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How to Use Fertility Crystals: From Conception Through Pregnancy & Birth

INSIDE: Wondering how to use fertility crystals for conception, pregnancy, or birth? This guide will tell you everything you need to know! Read on to learn more.


Unfortunately, infertility stands in the way of many people's dream of becoming parents.

Results of one of the recent studies conducted and published by the NICHD have confirmed that stress negatively affects women's reproductive health, increasing the likelihood of fertility. 

Those who are doing everything in their power to improve their chances of becoming parents know the struggle.

Fortunately, with the help of modern medicine and alternative solutions, the range of options for healing these issues is continuously rising.

As an important part of alternative medicine, fertility crystals play an essential role in removing blockages, mental or physical, that stand in our way to becoming proud parents.

In a previous article, we talked about 10 Healing Crystals and Gemstones For Fertility and Pregnancy, so if you're still looking for the perfect crystal to target your issues, you can turn to that useful guide.

Today, we're focused on how we can maximize the chances of conceiving and ensure safe childbirth with the use of those crystals. 

Here's how to use fertility crystals to support healthy conception and normal fetal development, while also creating the ideal conditions for safe childbirth. 

Fertility Gemstone Collection

How to Use Fertility Crystals

Fertility stones are great at cleansing our bodies of impotent energy. They help our bodies stay on track with natural fertility cycles and recharge the reproductive system with fresh energy. 

Here are some of our favorite methods for how to use fertility crystals...

Moon Cycles Ritual

The moon has a direct influence on fertility, and combining the power of its cycles with crystals increases the power of the ritual. This is particularly powerful for women, as the moon represents the flowing feminine energy and is related to menstrual cycles and fertile days.

Overall, female fertility reaches its maximum during the New Moon. However, for more accuracy, track your own lunar fertility cycle.

Cleanse your fertility crystal of choice, bless it with your intention, and leave it overnight exposed to the New Moon. You can do this even when it's cloudy or raining as well.

When charged, either carry it with you near the womb, or place it near your bed.

Alternatively, if you want to know how to use fertility crystals and get the most of them without that fuss, you can simply bless a fertility crystal during your most fertile phase of the Moon (or the New Moon, if uncertain) and carry it in a pocket closest to your womb for as long as the phase lasts. 

Carry Fertility Beads

Carrying fertility beads or tumbled stones is a powerful way to activate your energy field and stimulate your body to regulate hormones and regenerate cells.

Through helping to eliminate blockages and fears, fertility beads allow for a natural exchange of energy between our aura and our environment. Because our thoughts and emotions become lighter, we too feel lighter, youthful and fresh. 

Wearing them in a bracelet or placing them in a purse or pocket can stimulate the lower energy centers, particularly the root and sacral chakra, helping to remove any stagnant energy that affects our reproductive health.

Remember, the closer to the abdominal area you wear them, the better. If possible and comfortable, you can secure flat tumbled pieces in your pants pockets, skirt or even underwear. 

Make a Fertility Elixir

Preparing a crystal elixir for fertility will work both for boosting fertility, and supporting pregnancy later on.

To prepare one, choose one of the crystals for this purpose and place it in a glass bowl or a dish. You'll want the energy to be as pure as possible, so it is always good to sage the bowl before making an elixir.

Make sure the chosen crystal safe to place in water. If not sure, check out our Simple Crystal Care Guide to see whether you can place it directly in the water. If not, you can keep it in a dry, sealed smaller jar and place that in the water.

Wondering how to use fertility crystals for an elixir? Simply take a few drops under your tongue or mix them with drinking water before bed.

A fertility elixir serves to make us more receptive to a flow of positive energy. It helps us become more in flow with the divine feminine or masculine within and create a balance between the two. To be fertile is to be receptive and open and fertility crystals help us with that!

Crystals for Pregnancy

In addition to assisting with fertility, crystals can also increase our chance of conception and help ensure a safe pregnancy.

This is possible because their high-vibrational frequency helps elevate our energy and ensure that we are in a more balanced state, both energetically and physically. 

Energetic Detox With Crystals

To know how to use fertility crystals for a detox, collect 7 fertility crystals and lay them on your body to match up with your energy centers or chakras.

One of the best Root Chakra stones is Red Tiger’s Eye. It will help ground you, awaken passion, and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Place it at the base of your spine.

For a Sacral Chakra stone, place a stone like Carnelian on your lower belly. This will help ignite passion and elevate physical union between partners to a new level.

For the Solar Plexus stone, you could use Leopardskin Jasper. Place it above the belly button. It’s energy improves fertility and increases the chance of conception by eliminating anything toxic from the solar plexus.This can help us stick to routines and habits that support conception and healthy fetal development.

For the Heart Chakra stone, choose a stone like Unakite Jasper, Rose Quartz or Emerald. All of these help us get in touch with our feminine side and our heart space, assisting us in connecting with our partner and tuning into ourselves.

For a Throat Chakra stone, use something like Aquamarine and place it on your throat. This can help you understand your needs and release negative thoughts that prevent you from your precious goal of becoming a parent.

A great Third Eye Chakra stone is Lepidolite. Place it on your forehead to help you gain greater trust in the universe and let go of the stress and fear that plague your mind. 

