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How to Use Crystals for Spiritual Healing & Growth

INSIDE: We often feel more pain on an emotional-spiritual level than we do on a physical field. We need to take care of our spiritual senses in order to grow in abundance. Using crystals for spiritual healing will usher in the necessary energy to find or reconnect with a higher purpose that helps guide us through the challenges of life.


Do you ever feel like there's just way too much going on in your head? That’s because there absolutely is. But if we can actively learn physical and psychological practices that integrate these energetic realms, we can live more harmonious, happier lives.

The thing is, we have our physical forms but also a spiritual body that exists and exudes an aura that defines us as humans. That aura may carry on even after our physical body expires. The spiritual body needs nurturing so we can leave a positive footprint.

Late scholar Howard Clinebell defined 7 spiritual needs we experience as humans:

  1. To experience love’s power and healing in many forms – relational, self, and divine
  2. To experience rebirth through divine consciousness and transcendence
  3. To hold beliefs that guide us through challenges and tribulations
  4. To carry values and intentions to bring goodness and equality that inform personal and social choices
  5. To explore inwards to discover creative expression and self love
  6. To recognize unity with others and nature
  7. To access resources that heal, teach, and strengthen beliefs in all moments of life

To meet these needs, we can put into motion those practices that bring our physical form in contact with our spiritual thoughts.

A great way to amplify these practices is to incorporate crystals for spiritual healing that exhibit very physical attributes while working on vibrational, metaphysical auras.

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Ways to Use Crystals for Spiritual Healing

There are endless ways to use crystals. These 5 ways are especially targeted to invite spiritual healing within your personal aura and to ignite a physical-spiritual relationship with your crystals.

Meditate With Them

One of the best ways to connect to your spiritual thoughts comes through meditation. Meditation can look very different to different people. For example, some may find silent prayer as a form of meditation, while others practice mindful thought release and stillness.

Crystals for spiritual healing can amp up your meditation practice. Finding crystals that resonate energy related to your spiritual dilemma or current feelings is the first step.

Then, by sharing space or touch with these crystals as you meditate and visualize their healing energy traveling through and over you, you will experience the gradual enlightenment to spiritual understanding.

Go Deep With Them

Crystals naturally have an “ooh-ahh” factor – they are beautiful stones made of minerals with elemental properties that can dazzle our sense of sight. That alone can have a powerful effect on us. We may not even realize the deeper spiritual power crystals release.

That’s why going deeper into understanding crystals and their energies can have profound consequences. A great way to dive into the deep end is to let a crystal “choose” you. Look at an array of crystals and listen for the one that echoes, “Me, me, me!” That’s your mind connecting with the stone.

Once you have the crystals that want to help empower you, learn more and more about them. You can go deeper and deeper with a crystal through chakra healing, kundalini awakening, cord cutting, and Feng Shui.

Eventually, you may venture to a new crystal, but you can always come back to earlier crystals. Spiritual healing and growth never truly ends.

Resonate Its Energy Back To It

As you get to know your crystals, you will learn that some crystals absorb negative energy and need care and cleansing to operate at their optimum frequency. You need to take care of them like they take care of you.

That’s part of the beauty of crystal therapy. You learn how to emulate the positive vibrations of your crystals for spiritual healing.

You study what it is that your crystals do for you. You feel the energy as it works on your spirit, and you mirror it back to the crystal, causing a resonant effect. This is the highest form of crystal healing work because it allows you to radiate it out to the world.

Radiating Crystal Energy

Place Them on Your Chakras

We talk about placing crystals on chakras a lot, but it’s because your chakras are such important energy nodes in your physical body that radiate emotional and spiritual frequencies. Use crystals during chakra meditation or wear crystals close to your chakra nodes.

For spiritual healing, your upper chakras – crown, third eye, and throat – have a hard job. These chakras help you connect with the Divine, realize your spiritual beliefs, and communicate your inner truth to others.

You don’t want to ignore your other chakras, of course. They all work in balance, and the heart chakra is incredibly important to connect the spiritual loftiness of the upper nodes with the grounded stability of the lower chakras.

Hold Them While Journaling or Reading Spiritual Books

Another way to combine mental self-care routines with crystals for spiritual healing is simply by holding them through what you practice. Holding crystals while you journal can help you unlock insights and creatively express what spiritual messages you receive.

Holding crystals while you read spiritual books or listen to podcasts about spiritual healing can amplify and embed the message in your psyche. There are crystals especially attuned to boost your memory and focus so you can store divine lessons deep in your mental and spiritual bodies.

10 Best Crystals for Spiritual Healing 

With great ideas on how to engage with crystals during soul reflection and study, take a look at what we consider the best crystals for spiritual healing.


We have to start with Amethyst because it carries so many dichotomous yet cooperative properties to enhance spiritual growth. It’s multi-hued purple color gives it a violet flame vibration, which you’ll find in other purple crystals, but Amethyst’s is super-charged!

The violet flame vibration brings healing to the user by unveiling intuition and wisdom that echoes through the universe, especially aligned with the crown chakra portal to higher consciousness. This divine window through Amethyst enables spiritual clarity. 

It this sounds a bit out there in outer space, it's because, frankly, it is. This is where Amethyst’s unique duality shines. While it allows you to access enlightened thinking, Amethyst keeps you grounded and calm while feeling energized and alert to the spiritual messages that are meant for you.



