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15 Best Metaphysical Crystals and Stones for Your Spiritual Journey

INSIDE: We all come into the earth with a purpose, whether or not we choose to recognize it. For those of us who are ready to set out on a spiritual journey and find true purpose, metaphysical crystals can help guide us along the winding path of divine realms and past lives. 


Our visual abilities and mental cognitions have complex relationships that vary for each person.

For some, the mind’s eye just doesn’t exist, making them unable to “see” and recall visuals in their mind – a condition called aphantasia. When a person’s mental imagery is so sharp that it can nearly produce every finite detail of an imagined image, it's called hyperphantasia. Researchers estimate that only 2.6 percent of people experience it according to a recent article published by the New York Times.

Although researchers don’t call it such, this condition sounds very similar to our understanding of metaphysical abilities, especially clairvoyance. Even if we don’t have hyperphantasia, we can still sharpen our mind's eye through deep spiritual study.

Metaphysical crystals provide amazing assistance in honing our energies towards accessing new spiritual depths. 

15 Best Metaphysical Crystals and Stones

When it comes to metaphysical crystals and stones, there are some that can help you safely access and explore the divine realms through the third eye and crown chakras.

Let's learn about them now!


Amethyst geodes and stones help activate communication to spiritual worlds in order to find higher consciousness. Amethyst is particularly adept at increasing clairvoyant ability, sharpening the mind’s eye.

As we open our spirit to receive incredible wisdom, we also make ourselves vulnerable to the possible influence of evil spirits. This mighty crystal provides protection from negative frequencies present in the expanse of the universe.



Just one glance of Selenite makes it clear that this metaphysical crystal has some divine power! The piercing white light that naturally emanates from Selenite attracts messages and vibrations from the universe towards the crystal and its user.

Selenite has the ability to amplify any intention or goal, so you can use this crystal to concentrate on specific metaphysical abilities in different ways.

Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz crystals involve the coming together of Clear Quartz with other precious Earth metals, resulting in high vibrations that expand your personal spiritual aura to accept new wisdom and consciousness.

These crystals, in a vast array of combinations, so perfectly represent the metaphysical work we do. The central Quartz, seen as your prepared human essence and spiritual body, accepts the myriad messages from the spirit world, symbolized in the Earth metals, to become an enlightened being.

Laser Crystals

Laser Crystals are a specific type of crystal wand that is shaped with a tapered point to maximize the targeted power of the stone. These metaphysical crystals give off high vibrations that sync with the receiving aura of divine wisdom.

They are excellent in metaphysical practice because they direct the energy of the spirit to the third eye and crown chakras, mitigating any risk that this energy may land in someone else’s unprepared psyche.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite, nicknamed the genius stone, sharpens more than the vision of the mind. It works to keep our mind focused so we become capable of absorbing metaphysical signals.

Because it has such an incredible impact on our intellect, Rainbow Fluorite protects us from psychic attack and manipulative thoughts. We learn to recognize the vibrations we are meant to receive.



The stone of magic, Labradorite transforms our spiritual perception. It targets our intuition to stimulate our thoughts and recognition of our metaphysical abilities.

Its gift comes from its protective quality, creating a field of armor around your being to block negative energy entering your aura.

Lapis Lazuli

The other-worldly blue hue of Lapis Lazuli gives us the first sign of the connection to the divine that these metaphysical crystals hold. The Wisdom Keeper, Lapis Lazuli aids in the retention of knowledge and awareness from spiritual study.

Lapis Lazuli helps pinpoint our unique spiritual purpose so we grow aware of the metaphysical work we need to undertake on Earth. 



Serpentine, named for its snakeskin-like pattern, snakes its energy through the chakra system, giving off powerful vibrations to remove blockages and open the flow of kundalini energy. This kundalini energy plays a critical role in metaphysical exploration.

Serpentine supports access to past life visions and protects our mind from dark magic and negative energy, bringing us closer and closer to spiritual enlightenment. 