For the Crown Chakra stone, use something like Clear Quartz or Moonstone. Place it above your head touching your scalp. It will help you gain greater faith that your journey as a future parent is divinely guided and that everything is happening in it’s divine timing.

You could also just purchase our Chakra Healing Gemstone Collection, which contains a crystal for each chakra, bundled up for one low price!

Chakra Stones

Place Them Under Your Pillow or Mattress

There are two ways we can use crystals in our bed to increase the chances of pregnancy and help protect the fetus.

The first one is to simply choose a crystal (or a few) and place them under our mattress. Cleansed crystals will improve intimacy and help create a synergy between partners.

Choose your crystals intuitively and organize them the way it feels right for you. Although crystals will work their magic wherever placed, the closer to the stomach you shelter them, the better. Knowing how to use fertility crystals this way (a little hint: your intuition will guide you) and placing them in the middle of the bed will do wonders.

The second way we can use them for this purpose is to place them directly under the bedsheets or pillow.

Whichever method you chose, cleansing them every 10 to 15 days and then keeping them under the bed routinely will increase chances for conceiving and help create an energetic protection for the fetus.

Fertility Meditation With Crystals

To meditate with gemstones for pregnancy, select a set of crystals or choose one and place them under your belly while lying on the back.

You can lie on a warm blanket and make yourself warm. Close your eyes and envision the energy flowing through your body and then focus on the abdominal area.

Envision light and positive energy filling the uterus or lower stomach, and let the crystals fill you with a sense of lightness and peace. Envision how energy expands from the belly outwards as you breathe in.

This will help you get into alignment and remove stress from your body that has accumulated in the reproductive system and your tummy during the day. You can do this before bed, or whenever feels right.

What Fertility Stones Do for the Body

Include Tumbled Stones in Self Care Rituals

Another way to protect the fetus and ensure healthy pregnancy is to include fertility crystals in your self-care routine.

Before we jump into how to use fertility crystals in a self care ritual, it is important to make sure that the crystal is cleansed. For extra nourishment, keep your cleansed crystal near a plant or put it in healthy soil for a while. This will help recharge the gemstone with earthly energy that supports the growth of your baby and keeps you feeling grounded and safe.

Choose a crystal you resonate with the most. After a shower or bath, after you've done all of your self-care and skin care routine steps, sit comfortably and place the crystal on your tummy with your left hand under the right hand.

Keep your eyes open and try to be fully present. Feel your skin, your stomach and feel the crystal in your hands.

You can do this for 5 or 15 minutes, depending on what feels right. This can help you feel more connected with your own body and the life you'll be carrying inside of you.

Crystals for Birth

Now that you've reached the final stages of your pregnancy journey, you can benefit from crystals by including them in your birthing kit, praying with them, and creating a high-vibrational sanctuary to welcome your baby into the world. 

Here are some ways to do it...

Make a Birthing Crystal Kit

Fertility crystals can be your energetic aid on the way to and during your stay at the hospital. To create a birthing crystal kit, you can use your intuition. Since these crystals all have the same purpose, your kit can include as much or as few of them as you'd like.

Take a small pouch that’s made of linen, cotton, or any other pleasant-to-touch material, and cleanse it with incense or sage.

Set the intention for the kit to bless you with light energy and ensure a safe and easy birth.

Then, take each of the crystals you chose for the kit, hold them separately in your hand and bless them with a prayer. When you do so, gently put them in the pouch, secure it, and keep it in the bag you plan to carry with you, along with your other essentials for the hospital.

Tumbled Stones

Create a Fertility Crystals Altar

While a fertility kit is something you carry with you, a sanctuary made of crystals for birth will be there to prepare you in your home for the big day.

To make a spiritual altar, choose a place in your home that you feel radiates the most positive energy, and ideally where you spend most of your time. You can use a table, a box, or whatever is convenient to create your sanctuary.

Bless the spot by using positive affirmations and intention setting. If you have a larger crystal, you can place it in the center of the altar, as it will serve to amplify the frequency of all other crystals.

Once your crystals and the area are cleansed, you can use this place to meditate and pray daily. This spot alone will raise the vibration in the room, and help eliminate the worry, fear and anxiety you might have about what is waiting for you in the birthing process.

The altar will also help you get the best from the excitement you feel, helping you stay grounded and trustful that everything will be alright. 

Pray & Meditate With Crystals

Another powerful tip on how to use fertility crystals is to use them as part of your prayer and meditation routine. Meditation itself is recommended for pregnant ladies, and can be especially beneficial during the last trimester, when the due date is nearing.

Prayer and meditation helps us stay still, feel calmer, and get in touch with all the kicks and movements of the baby. 

Holding just one fertility gemstone in your hand can be massively potent, because it focuses all the energy on the crystal that is held in the lower abdominal area.

Crystals will help calm the chaotic energy, soothe you and the baby, and help you get in the right alignment for what is soon to come. Alternatively, you can place a few fertility crystals around you in a circular shape to help release any energy blockages or pain you might have in other parts of the body.

Final Thoughts

With all of these methods for how to use fertility crystals, you're sure to find one or more that will benefit you. Whether you're seeking crystals for pregnancy, birth, or fertility, these little wonders provide some mighty assistance.

How to Use Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Use Fertility Crystals

Fertility Crystals - How to Use Them

How to Use Fertility Stones

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