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Empowerment Crystals: 13 of the Best Stones to Empower Your Life

INSIDE: Empowerment crystals promote the powerful inner calm we need to achieve our goals, live authentically, and leave our fears behind. Here's our favorite ones!


It's one of the best feelings we can experience. It's an inner power that comes from a peaceful place. Like a flowing river that has power without force.

When you are empowered, you're fueled with personal power, unencumbered by fear, and have the confidence to make your own decisions.

In times like these, empowerment is what we need. And empowerment crystals are here to help us access it.

The 13 Best Empowerment Crystals

Here are 13 of our favorite crystals for empowerment. You can use them to enhance your personal power and flow through life with more confidence and ease.



Hematite is a grounding crystal that connects us to the earth so that we can feel centered and stable. It's mighty yet subtle energy matches that of the empowerment we feel when we use it. 

As this empowerment crystal neutralizes negative energy in our aura, it replaces negative emotions with strength and vitality, boosting our confidence and personal strength.

With Hematite, we can manifest our dreams while at the same time feeling grateful for what we already have. We can more easily access financial wealth through new opportunities coming our way.

This stone also works to remove drama from our lives. It promotes logical thinking, and helps us improve our productivity and organizational skills.



Sodalite is an empowerment crystal that helps us experience calm even when our life is chaotic. It reduces the emotional charge of difficult situations and the stress and fear that comes with it.

Known as "The Harmonizer Stone," Sodalite promotes harmony and peace. It deepens our connection to our higher self and opens the mind to a greater depth of thought. It activates the intuition while simultaneously helping us think rationally.

This stone empowers us to be authentic and accept ourselves for who we are. It supports us in better understanding ourselves and feeling confident as a result.



Amethyst is one of the best empowerment crystals due to its ability to provide an alert sense of calm that helps us to excel in areas of creativity, intellect, and decision-making.

This stone also has the unique ability to use the violet flame vibration to transmute negative energy into love. What could be more empowering than that?

Amethyst melts away stress and negative thoughts. It calms the mind and opens our intuition. It raises our vibration and allows us to access new perceptions and wisdoms. And it supports us in overcoming addiction and overindulgence.



Citrine is a high energy solar plexus stone that rejuvenates the aura and promotes feelings of inspiration, motivation, and creativity. It gives us a radiance that allows us to go with the flow and welcome in new changes.

This empowerment crystal brings in the energy of the sun to boost our vitality and help us attract and manifest the life we desire. As such, it helps us to feel joyful and happy with an inner confidence and love for life.

Citrine helps us to transmute our negative thoughts and feelings into positivity. It supports us in seeing the good in any situation and in accessing the courage to overcome our problems.

With its warm and uplifting energy, we are likely to have more physical energy and stamina so that we can achieve our goals.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is not only powerful in and of itself, but it also amplifies the healing properties of other crystals as well. It is a beacon of spiritual growth and positivity, cleansing the inner spirit and providing powerful healing energy to the body, mind, and spirit.

Clear Quartz can be programmed to enhance our intentions so that we can more easily reach our goals. It strengthens our connection to higher consciousness so that we can access answers to our deepest questions and discover our purpose. 

This stone also supports our concentration and memory, and helps us understand the hidden messages in our dreams.



Ametrine is a beautiful, harmonious combination of Amethyst and Citrine; therefore, it emits the energies of both.

It balances the spiritual and mental selves, the intellect and higher consciousness, and the feminine (Amethyst) and masculine (Citrine) energies.

Both spiritual and grounding at the same time, Ametrine promotes both courage and psychic abilities. It helps us to make powerful changes, overcome obstacles, and take control of our lives.



Aquamarine is actually known as the Stone of Empowerment because of its ability to support us with a gentle energy of power without force. It calms anger, soothes anxiety, and brings harmony to arguments through loving communication.

This peaceful stone brings in the Divine feminine and the element of water with its yielding yet resilient power that allows us to go with the flow and trust. We find it easier to stay centered and welcome in change.

With the help of Aquamarine, we can see through our ego to understand why we overreact, manipulate, victimize, or abuse others. As a result, we are able to compromise, release judgements, and improve our relationships.



Amazonite is also considered one of the best empowerment crystals because of its ability to help us speak from the heart and connect with others while remaining true to ourselves.

