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Aura Color Meaning: Interpreting 13 Different Colors in the Energy Body

INSIDE: An aura can say a lot about a person, their emotions, and what they are going through. Let's dive into this intriguing subject and learn all about aura color meaning.


Various colors have been proven to have the power to influence certain behaviors and feelings in people. Whether it’s the blue logos of companies like Ford and VISA meant to represent trust and dependability, or the yellow of McDonalds and Cheerios that stands for positivity and optimism, colors have always had the ability to impact feelings. Inversely, feelings can associate themselves with certain colors, as is the case with aura color meanings.

Greek in origin and meaning "breeze," "aura" is a field of energy that is emitted from all living (and sometimes nonliving) things. An aura can contain one or multiple colors, and they can change based on our emotions.

Aura colors and meanings can disclose a wealth of information about people, including their personality and their current general state of mental and physical health.

Simply put, auras are atmospheres of energy that surround a person’s body. They can reach out anywhere from three to six feet and can be from one layer to seven. They aren’t always easily visible, and usually they can only be seen by empaths with deep sensitivity or by using technology, such as Kirlian photography

An aura can say a lot about a person. It can speak volumes about their character, their personality, or simply how they are feeling at the moment. One thing's for sure, auras always tell the truth.

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What Do Different Aura Colors Mean?

After gaining a simple understanding of what an aura is, the next natural question is, what do different aura colors mean?

A person’s aura color represents their personal traits and/or emotional state at the moment of observation. A powerful spirit is usually represented by a very clear, bright, and colorful aura.

A strong glowing aura can also signify a spiritually stable person, shown by the even diffusion of energy around the body. In contrast, a dull aura means just the opposite. 

Aura Color Meaning

Decoding aura color meaning can be a bit awkward to understand in the beginning, but as you develop a dedication to studying their meanings, patterns will emerge and the practice will become easier and easier.

It’s important to keep in mind that auras can have multiple colors at once and they are not permanent. As your mood and situation change, so will your aura.

Let's discover what each color means...


Linked with the base, or root chakra, red aura color meaning can be connected to feelings of sexual desire and passion, and it often depicts a person who is quite grounded in their life goals.

Someone with a red aura probably feels a sense of stability, both emotionally and psychically. That stability can manifest itself as a hunger for life and taking enjoyment in simple pleasures

aura colors and meanings


Pink and green both vibrate on the same level of frequency, which is congruent with the softness and compassionate nature of the heart chakra.

A pink aura shows a person who is generally happy and living harmoniously with those around them. They are able to be gentle in one way or another, whether it be towards themselves or others.


An orange aura signifies someone who is feeling quite content with their personal life, the people in it, and their environment. Having a vibrant, orange aura makes it easier to make friends quickly and to feel like the life of the party.

Orange is the color that is related to the sacral chakra, which is the place where most people hold the positive or negative emotions that are influenced by their relationships with others.


A yellow aura relates to the solar plexus chakra, and it demonstrates balance and inner happiness. This person is probably feeling confident and vibrant. Others may describe them as fun-loving, and they probably have a longing for greatness.


As previously stated, the green aura vibrates on the same frequency as pink, so their meanings tend to overlap. This aura color meaning can reveal that a person is in love or they might have a kind and loving heart in general.

People with this aura color are probably feeling balanced in their lives, and they are probably enjoying good health.


Blue is the hue of communication and is directly connected to the throat chakra, a key energy center that oversees the cleansing of the mind and body.

Seeing this color in a person's aura can indicate that they are feeling calm and peaceful. They may be engaging in meditation, and they are probably able to express themselves and stand up for themselves and others.

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The indigo aura color meaning is all about kindness and empathy. It symbolizes peace and compassion. Personality traits associated with this color include quiet strength, vulnerability, intuitiveness and gentleness.

Being that this color is connected to the third eye chakra, those with this color in their aura may be in tune with their higher selves and able to motivate themselves on their search for truth. 

People with this aura color, however, might be keeping any difficulties they are going through to themselves because they don’t want other people to feel sorry for them.


The aura color meaning of violet has to do with wisdom and illumination. With violet being at the highest level of all chakras, the crown chakra, people who have this color in their aura are probably feeling artistic and creative. They tend to always see the big picture and enjoy guiding others to reach their highest abilities.


White auras are quite rare, and this aura color meaning can hold a few different interpretations. One of the more common meanings is that the person is at the start of a personal expedition.

White auras usually illustrate purity, so they can often be seen around newborns or children who haven’t been sullied by negativity. Similarly, if a person has done a lot of inner work and has reached a very high level of spiritual awareness, their aura can become more angelic, which can make it contain white.

White is also a color of protection, and when it is seen in an aura in terms of personality, it can mean the person doesn't put much value on material or worldly possessions and needs.


While it’s difficult to pinpoint the behavior and personality of a person with a grey aura, this color usually piggybacks off another color, behind or in front of it, to symbolize a changing situation.

Depression or low self-esteem is thought to be the aural expression of feelings for this color. Dullness, low energy levels, sadness, and self-doubt are also common interpretations of this aura color meaning.

what do different aura colors mean


The darker aura color meanings are thought of to be mostly negative, but that isn’t always true. For example, some believe that a brown aura should be taken as a warning because it signifies self-absorbedness or greed, but that isn’t always the case. A brown aura can also signify an earthly, motherly type, or a natural caretaker.

Brown is also associated with nature and animals. Those with brown in their aura may find it difficult to communicate or deal with their own emotions, but generally they have no problems accepting the emotions of others and showing compassion. 


Those with tan auras are probably feeling analytical and logical. Their current goals may revolve around developing financial security for themselves and their family. This is often done by maintaining an intellectual rooting while exploring new ways to solve problems. Or they may prefer to maintain a secure job or create a new product or design that allows them to provide for those closest to them.

A tan aura color meanings can reveal a person who is both conventional, focused on life and career, or exceptionally innovative and focused on creating and designing new things. This is because they have the calm and resolve to handle the complications and minute details that go into creating new things and seeing them through to completion.


While it is not a “bad” aura color when black is present, this aura color meaning could signify that one has a large amount of built-up anger or grief inside of them.

It might also mean that they have not forgiven what has happened to them and are still holding onto that pain. This lingering hurt from recent or past events can be towards themselves or others.

Beware that this aura color can also represent ill health. But while black itself is generally negative, black mixed with another aura color meaning can signify a period of transition or change, whether it be from bad to good or negative back to positive.

Final Thoughts

Aura colors and meanings represent thoughts, feelings, and intentions of a person at any given time. The brighter and clearer the aura, the healthier the person is spiritually and possibly physically. It also signifies a spiritually balanced and healthy individual, shown by the even distribution of energy from the body.

For those who can see them, auras speak louder than words since they speak from the soul.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.


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