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Am I Psychic? Here Are 13 Telltale Signs You Are!

INSIDE: Connecting with others telepathically, being able to see and feel things others can’t, as well as picking up on energy and other people’s emotions are all signs of higher sensory abilities. If you're wondering, "Am I psychic?," then read on to discover if you are!


Have you ever asked yourself "Am I Psychic?" If you have, you've probably experienced a wide range of phenomena that you just can’t explain.

An interesting article on Psychology Today highlights that researchers believe that not everyone is equally intuitive - some are simply more in tune with their gut feeling.

Clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance are considered to be the four psychic senses that allow us to have access to spiritual downloads.

They manifest in various ways, and this article will cover how, as well as what signs to look for as a confirmation that you, too, are psychic.

“Am I Psychic?” Let’s Look at the Signs

If you're psychic, chances are you're already suspecting it, knowing very well that your experience of reality differs from others. However, if you want concrete signs that confirm this, you're in the right place. 

Here are some telltale signs...

You Often Experience Deja Vu

Deja vu is a common occurrence for those who have psychic abilities. This phenomenon gives us sensations and installs a nagging feeling that we are reliving a moment, or that it has already happened as if we have time-traveled or predicted it.

This is because although the physical reality is limited to things we can feel in the present moment and on the physical plane, the fifth dimension and our psyche go beyond that.

Psychic people will frequently experience these deja vu flashes, and this is a sign of recognition that we’ve been there before. Psychics experience this deep-rooted sense of familiarity because their psyche operates on the astral plane, and is not limited to the present moment. 

You Can Pick Up on Energies

Wondering, "am I psychic?" because you feel energy strongly? Have you ever felt like something is just off with a person, without knowing much about them or understanding why? Or, have you ever visited a new place that made you feel oddly unsettled?

If the answer is yes, there's a fair chance you are highly psychic.

Psychic people are more attuned to the energy around them. They are energy-sensitive, and their senses and intuition are constantly alert. Although we are thought to rationalize things due to our conditioning, highly intuitive people simply can’t shake the feeling that something is or isn’t right.

They pick up someone else’s sadness, can read into ulterior motives, sense anger, frustration, and love. This is because they operate on a higher frequency, and their nervous system, in a sense, is a naked nerve or an incredibly accurate antenna for energy. 

Learn how to sense chakra energy here.

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You Often Know What Others Are Thinking 

If you've ever found yourself just sensing what another person is thinking, it's very likely you have telepathy.

Telepathy is common among intuitive people. This ability allows one to pick up others’ thoughts and communicate through spiritual channels of communication, in the spiritual plane.

It goes way beyond face-to-face interaction, and psychics can communicate with those who live at distance and in other time zones. So, you may be wondering, "if I can relate, am I intuitive?" Yes, and probably more than you give yourself credit for.

You will find that you just know what the other soul urges to tell you, sometimes even having back and forth conversations that have nothing to do with daydreaming.

As a confirmation you may find that people come to you, saying the exact same thing you picked up intuitively as if you have already communicated before.

You Just Know Certain Things & You Don’t Know How You Know Them

For those who are just tuning into their psychic abilities, having a strong, deep inner knowing about something can be a bit unsettling and may be mistaken for paranoia or illusion. If you feel like you know certain truths without having an explanation you can reason with, know that this is your intuition and your psychic ability at work.

"If I resonate with this, am I psychic?" Absolutely. 

When you’re psychic, without knowing, you'll often receive spiritual downloads, and they find their way into your consciousness.

You'll have explanations and inner knowing that is in sync with the Divine. You'll just know why certain things happen, you'll know what happens behind the scenes, and you'll understand the grander scheme of life the way other people can’t.

This is why, for those who have these abilities, connecting the dots is much more than pure logic. It is based on the laws of the Universe, connected to Universal knowledge, and it goes beyond 3D interactions and learning.

Psychic Abilities

You Can Feel Other People’s Feelings

"Am I psychic if I can feel what others are feeling?" You guessed it, the answer is one big, YES. Psychic people are incredibly receptive to other people’s emotions.

Many are highly sensitive individuals, who feel things on a much deeper level. If you are psychic, you will find yourself feeling someone else’s pain or you might carry the heaviness of their emotions as if they were your own.

This is what is called being an empath. Discover if you're an empath here!

This is difficult to control, as psychics are connected to other frequencies, and setting an energetic barrier requires practice.

We are all part of the Universe or the larger whole, and more than anyone else, psychics will feel what this unity is like by picking up on other people’s feelings. As a result, you may feel constantly emotionally exhausted, feeling everything and everyone around you. 

You Get a Bad Feeling Before Something Bad Happens 

Extrasensory perception allows intuitives to have access to information based on energy. As a result, they can predict certain things by "sensing." If you have a feeling that something is terribly wrong, like people in horror movies do and are always right, you know what we're talking about. 

Intuitively, psychics are wired to sense changes in energy are they react to low vibrations much more intensely than others. This gift allows them to sense danger and pick up on low-vibrations and toxicity from miles away.

This ability helps them predict bad things before they happen. Prior to such events, they experience a drastic change in their energy field, being overwhelmed by the wave of negativity that is hard to shake off.

You Have Vivid Dreams

"Am I psychic if I frequently have vivid or prophetic dreams and am capable of lucid dreaming?" The answer is yes.

The sensory information that psychic people receive is often channeled through dreams.

Psychic folks are not limited to everyday experiences and will often have extraordinary and complex dreams that are so vivid they almost feel like reality. They can dream sounds, colors, smells, and energy, which is a sign of increased awareness.

If you are psychic, your dreams will also have a vision-like quality to them. Dreams give insights into the world of the unknown, connect us to Astral realms, and help us connect to the subconscious mind.

