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12 Gentle Ways to Find Inspiration in Everyday Life

INSIDE: Are you tired of feeling unmotivated and uninspired? Get yourself moving so you can feel vibrant again with these 12 ways to find inspiration today.


We all know how great it is when inspiration is flowing and we feel pulled toward taking action to fulfill our dreams. We also all know how frustrating it is when we feel anything but inspired. It's like we are trying to push a 50 ton boulder up a hill, and it's miserable.

When project deadlines approach and your motivation wanes, it can be difficult to find a way to move forward. But don't worry, it's a common problem that can be overcome.

12 Ways to Find Inspiration Today

We've put together a list of 12 effective ways to find inspiration and get unstuck. Try them out so you can get back on track toward your goals.

Spend Time Alone

Throughout your life, you'll be surrounded by others most of the time. Even if these interactions are positive, constantly socialization can drain your energy. To keep your spirits up, it's crucial to carve out time for yourself to rest and replenish. If you don't, you'll run out of energy and inspiration. Make sure to refuel regularly and take some time alone whenever you need it.

Get Moving

Feeling stuck and uninspired? Get moving! Physical activity can ignite your creative energy and give you a fresh perspective. Give your subconscious mind a chance to unravel messy thoughts and gain clarity.

And you can take it one step further and get active outside. Taking a stroll in nature has been proven to bring calm and rejuvenation.

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Play Music

Looking for inspiration? Look no further than music! Whether you need to lift your mood, break through creative blocks, or perform at your best, the right song can help.

Research shows that music synchronizes with our brain waves, and even listening to Mozart before taking intelligence tests can boost scores by up to 10 points. So next time you need a spark of inspiration, turn on some great tunes and let the magic happen.

Join a Competition

Competing can foster inspiration whether it's against yourself, a score, money, or another individual for a promotion or bonus. Competition motivates us to reach the next level and demonstrate our worth to ourselves and those who matter.

Reaching that next stage necessitates hard work, dedication, and a driving sense of motivation. The desire to triumph is incredibly empowering and can propel you to almost any task for that exhilarating feeling of success.

Learn Something New

Are you feeling stuck and uninspired? Learning something new may be the key to unlocking your creativity. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know it all, but the truth is there's always something new to discover. Embracing new opportunities can reignite our curiosity and spark our creativity.

As you seek inspiration and meditation lessons, remember to protect yourself online. Use a security VPN, such as free VPN addon by VeePN, and you can avoid stalking, hacking, viruses, etc. 

Pause the Self-Judgment

Don't self-sabotage your progress by being too hard on yourself. Studies show that prioritizing self-care leads to success. So, show yourself compassion and support, just as you would for a valued friend or colleague. Practice kindness and avoid self-criticism.

Find Inspiration

Give to Others

When you give, you receive the greatest gift of all. Witnessing the positive impact you have on the world is truly exhilarating and serves as a driving force to continue your charitable efforts. Your contributions have the potential to completely transform someone's life, and that is a truly remarkable feeling.

Look at The Big Picture

Discovering the bigger picture helps us realize how our personal contributions affect a greater cause. This realization can imbue us with a sense of purpose and vitality that comes from something higher than ourselves.

Help Others & Express Gratitude

If you're feeling unmotivated, redirect your attention toward practicing empathy and helping those who may require assistance. You might be surprised at how fulfilling this can be and how much it can alter your perspective.

In addition, expressing gratitude through thank-you notes or lists of blessings can boost your spirits. This positive cycle is mutually beneficial and can reignite your drive.

Connect With Nature

Immerse yourself in nature and ditch your phone except for its camera. By focusing on the breathtaking scenery around you and capturing it in photos, you'll create room to unwind and welcome inspiration once more. Give it a try!

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Sleep on It

If you're someone who often daydreams or finds yourself unable to turn your mind off, try letting go and allowing your subconscious to take over as you sleep. Keep a notebook and pen by your bed, so you can capture any creative ideas or thoughts that come to you in the middle of the night.

Don't let inspiration slip away – seize the moment and record your ideas before they vanish.

Show Yourself the Money

Money is a potent motivator, and it's not intrinsically wicked. It's a precious asset that can be leveraged for good. In fact, earning money is a gratifying outcome for putting in hard work. Pursuing financial gain in life is perfectly acceptable and worthwhile.

As financial success grows, so do self-assurance, status, and access to opportunities. This newfound liberty opens the door to endless possibilities, resulting in more joy and inspiration.

Unplug From the Noise

Are you finding it hard to escape the constant barrage of social media and news? Perhaps it's time to unplug and take a break.

Not only is it important for your mental health, but it also creates space for creativity and inspiration to flourish. This is especially crucial for introverts and empaths who may feel overwhelmed by endless noise and stimulation. Give yourself the gift of a much-needed break and see how it benefits your well-being.

Final Thoughts

Discover the power of inspiration to drive you toward success. Don't let it slip away - adopt the right mindset and strategies to stay motivated. And remember: self-care is the key to unlocking your inspiration. Make time for yourself every day and watch your productivity soar.

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12 Gentle Ways to Find Inspiration in Everyday Life

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