from the Universe. For psychic people and those just tapping into their psychic abilities, it can be used to vivify visions and help us understand the meaning behind spiritual messages.

Final Thoughts

When you use these crystals for intuition, you can take your psychic abilities to new levels. They are like little companions, there to support you in your spiritual journey. Enjoy!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

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