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13 Signs of Negative Energy in a House: Is It Time to Cleanse Your Home?

INSIDE: If home is where the heart is, are we giving it the care and attention it needs to help keep us healthy? Learn about the signs of negative energy in a house so that you know when to purify it.


It takes work to build a home, a space away from the outside world where you feel safe and can go to recharge your emotional batteries. A home is meant to be a sanctuary and place of rest. If that’s not how it feels, it's time to look for signs of negative energy in a house.

When you recognize negative energy in your home, you can take action to bring in positivity and light to cleanse and transform your space.

13 Signs of Negative Energy in a House

If something has been feeling off in your life for a while and you can’t seem to sort out why, it might be that negative energy is deeply embedded in your home.

Let's learn how to detect negative energy in a house so you can get back to living at home-sweet-home...

Lots of Clutter

Consider your body. What happens inside can affect the outside and vice versa. If you feel sad or angry, your skin reflects that feeling with rashes or pale tones. If you eat unhealthy food and don't exercise, your mood struggles to feel positive.

Our homes are similar, reacting to what happens inside and outside. When things start to pile up at home, actual things and not just emotions, take it as a sign that something negative is lurking.

Maybe objects are getting misplaced or broken more often than not. Perhaps layers of dust and grime start to build up because you're too overloaded to tend to your home.

There’s also an opposing view when places in the home that are usually filled with vibrancy become empty and forgotten, like those empty flower vases you used to arrange clippings in each week.

Protection Crystals

Foul Smells

Since clutter can be a sign of negative energy in a house and it makes it difficult to keep the area clean, it can lead to foul smells lingering in the house.

However, negative energy doesn’t have to find clutter to stink. Negative, stuck energy often gives off a musty or damp smell that no one wants hanging around.

A home with positive energy smells fresh and natural, while a house full of negative energy can be abrasive to the nose.

You’re Having a Lot of Arguments There

This particular situation feeds into a vicious cycle. Arguments can create negative energy, but negative energy can also beget arguments.

If you notice that you have more arguments at home, whether with others living with you or while you're on the phone, it's a sign of negative energy in a house.

It doesn’t matter what brought the arguments inside, that stress and tension belongs outside of the home. A healthy house has strong boundaries to keep out arguments and bad feelings. When your fortress is weakened, the battles pour in.

You’re Having Nightmares or Insomnia

Look to your sleep patterns for how to detect negative energy in a house. 

Just like meditation is a time for our minds to slow down and rest, sleep does that for the body, mind, and spirit. If your sleep is broken by insomnia or nightmares, it's no longer a time of rejuvenation. 

When sleep becomes something you dread, you're surrounded by negative energy, even in your bedroom.

Negative Energy in a Home

You’re Struggling Financially

We mentioned clutter earlier but empty spaces that once were flourishing can be just as problematic as they are energetic indicators of financial struggles. 

The negative energy in a house has put a block on abundance. You no longer find inspiration and sanctuary at home any more, so you can’t expect to prosper and find success outside of it either.

You’re Having Trouble Thinking Positively There

Another one of those cyclical signs of negative energy in a house is your inability to think positively when you're there. 

If negative energy permeates the atmosphere of your house, then it's constantly invading your thoughts. You literally breathe in the negativity, filling your lungs and blood circulation with negativity that goes straight to your brain. 

You Feel Tired in Your House

It’s okay to come home tired, but when home makes you tired, there’s a problem. If you never feel awakened and recharged after spending time at home, this is a sign of negative energy in a house.

It’s even more serious if you feel recharged outside of the house and coming home exhausts you or puts you in a bad mood.

You See Dark Shadows in Your Peripheral Vision

Dark shadows and strange dark pockets in usually-lit places can indicate a dark entity or spirit residing at home with you.

Whether you believe in metaphysical phenomena or not, negativity in your house will produce dark areas that only light can cleanse and revive.

Smudging Sticks

There’s a Lot of Stress in the Home

You need to be able to leave stress at the front door, or maybe even on the lawn, before you pass over the threshold. Reacting and panicking to small things at home are signs of negative energy in a house.