The Stone of Magic, Labradorite is a grey crystal with iridescent layers of blues, greens, golds, and reds. It targets the throat chakra to enable us to articulate our inner truth and purpose but brings balance to all the chakras.

As a crystal for spiritual healing, Labradorite works hard to carry us through multiple levels of consciousness and self-discovery. It’s a stone with deep ties to sacred intuition and can be a conduit for metaphysical abilities to take root in the body. 

Labradorite has a protective aura that shields us against negative energy and influences as we journey into other realms of spiritual consciousness. This stone revs up our desire for spiritual awareness and expansion and may cause us to spontaneously shift in our spiritual beliefs to better unite with our truest possibilities.


Hiddenite is the Crystal of Evolution, so expect a major shift in your chakra balance that will serve to bring your energy into optimal alignment with your truth. This crystal carries green tones, from pale yellow-green to deep emerald, and its mineral make up makes the colors evolve through prismatic light.

Because spiritual healing and growth cannot stay cooped up inside of us, Hiddenite supports spiritual healing through the heart chakra and heart energy. That means we can find spiritual connection and love through others.

Hiddenite works on grief and renewal. By healing and releasing past losses and pain, we make room for growth and new beginnings. Hiddenite protects us through these difficult memories and shifts. 



Through spiritual journeys, Howlite connects us to divine frequencies through the crown chakra so that we can find our hidden truths. Opaque white with veins of grey, black and brown, these crystals for spiritual healing soothe the mind to help it stay calm, serene, and open to receiving divine messages.

Spiritual healing can overstimulate our brains and make our thoughts race. Howlite protects us from these feelings and encourages exploration and expression as we learn new spiritual knowledge.

Lapis Lazuli

The Wisdom Keeper, Lapis Lazuli, is a deep blue stone with gold and white sparkles caused by the presence of minerals, such as Sodalite and Lazurite. Its unique blue has been considered a sacred color and was used by royal women, like Cleopatra, crushed as eye shadow and paint base for images of the Virgin Mary.

Focusing on the third eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli leads the way to spiritual enlightenment. It ignites the desire for divine knowledge and spiritual intuition. Lapis Lazuli offers clarity and cleansing so that the exchange of inner wisdom between mind, body, and spirit can be understood and shared.



One of the best crystals for spiritual healing is Lodolite, the Stone of Power. It’s a master healer because it is fundamentally Clear Quartz with other minerals incorporated inside. The inner crystals – like Chlorite, Feldspar, Hematite, and Epidote – have properties that are amplified by the Clear Quartz.

Lodolite starts by cleansing your spiritual aura and inviting in calm, peaceful spiritual energy. With Lodolite, you can enter a deep meditative state to examine your etheric bodies and cords. It helps magnify your personal strength and resolve to understand your power to manifest your spiritual calling. 

At work on the crown chakra, Lodolite bridges you and higher spirit guides so that you access powerful experiences with the divine and can recognize their energy and presence. 


Selenite, a white, fibrous, milky crystal, is known as a source of light. It is said to hold the liquid light of the spirit. Another crown chakra tool, these crystals for spiritual healing help set us in place within the universe so that we can inhabit our true spiritual roles.

Selenite is a programmable crystal, meaning you can imbue your intention into the stone so that it guides you towards what you want to attract in abundance. It has a high vibration to access new, higher levels of consciousness.

Use Selenite to remove energy blockages through the chakras and to clear negative energy away from you as you open yourself to divine realms. Selenite makes room to grow and learn from spirit guides as well.



An incredible moment of spiritual growth occurs during kundalini awakening, and Serpentine, the stone of earth energy, can activate the process. In a variety of greens with possible patches of red, brown, yellow, and white, Serpentine looks like snakeskin and acts like the kundalini serpent to open the chakras.

With Serpentine, you may find psychic abilities stirred through the opening of your crown chakra. This can bring you in contact with past life experiences to confront unhealed emotions. Through Serpentine’s energy, you can work on healing and expanding your consciousness closer to enlightenment.

Serpentine also projects dual abilities to protect you from negative forces while attracting positive vibrations at the same time.

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam stands as sacred symbols of Lord Shiva, known as the Destroyer in Hinduism. These crystals for spiritual healing are actually smooth, rounded stones found in the holy Narmada River in West India.

Tapping into the divine connection with Lord Shiva, Shiva Lingam conducts potent energy for kundalini awakening that can change your existing understanding of the world and awakens truth and spiritual consciousness.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

We hinted at this earlier – Clear Quartz has intense amplifying energy to increase the frequencies of other crystals. It is colorless and has no other trace minerals inside, making it pure and transparent.

As crystals for spiritual healing, Clear Quartz emanates a ring of healing energy to surround your physical and spiritual auras. It cleanses the soul while magnifying optimism and light to reveal your spiritual purpose.

Clear Quartz has a way of clarifying spiritual messages that come through your dreams. 

Final Thoughts

Diving into spiritual study can be daunting and intimidating, but the benefits to your everyday wellbeing will be immense. Finding your spiritual calling and aligning to your individual truth helps you incorporate practices, action, and habits that fuel your body, mind, and spirit.

With the help of crystals for spiritual healing, you can intensify your spiritual exploration and discover divine connections and new realms of the universe.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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