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What Chakra is Orange & Why? Understanding Sacral Chakra Color

INSIDE: By understanding what chakra is orange, we can grasp how our deep sense of self carries us through every season and adventure with excitement, purpose, and joy.


Many may know it as the key ingredient of golden milk but have no idea the original form that the super food, turmeric, takes. Starting as a root, or rhizome, underneath its skin is a lush orange color that comes from a pigment called, curcumin.

When changed into its more recognizable form, the orange shifts more towards yellow, but it still packs amazing health benefits. This orange root is linked to the ability to fortify our bodies, from our circulation to eyesight to digestion.

By offering us better health, it helps free us to enjoy our bodies and lives, finding more pleasure in how we feel inside and out.

Interestingly, these same sensations rise to the surface when we look at what chakra is orange – Swadhisthana, the sacral chakra. 

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What Chakra is Orange?

When we look to the sacral chakra, we find one of the deepest, most mysterious nodes of our body entombed in the area of the womb. From this space, we access our sexuality and personal creativity.

The Sacral Chakra

To locate the energy node for the sacral chakra, we can identify the area below our navel and above our pelvis, essentially the seat of our reproductive system, the womb. And yes, describing this zone as the womb applies to all genders, especially when we consider it in relation to the orange chakra. 

Orange, as a sensual, vivacious, lurid color, churns our sexuality near the sacrum. However, this color and chakra don’t just encourage pleasure and fun in our lives. They also hone our gut instincts on a primal, physical level – which is different from, though connected to, our intuition. 

Vibing from Root to Solar Plexus

Thus, in understanding what chakra is orange, we can link this to the adjoining nodes – the root and solar plexus. The sacral chakra is the center of the lower chakras. It can be understood as the core of our physical presence on earth because it taps into our natural inclinations and attractions.

With the root chakra grounding us to the earth and planting us firmly to our spiritual purpose in the world, moving up to the sacral chakra shifts to understand our wants and needs and how a life of abundance will resonate with us on a personal level. By tapping into our instinctual desires, we attract those who encourage and share our image of prosperity and fulfillment.

As we flow from the sacral chakra to an ever-lighter shade of orange, nearly yellow, we venture nearer to the solar plexus where we access our inner strength and power to strive for our personal intention.

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Sacral Chakra Color Meaning

By learning about the connection of color and energy generated by what chakra is orange, we can shift to better understand the significance it has on every level of our being.

Physical Connection to Orange

Although we’ve already discussed how integral our sacral chakra is to our reproductive wellbeing, it actually extends further in how it impacts our physical body.

A healthy sacral chakra promotes good colon and bladder conditions, which are a key to helping our bodies digest our food. These organs play a final step in making sure we take the nutrients and water we need from food and prepare to rid our bodies of the waste we don’t need. 

While that’s a rather polite way of describing this step in digestion, we can see how the physical processes influenced by the sacral chakra can symbolize a spiritual journey too. We may find that things, people, or actions that once stimulated and served our purposes no longer fit into our true calling. We have to be willing to listen to our gut, learn from our experiences, and let things go.

Returning to the physical aspects of what chakra is orange, we can check in with our appetite and sexuality. When these feel nourished and satiated, we have a balanced sacral chakra. If we notice sexual dysfunction or problems in our reproductive health, we need to address this area. Even lower back pain can indicate a sacral chakra issue. 

Mental Symbolism in the Sacral Chakra

Healthy, robust sexuality on a physical level has a profound impact on our mental framework as well. Through the sacral chakra, we can explore our own bodies and connect to others, which helps us discover the power we hold within. This is a key role in understanding what chakra is orange.

As suggested, orange plays like an illumination, casting light along pathways to spark our curiosity. By connecting to orange sacral power, we explore our capacities and learn our limitations and boundaries that keep us safe and thriving. We let go of hesitancy, uninhibited by doubt because we now know how to spark our passion. 

When we find ourselves struggling to protect our boundaries and fall prey to manipulation, or grow manipulative ourselves, that’s when we should turn to healing with the color orange.

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Emotional Signs in Orange Chakra Meaning

People tend to have strong reactions to the color orange. Seeing someone approach in a bright orange shirt instantly catches the eye. It’s a stimulating color that can shock our emotions, and how we react to orange might shed insight on the balance of our sacral chakra.

Since this is what chakra is orange, at its healthiest we access its positive connotations – unbridled joy and optimism. We feel enthusiastic about what’s ahead for us, willing to let go of things in order to flow into a more fulfilled state of being.

Thus, we can recognize that the opposite reactions communicate a problem in our sacral chakra. Unable to accept fluid progress, we grow obsessive and demanding of ourselves in what we feel we need to accomplish. Rather than finding joy, we cycle through dangerous, undulating moods and experience weakness in regards to trusting ourselves. 

Spiritual Meaning with the Color Orange

We’ve explained that the sacral chakra straddles a space of unleashing our potential while releasing the baggage to make room for abundance. This is key to understanding how the color orange helps us convert energy into our physical wellness and strength.

The release is a source of freedom that unlocks a portal of creativity and imagination in the sacral chakra. Since it's the answer to, "what chakra is orange?", we can see that gaining the wisdom to understand our bodies, pleasure, and passion can give us access to knew ways of expression. If we stay persistent in exploring our creativity, we discover dedicated ways to connect our physical experiences with our spiritual practice. 

Without this, we dissociate and disconnect not just from others but from our own bodies. Rather than bringing our different levels of being together in a creative form, they fragment and cause us pain. That’s why the sacral chakra is a crucial node for our overall wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

Now that we know what chakra is orange and what meaning this color brings, we can work to expand our connection with our bodies to find pleasure and passion. Our sacral chakra guards the innate gifts that allow us to manifest our spiritual lives into abundance, and when we nurture this node, we launch ourselves forward along an exciting road where our creativity will shine and lead us to fulfillment.

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What Chakra is Orange & Why Understanding Sacral Chakra Color

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