This can manifest in a number of ways. You might get a text from someone you dreamt about, or dream of being newly employed only to get an out-of-nowhere job proposal the next day. 

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You Often Know What’s Going to Happen

Precognitive abilities allow psychics to have intense, incredibly vivid visions. If you find yourself foreseeing events without having a rational explanation for it, you are likely clairvoyant.

The ability to foresee the future isn’t about connecting past experiences or using logic. This psychic ability relies on extrasensory information that allows gifted people to see visions.

If you see flashes of images, faces of people, future interactions, or you can see vividly how certain things will play out, you are much more in tune with your sixth sense than you may realize.

Psychic people have a gut knowing about how future events will play out. This goes beyond the law of cause and effect, since such visions are based on energy information, and are not limited to the past or present.

You Can See Auras or Energy

"Am I psychic if I can feel and see people’s energy in a form of a thin layer of light around them?" Undoubtedly, yes.

Auras include a spectrum of colors that match the vibrational frequency of a person, and for the gifted, this manifests visually. 

Every living being has an aura, but not everyone can see it. Although everyone has an aura, this fluid light is not visible to the naked eye. However, because they are so attuned to others’ energies, psychics are often not only able to feel other people's energy and emotions, but they can also often see their energy.

For psychically gifted people, auras present themselves in the form of a visible color shield that quite literally radiates off of a physical body they are observing.

Every aura color has a matching vibration, and it is in sync with the internal changes an individual is going through. So, if you find yourself noticing the color shield around a person, know that you have a beautiful gift of seeing auras. 

You See, Hear or Feel Angels or Spirits

Have you ever felt as if angels are literally standing next to you, protecting and guiding you? Or, have you ever felt an unexplainable presence in the room? If the answer is yes, there is a high likelihood that you are psychic.

Connection to the angelic realm manifests itself in the form of divine protection, where we feel supported and at peace, knowing that our angels are watching over us. If you wondered, "am I psychic if I can relate," you most likely are, and welcome aboard.

Feeling a sudden warmth or breeze are common signs your angels are near, and if you are psychic, you'll definitely be alerted by this. Some can literally hear their angels speak to them, feel their touch or see their reflection in the room.

Many times, psychics may have these experiences even as young children, seeing "ghosts" and spirits, or feeling the calm presence of angels when others can’t see anything.

You Hear Messages From Guides & Angels

This connection exceeds hopefulness, faith, or religion, as it is an actual ability to listen and talk with your guides through spiritual channels of communication. If you've ever asked your angels what to do and felt like you were able to get their answer, you are highly intuitive and might be psychic.

A strong bond with Divine guides is a sign that your Third Eye and Crown Chakra are open and you are operating within the realm of higher consciousness.

Those who communicate with their spirit guides and angels are open to divine input and guidance and naturally operate on a higher frequency that allows them to receive such messages. 

Messages can come in the form of signs, synchronicities, words, or phrases. Whatever the case may be, communicating with angels is a strong sign that your extrasensory perception is at play, and that you may have a talent for channeling messages from spirit.

You See Things in Your Peripheral Vision

"Am I intuitive if I can see things out of the corner of my eye?" Well, highly intuitive people can quite literally "see" things as if they had an extra pair of eyes.

If you see flashes of light, dark areas, or something move out of the corner of your eye, but then when you turn to face it head on, you don't see anything, this is a sign that you are picking up on subtle energies. This is often an angel or spirit!

Plus, when the Third eye is developed, which is the case of those who have ESP, the sight goes beyond what’s parallel to the eye and in a central field of view.

Feeling like someone is watching you, seeing what’s happening beyond your vision or behind you, or feeling as if you constantly have a panoramic view are all common signs of developed psychic ability.

The reason behind it is that your vision is not only limited to the central field of view. When you're psychic, it includes information gathered from a highly developed peripheral view, and most importantly, the Third eye, which goes beyond human sensory capabilities. 

You Understand Animals

Do you find yourself feeling deeply in pain when you see animals and insects suffering? Do you instinctively feel the needs of animals or you feel their fear, or anxiety? Or, do you find yourself just knowing what an animal is trying to tell you just by being near them?

Understanding animals in these ways is another sign that you are incredibly psychic.

One of the clear signs to look for is seeing if animals feel calm near you and are drawn to you wherever you go. Just like sensing human energy, seeing the human aura, or feeling others’ pain, if you have these abilities, you will likely feel the same connection with animals, and not only your pets.

"Am I psychic if I can easily connect with smaller animals and insects, even understanding birds, snails, or bees?" Definitely.

If you're psychic, you may feel soulfully connected to animals, and find it very difficult to see them as different from humans, easily connecting to their feelings and needs, almost as if you belong to the species and speak their language.

Final Thoughts 

Energy is ever present, but not all humans have the capacity to sense it to the same degree. Extrasensory perception, although unexplainable with a rational mind, does exist. It’s just that we are thought to rationalize such phenomena. 

Energy never lies, and psychics know that. We are all part of the Divine scheme, but some know how to swim in synchronicities and frequencies better than others. Powerful intuition, receptiveness, clairvoyance, telepathy, and a talent for divination are gifts to cherish and tap into, and they are not be ignored.

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Am I Psychic?

Signs That You're Psychic

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Gloria Pickett

Had an experience where I was standing at the top of second story steps and suddenly saw a brief halogram of me falling down and then my physical body joined the halogram and I seem to be in a cloud, weightless and suspended and there was a voice that said, Things will be better and then I was dumped on to the first floor landing and hit my head hard, fracturing by C2 cervical vertebra. There was not a scratch or bruise anywhere on my body. I don’t know what to make of it but I certainly want to know more. This preceded a rough time in my relationships which continues. I am OK and this experience appears to be holding me together although I wouldn’t say things are better yet. Gloria Pickett.

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