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What Chakra is Yellow & Why? Understanding Solar Plexus Color

INSIDE: To find connection to others, we have to know ourselves. The solar plexus, which is the answer to "what chakra is yellow?" fortifies our sense of self-worth and confidence in a way that empowers us as givers of joy and optimism in the world around us.


Take a moment to try a mindful activity. After reading this paragraph, close your eyes and imagine a day with crisp sunshine, emanating the perfect temperature. Think of the person or people you want to spend that day with and what you would do together.

I'll venture to guess that the day you envisioned looked incredibly fun! According to author Catherine Price, fun contains three elements: playfulness, connection, and flow.

But what about sunny days helps bring those elements together so seamlessly into fun?

It could have something to do with the bright yellow color we often associate with the sun's radiating light. Yellow represents the solar plexus color in chakra healing.

The yellow charka meaning connects to our ability to have fun and experience joy when we feel connected to ourselves and others, as well as our ability to flow with strength and confidence.

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What Chakra is Yellow?

Yellow energizes our solar plexus, the chakra node that enables us to find the true definition of our individuality and display it to the world.

The Solar Plexus

Before diving deeper into the specific ways color invigorates the solar plexus on multiple levels, we need to understand this node’s qualities and why it is what chakra is yellow.

To locate the solar plexus, we can place our hand just above our navel in the space below our sternum and diaphragm. In a way, the solar plexus serves as the gateway into our core, both physically and psychologically.

When we find our core strength, we gain self-esteem that allows us to recognize and appreciate our individual abilities and gifts. We find trust and confidence in what we can do for ourselves and others. This allows us to identify those people who nurture us in ways that help us grow and celebrate the uniqueness that we offer to the world. 

The solar plexus brings balance to our internal convictions with feedback and perspective from those who come to us with love. 

Spanning From the Sacral Chakra to the Heart

As we continue to study the chakra colors, we need to reinforce the spectrum of colors and how they fluidly pass through different chakra nodes. Thus, even though the solar plexus answers what chakra is yellow, this color also gives power to the sacral chakra and the heart.

From our sacral chakra, we access our burning fire and passion that rests deep within. The color yellow helps us to take that passion and find the way it feeds our sense of confidence and service as we move into the solar plexus.

Likewise, shifting to the rising energy from the solar plexus to the heart chakra, we can apply the trust in ourselves that we cultivate in the yellow chakra to the work of the heart. We extend self love to ourselves on a deeper level and experience the willingness and desire to love others through spiritual relationships.

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Solar Plexus Color Meaning

With a clear understanding of what chakra is yellow, we can now examine further how this color keeps the solar plexus healthy and what its symbolism can do to help us heal when we lose our sense of self. 

Physical Manifestations for Yellow Healing

Because the solar plexus rests at our core, it's only logical that its physical signs mainly revolve around digestion. Our stomach and gut health indicate either a thriving solar plexus or one that is in need of a reset.

The ability to maintain healthy eating habits, rather than feeding our body with either too much or unhealthy foods, means that we have found balance in this chakra.

Another sign of a healthy solar plexus chakra pertains to a more outward look at our physical form. Good posture, sitting and standing tall, communicates through body language that we possess a sense of confidence. Posture also helps to maintain our core strength. 

That’s right, our abs activate through the solar plexus. Having strong core muscles can sustain our overall muscular strength and ability. It doesn’t mean having six-pack abs, but rather giving attention to our abdominal muscle to keep them tuned and awake.

When we lose balance in our solar plexus, the physical symptoms are unmistakeable. Poor digestion and stomach pains begin, but this can lead to serious problems like diabetes.

A weak core results in slouching and painful posture, and because it impacts both the circulation of blood through the body, as well as energy through our chakras, we may feel exhausted and fatigued.

Mental Healing by Knowing What Chakra is Yellow

From a mental standpoint, solar plexus energy sparks self-perception and empowerment. The color yellow shines a light onto our independent path ahead. That way, we can discover how to put our abilities to work in the world.

By focusing on personal development and autonomy, we begin to see the possibilities and to truly reflect on what we uniquely offer. While the solar plexus emphasizes strength, which we tend to associate with muscle and physical health, it also corresponds to mental acumen and intellect. A healthy solar plexus stimulates our thoughts so that we can match the way we think with how we act.

The better we perceive our true selves, then we tend to understand how others see us in our actions. If we know our actions align with our calling and intention, then we also worry less about misinformed, negative views aimed toward us.

We know we need yellow healing when we slip away from open-mindedness and positive thinking. We find ourselves with cynical thoughts, communicated as sarcastic, biting, negative comments to others.

Because our thoughts repeat messages about our inability, we end up with a competitive attitude that spurs us on from a sense of lack or losing. We blame others for our situation more than taking steps to improve our outlook.

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Emotional Connection to Yellow 

What reverberates through our mind and body impacts how we feel. As we gain awareness of our strengths and gifts, we access joy and optimism. By tuning our emotions to what chakra is yellow, we feel good about ourselves, and this allows us to spread joy to others.

One of the strongest feelings that comes from our solar plexus is our sense of power. It’s one thing to know we are able, but as we actually practice our capabilities, we feel the happiness that manifests from the emotion of confidence and courage. Nurturing these emotions stimulates a playful, warm personality that is full of humor and compassion. 

If these emotions skew off balance, we lose our sense of self-esteem and feel ashamed of our inherent qualities, as well as our actions. We forget to care for others and instead fall prey to selfishness and manipulation in order to gain our wants at the expense of others. This is when we really need to seek healing through the color yellow.

Spiritual Growth with the Color Yellow

When we find balance in the solar plexus, we can bring our sense of self in communion with the divine. Because we have honed instinct and gained strength, we can identify how much of our growth comes from the self and how much has come from spiritual connection.

Our confidence and courage carries us ever closer to realizing our life calling and purpose, and this happens as we trust outside of ourselves – in other words, we release our worries and doubts to the universe, knowing that we are capable of experiencing spiritual challenges that draw us nearer to consciousness. 

In spirituality through what chakra is yellow, we stroke the ego, radiating in the focus on “I”, but we don’t let it take over. Instead we work to apply our ego to a greater spiritual field and community, cognizant of how coming together with different parts of a whole truly completes a spiritual circle.

Spiritual sickness through the solar plexus happens when we disconnect from divine guidance and stagnate in our concerns for self. Yet as we obsess on ourselves, we find our worth dwindling and fear arising out of our incapabilities. Truly engaging with yellow solar plexus healing invites the self and the divine to meet and care for each other.

Final Thoughts

By learning what chakra is yellow, we have uncovered the passage to vibrancy, optimism, empowerment, and confidence through the solar plexus. The interplay of the color yellow and the solar plexus allows light to shine from the core of our being to inspire others to find courage and strength in spiritual living.

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What Chakra is Yellow: Learn Solar Plexus Color

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