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Crystals and Acupuncture: How To Utilize Both In Tandem

INSIDE: Are you curious about how you can use crystals and acupuncture together for your well-being? Read on to learn all about the meridians, the elements, and where crystals fit into the mix.


Acupuncture is an ancient healing tradition used to create balance in the body. The technique involves inserting ultra-fine needles into specific acupuncture points located along the meridians of the body.

The goal of acupuncture is to encourage the flow of energy, called Qi, throughout the body. When this isn’t flowing correctly, illness and disease often result.

Combining healing crystals with acupuncture can increase the effects of both healing modalities.

The Elements and Meridians of Acupuncture

Each acupuncture point aligns with one of the energy meridians. The meridians are associated with specific elements, organs, and emotions.

Understanding the connections will help you decide which healing stone to use at which point to achieve the desired healing result.

  • Water: The water element is related to the emotion of fear. It is connected to the bones, ears, kidneys, and bladder.
  • Wood: The wood element is related to the emotion of anger. It is connected to the tendons, eyes, gallbladder, and liver.
  • Fire: The fire element is related to the emotions of anxiety and panic. It is connected to the blood vessels, tongue, small intestine, and heart.
  • Earth: The earth element is related to the emotion of worry. It is connected to the muscles, mouth, spleen, and stomach.
  • Metal: The metal element is related to the emotion of grief. It is connected to the hair, skin, nose, large intestine, and lungs.

When you experience these emotions strongly, especially over time, it can throw the element off balance. The creates issues in the connected organs and leads to physical, emotional, and spiritual illness.

Tumbled Stones

How to Use Crystals and Acupuncture Together

An acupuncturist can use crystals in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment. Or you can mimic the effects at home by placing the crystals at specific acupuncture points. With either method, the crystals will help to improve balance in the body and overcome blockages that may be contributing to illness.

Ear seed crystals are another popular way to combine the effects of healing crystals with acupuncture. According to experts at the Yinova Center Acupuncture in Brooklyn, NY, “Ear seed crystals enable you to bring your acupuncture treatment on the go.” 

“They can help with physical issues like back pain and digestion, as well as emotional issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. They work by stimulating specific points in the ear that are connected to various organs.” 

Most ear seed kits come with a map to help you determine proper placement. Acupuncture meridian maps are also available online to help you determine where to place the crystals to support reproductive health, address aches, pains and illness, or relieve stress.

Your acupuncturist can also offer guidance on placing the crystals for your specific needs.

How to Choose Healing Crystals in Relation to the Elements

As with any healing modality, it takes a few treatments to achieve noticeable results. Here’s how to choose specific crystals in relation to the elements, plus some tips for where to place them on the body.

  • Water: Calcite and Rose Quartz are excellent choices for emotional healing and achieving balance in the water element and related organs. The crystals should be placed on the soles of the feet or the backs of the knees.
  • Wood: Green Aventurine, Moonstone, and Moss Agate are beneficial for promoting balance in the wood element. Try placing them in front of your heel in alignment with your big toe or directly over your liver.
  • Fire: If you’re looking to achieve balance in the fire element, Carnelian, Tourmaline, and Amber are excellent options. They should be placed in the palm of the hand or the armpit.
  • Earth: Emerald, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline are good choices for achieving balance in the earth element. Place them at the top of your leg where it meets the hip or on your throat.
  • Metal: Bloodstone, Citrine, and Agate can help you achieve balance in the metal element. The crystals should be placed beneath the nose or under the collarbone.

Other Crystals to Combine with Acupuncture

The following crystals can also be combined with acupuncture to promote energy balance and overall health and wellbeing.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an extremely versatile healing crystal that promotes balance. It can be beneficial for any healing purpose or condition because it is considered the master healing stone. You can also use it in conjunction with acupuncture to promote clear thinking.


Amethyst is an excellent choice for anyone who worries too much or has an overactive mind. It is a wonderful calming and meditative stone, as well. Try placing it between the eyebrows at the yin hang acupuncture point.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. It benefits the heart chakra and promotes emotional healing and feelings of unconditional love.

Acupuncturists incorporate it into their treatments for patients who are dealing with reproductive issues, loneliness, or sadness. You can place Rose Quartz on the lower abdomen to improve energy flow in the reproductive area.

Green Aventurine

Aventurine promotes feelings of calm and happiness. It is also beneficial for clarity, creativity, and promoting a positive outlook. Use it in conjunction with acupuncture to relieve insomnia and chronic headaches.


Citrine has a beautiful uplifting energy that can promote feelings of security and happiness. Acupuncturists use this crystal for patients with anxiety and to relieve digestive issues like IBS.

Wrapping Up

Healing crystals and acupuncture go hand in hand for balancing energy flow in the body and promoting overall health and wellbeing. Using them in tandem is a wonderful way to enhance the effects of both modalities, whether you use them at home or in conjunction with an acupuncture session.

Written by Nicole McCray

Healing Stones for Wellness

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Crystals and Acupuncture How To Utilize Both In Tandem

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