This Stone of Truth inspires authenticity, harmony, and balance. It empowers us to engage in self-discovery, and in so doing, we come to better understand other points of view while setting healthy boundaries.

Amazonite promotes emotional balance, self-esteem, and loving communication. It works to reduce aggression, fear, anger, and worry. It calms and soothes the spirit and balances feminine and masculine energies.



Chrysocolla is a stone that emits the feminine Goddess energy; therefore it is also a calming yet strengthening crystal. It supports us in expressing love, peace, and compassion through its gentle powerfulness.

When we are enduring emotional turmoil, Chrysocolla helps us access our inner strength, remove negative energy, and open up our blocked emotions. It inspires us with a mixture of creativity and practicality in dealing with our hardships.

This crystal empowers us to communicate from the heart and express ourselves authentically. It reduces the emotional charges that increase our stress and anxiety. It also graces us with the wisdom to understand our lessons and embrace transformation.



Carnelian is certainly known as an empowerment stone because it is such an invigorating crystal. It rejuvenates our life force and blesses us with ample amounts of passion, willpower, and physical energy.

Known as The Stone of Motivation, this crystal helps us take action and move forward in our lives with determination and courage. It also gives us a spot of good luck as it helps us attract prosperity, resources, and success.

Carnelian is a warm, positive force that helps us make good choices, improves physical well-being, and reduces anger, resentment, and abuse. It also works to protect us from theft, fire, storms, and accidents.



Garnet needs to be included as one of the best empowerment crystals for a number of reasons. It promotes vitality, strength, and balance, and it is an uplifting stone that also grounds us deeply in our bodies.

Known as The Stone of Health, it protects the physical body from illness and works to transmute negative energy in the body into a healthy, positive state. It also promotes emotional balance by helping us choose the healthiest emotion in the moment.

Garnet supports us with courage, confidence, and hope, plus some luck in our career and love relationships. With all of that, we are able to take action to get what we want as we let go of behaviors that aren't serving us.



Pyrite is a solar plexus chakra stone that supports us in our creative endeavors, whether that be art, problem-solving, or manifestation. It enhances our vitality, confidence, and assertiveness so that we can power through and accomplish our goals.

This is a stone that turns the aura into a shield, deflecting negativity and danger away from us. With that out of the way, we can accomplish the impossible. We feel inspired to take action, overcome our fears, and try new ideas as we complete our tasks.

Pyrite supports us with grounding energy that brings stability. It helps us heal ourselves when nothing else has worked, and it helps us to access good luck and fortune.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian works to empower us by helping us enter the dark to see the light. It gives us access to our shadow selves so that we can recognize our imperfections and patterns on a much deeper level and heal our souls.

This empowerment crystal is known as The Stone of Purity because it works to purify the mind, body, and spirit so that we can experience true personal growth. It clears inner and outer negativity and reduces our tension in the process.

Snowflake Obsidian provides us with grounding energy so that we can feel centered. It supports us with the courage to persevere and the strength of acceptance. It helps us recognize opportunities we wouldn't normally see, and it sparks new ideas.

Want These Empowerment Crystals?

We've bundles up five of these crystals for empowerment into our Empowerment Healing Gemstone Collection so that you can easily enjoy their healing effects.

Empowerment Healing Gemstones

How to Use Empowerment Crystals

Now that you've learned about the best empowerment crystals, it's time to discover some of the ways you can use them to get the results you are seeking.

Keep Empowerment Crystals Where You Tend to Feel Disempowered

Place some of these empowerment crystals in areas of your home or in your office or car depending on where you tend to need a boost of personal power. 

They will emit the energies you need to feel empowered and when you see them, you'll be reminded that they are there to help.

Carry Empowerment Stones in Your Pocket

One of the best ways to bring the empowering energy of these stones with you everywhere you go is to place one or two of them in your pocket. 

If you don't have pockets, you can place them in a purse or you can wear crystal jewelry.

Meditate With Your Empowerment Crystals

Meditation alone will help you to feel more empowered as it works to balance the emotions, relax the body, and connect you to your higher self. 

But when you meditate with crystals, you enhance those benefits even more. You can place these empowerment crystals around you while you meditate, lay them on your body, or hold them in your hand.

Final Thoughts on Empowerment Crystals

With these healing stones, you can access the power of the earth to enhance your personal power.

Empowerment Healing Gemstones

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Empowerment Crystals

Crystals for Empowerment

Empowerment Stones

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