Super Seven

Some rather rare metaphysical crystals, namely the Super Seven stone, pack in the properties of multiple crystals naturally fused together to make an all-around divine healing tool.

Super Seven contain Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Geothite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, and Rutile. This gives the crystal high energy that is balanced through the incorporation of so many healing properties.

It raises our awareness of how every part of our being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – contributes to our metaphysical work.  

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz puts the energies of Clear Quart and Tourmaline together to stimulate our Third Eye chakra. These stones, with needle-like streaks of Black Tourmaline embedded in Quartz, are especially useful in cleansing the spiritual aura in preparation for metaphysical exploration.

Starting refreshed and open to digging into deep reserves in our shadow self and past lives will give us greater awareness of the psychic insights sent to us from the universe. 

Rutilated Quartz

Rutiliated Quartz is another incredible cleanser stone. As it cleanses, it goes a step further to supercharge the chakra system so that every node is ready to download files from our intuition and spirit guides.

This crystal has flecks of golden Rutile and works to enhance our confidence and personal willpower to embark on metaphysical adventures.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

When it comes to metaphysical crystals, Clear Quartz should always find its way into your hand. With its potent amplification power, Clear Quartz can work in concert with other stones to make their powers more potent.

This pure crystal also cleanses our aura and removes distractions that limit our connection with the divine.

Smoky Quartz

An important aspect to keep in mind during metaphysical work is that we are human beings and need to find application for divine messages in our Earth-bound lives. Smoky Quartz works to ground its user during deep spiritual exploration.

As it keeps us tethered to the earth, Smoky Quartz invites us to feel light and lifted, able to safely dive into new realms of the universe because we know we can make it back to the present.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Another grounding and protective stone, Black Tourmaline rids us of fear and hesitation and feeds confidence and will.

It especially works on negative energy, transforming the negative frequencies into positive vibrations to fuel your strength and vitality.  

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian has a rather specific application in shadow work. Instead of receiving divine messages, using Black Obsidian in metaphysical work allows you to excavate the deep recesses of your own mind and soul to unpack your fears and traumas. 

It prepares you to transform into the most-elevated, awakened version of yourself.

How to Use These Metaphysical Crystals

With a range of metaphysical crystals and stones to work with, here are 3 ways to get going with the metaphysical work you feel called to do. There are many other methods and uses, so keep exploring!

To Support Deep Meditative States

Before embarking on any sort of metaphysical work on others, you have to get comfortable with accessing your own spiritual levels. The best way to do this is through deep, intense meditation.

If you truly give yourself over to the meditative state, you will find yourself entering realms and dimensions you have never accessed before. Using these stones to keep you safe along these routes will make the transitions in and out of metaphysical states more seamless and enjoyable.

For Protection as You Enter Metaphysical Pathways

Until you really know how to control your metaphysical abilities, it can be a good idea to carry metaphysical crystals in order to protect you from unwelcome intuitive messages that can bombard your psyche.

You will gradually learn how to safely open and close your aura during metaphysical work and how to cleanse your spirit of any unwelcome spirit energy. Then it will become even more apparent that you need to be protected by these stones.

To Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities

Your intuitive abilities, or “Clairs,” increase the more you pay attention to them. Investing focused time on each ability or the abilities that you truly feel you can access will make them stronger and more accessible.

There are many ways to hone your intuition, and the crystals above can amplify your efforts.

Final Thoughts

Not every person feels drawn to metaphysical experiences and work. However, we also don’t always get to decide when the universe will send us divine messages that can upend everything we thought we knew.

By recognizing the power of metaphysical abilities, you can begin to understand the depths of the spirit world we have the opportunity to explore. With the help of beautiful metaphysical crystals, we can set out on a more pleasant, guided spiritual journey into divine dimensions.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.
15 Best Metaphysical Crystals and Stones for Your Spiritual Journey

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