The inability to let go of stress can be a personal area of growth that you need to tend to, but it can also come from negative energy in a home. Always feeling on edge at home means there’s something lurking there that’s causing you worry.

Miscommunications Often Happen There

A home with positive energy emanates love, harmony, and understanding. When anger boils over between everyone at home, undoubtedly there is negative energy inside. 

As signs of negative energy in a house, arguments also fit into the negativity loop. Miscommunication that is handled with anger and negative emotion rather than peace and patience can produce negative energy. Negative energy can also produce arguments.

Having Difficulty Relaxing There

An important aspect of a relaxing home is the ability to do just that – relax. If you feel like you constantly have work to do on your home or the chores just pile up, these are signs of negative energy in a house.

It probably indicates that you are also not prioritizing your home and giving it the timely care it needs. How can you expect a home to nourish and protect you if you don’t reciprocate? That’s how negative energy can build up.

Stress Caused by Negative Energy at Home

Feeling Unmotivated or Unable to Focus in the House

When home becomes mundane, there's negative energy at work. Your house should help you find focus and energy to do things, even at home. 

It isn’t just a place to sleep, so when you notice that things are just dull at home, start addressing the negativity. 

A Lack of Passion or Inspiration in the Space

We often explore our passions at home – whether in our relationships or our work. When home becomes a place where we just want to do nothing at all, it isn’t a good sign. 

Some signs of negative energy in a house can be seen in the things you keep. If you amass material goods that don’t make you feel inspired and happy, then you are allowing negative energy to pass between you and the objects. That negative energy then fills the space. 

Final Thoughts

These signs of negative energy in a house should be your wake up call to breathe new life and positivity into the space.

If you let negative energy take over your house, you might start to see even more dangerous signs of negativity. Your house may become physically infested with pests or start needing serious repairs to things that should be in working order.

Luckily, there are so many ways to cleanse your space, including smudging, ventilating, decluttering, feng shui, and crystal healing, to name a few.

When you start to feel positive energy take negativity’s place, you'll experience the effects of a happy home on your everyday living. 

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Signs of Negative Energy in a House

How to Tell if There is Negative Energy in a House

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Omg all of the above and getting worse and don’t want to leave, I have had people come cleanse and I do


How do you cleanse the root of where the negative energy has taken years of deep control over the host. A person. The person that you live with. The person you love. And it’s so strong that you have been effected and it’s a struggle just to fight for yourself. ? How can I get the tar like demon to rid from the person? Who by the way won’t budge or be down for anything tgat has to do with healing, cleansing, holy water, Christians, anything that is the light. I don’t have any family, any friends, and I am not working so I am isolated without interaction with the world I once lived in, enjoyed and desperately and trying and fighting to get back to. Please help if you can help me with anything. Thank you and God bless


Thank you so much for your inspiration and knowledge on crystals and energy, I love the way you pack so much information into such a short but perfect read


This info on negative energy in ones home is awesome. I have experienced almost all of the situations you talked about especially the financial draining. The apartment complex I live in has been a ‘thorn in my side’ since before I moved in (they gave me the run-around) and I should have recognized that as a clue but took the apartment because I was moving in from another city. Since moving into this apartment, the things that have happened to me have been unbelievable. I have tried burning sage and the sea salt/water ‘trick’ and still, no positive energy. I am wondering if someone died in this apartment or the apartment above me. It’s weird. I will be moving soon. Thank goodness. Love your posts. Thank you.


I just had to stop and comment on this one. We moved 230 miles away from home into a house that is all bad juju. We have all 13 signs. We did 2 house cleansings and a shaman healer. It started to pull energy from me that caused actual pain. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a real laugh. I’m so ready for our lease to be up so we can move. I smug the house all the time. Nothing seems to work. Craziest and worse thing i ever experienced. Don’t help that I am open to the other side and live with moving objects. So on top of that in this house has been almost torture. So horrible.

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