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Top 12 Crystals For Sex, Intimacy & Libido

INSIDE: Whether you want to spark up more romance or passion, increase the intimacy between you and your partner, or boost your libido, these crystals for sex can help! 


We are all sexual beings. It is part of who we are as physical and spiritual beings, and it is crucial for our health.

It is not surprising that a study published by Healthline has shown that sex can be as beneficial as cardio!

Sometimes, however, we fail to recognize the importance of having a balanced sexual life, and oftentimes, we feel blocked and lack passion.

Improve Intimacy & Libido With These 12 Crystals for Sex

One of the best ways to improve your sexual health and intimacy is to use crystals for sex.

Here's a video about a few of these healing stones...

If you're looking for natural ways to raise your vibration and bring more passion into your life, you're in the right place.

Let's look at 12 amazing crystals for sex. Thy'll help you enjoy a healthy sexual life that is rich with intimacy, passion, and romance.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

If you're looking for ways to bring more passion into your life, Red Jasper is a crystal for you. It can help us extract raw energy from the Root Chakra, and therefore, bring back a zest for life.

Because it is a revitalizing stone, it ignites erotic energy within us. This way, our sexual energy gets naturally revived and we in turn become more magnetic to others. Then, we can bring more pleasure and passion into our relationships.

This makes Red Jasper a great crystal for those who want to renew the spark in their relationship or discover new passions.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger's Eye

Although it is often known as a soothing and balancing crystal, Red Tiger’s Eye is also a stone of passion. It grounds sexual energy and helps remove sexual blocks that prevent us from enjoying physical connection and sensuality.

Red Tiger’s Eye is one of the crystals for sex that boosts sex drive and heals and improves our sexual connection with our partner.

Through first grounding and making us feel safe in our own skin and then re-energizing us, it helps us explore sexuality and heal our sexual body. All of this makes it one of the top aphrodisiac stones.

Unakite Jasper

Unakite Jasper

Unakite Jasper is an ideal stone for those looking to bring lovemaking to another level. Through helping us connect with the Heart Chakra, this crystal helps us release emotional blocks and trauma that prevent us from fully enjoying a sexual relationship.

Because it connects us with our heart space, we are able to trust our partner and freely give in to sensual pleasures, knowing we are loved and protected.

This is also one of the sex crystals that can strengthen marriages and relationships by inviting more intimate moments, both emotionally and physically.



The unique vibration of Serpentine has the power to bring back lust for life for those who need it. This is a crystal that supports kundalini activation and can change our sexual energy at the core level.

Because of this power, Serpentine can introduce us to tantric sex and enhance our sensibility to pleasant stimuli, simultaneously cleansing our energetic body from fears that drain our life force.

By clearing our chakra blockages, Serpentine also improves performance in bed, creating a perfect stage for healthy, earthly sex.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

This is one of the crystals for sex that boosts physical energy and drive, directly impacting our libido. Yellow Jasper is known to boost stamina and maximize physical performance, allowing us to make love longer and feel great about it every time.

Because it strengthens our self-confidence, we are able to feel better about ourselves and our sexuality, and this reflects in our intimate relationships. Its healing vibration can help us embrace who we are as sexual beings, feel confident and desirable.



Carnelian brings warmth, closeness, and pleasure back into our lives. It is a rather fiery stone that is known for helping us reconnect with our Root and Sacral Chakra, which in turn awakens our desire.

This is a stone that ignites passionate love; therefore, carrying it with us can help attract fervent, yet healthy intimate relationships.

Carnelian is one of the sex stones that are great for improving physical endurance and fertility, which makes it a perfect stone for increasing libido and conceiving. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz can be a real game-changer for those who struggle with low libido and feel restricted in expressing their sexuality.

Thanks to its ability to reintroduce us to our sexual nature, Smoky Quartz teaches us that sexuality is an integral part of our being. It teaches us that experiencing pleasure is important for our wellbeing and it helps us find ways to express our urges in balanced and safe ways.

That way, Smoky Quartz reminds us that we are not separate from our needs and that our sexuality is not opposed to spirituality, but aligned with it.



When low sex drive, apathy, or lack of intimacy become part of our everyday life, Garnet can be that crystal that brings back the spark. This is one of the crystals for sexual health that inspires us to take action to fulfill our desires.

It re-energizes us but also keeps us grounded, creating a healthy increase in libido. Sexual energy is the energy through which we connect with our physical nature, and Garnet is a crystal that can ignite passion and help us get in tune with it.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

It is no wonder Rose Quartz is the most commonly used crystal for yoni eggs. This is one of the crystals for sex that reconnects us with our sacred sexuality and helps us explore who we are as sexual beings.

With its help, our sexuality gets a healthy outlet, and our relationships can become more intimate. More so, it helps us lovingly do that exploration, that is in tune with what we feel the most comfortable with.

The vibration of Rose Quartz helps us release limiting beliefs regarding intimacy, which has a very healing effect. It resonates with the Heart Chakra; therefore it promotes feelings of romance and intimacy.



This crystal can help us eliminate frustration caused by pent-up sexual desires. Pyrite does so by helping us feel more confident in who we are as sexual beings.

It helps us find healthy outlets for our passions and inspires us to be more open-minded so that we can explore and better understand our needs and wants.

Thanks to its healing properties, we can then experience more joy through sensuality and sex and feel more balanced as a result.

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is a crystal for sex that helps incorporate masculine and feminine energies in us regardless of our gender.

This is vital for sexuality because it creates a balance of give and take but also helps us see that our sexuality is an integral part of who we are, rather than seeing it as unacceptable or separate.

Shiva Lingam is perfect for tantric sex and it supports the free flow of sexual energy. Its vibration helps release energies that cause trouble in our sexual life, including, low sex drive, potency, or infertility.



Rhodonite can help us feel more in control of our desire or fears, preventing destructive habits related to intimacy and sex, be it sex addiction or self-restriction.

As healing as it is, Rhodonite helps us get in touch with the loving energy of the Heart Chakra, and this helps entwine love and compassion with our sexuality in a healthy manner.

With Rhodonite we can use our sex drive to create and solidify intimate relationships, rather than have our libido work against us. Thanks to these properties, we can enjoy passion on a much deeper level and even create a tantric union.

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Sex Crystals

How to Use Sex Crystals

Now that you've learned about the best wisdom crystals, it's time to discover some of the ways you can use them to improve your life.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use crystals for wisdom:

Place Them on a Bedside Table

Being near the frequencies of these crystals for sex in places where you are intimate is one of the easiest ways to enjoy their benefits. 

Meditate With Them

If you are struggling in your intimate relationship, you can meditate with crystals for sexual health to activate the sexual energies you are seeking. You can do this yourself or as a couple. 

Carry Them in Your Pockets

By placing these sex stones in your pockets on a regular basis, you'll begin to resonate with their vibration so that you can access the sexual desire and passion you long for.

Final Thoughts About These Sex Stones

By using these crystals for sex and intimacy, you can balance your sexual energy and improve your intimate relationships. Your sex drive and confidence is likely to soar as a result.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Crystals for Sex

Sex Crystals

Sex Stones

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