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How to Know if You’re a Starseed: 13 Signs You Might Be One!

INSIDE: Starseeds are interdimensional beings embodying humans on earth to help guide humanity to divine awakening and enlightenment. There are many starseeds among us, and you might be one! These 13 signs can show how to know if you’re a starseed.


Over thousands of years, maybe even millions depending on your calendar “metric,” humans have undergone physical and mental transformations known as evolution.

Evolutionary psychology explains that certain humans had neural circuits that gave them instincts to survive and thrive as the earth underwent changes. The neural mechanisms passed through generations, and the messages sent them psychological abilities to understand emotions and develop relationships.

One of the principles of evolutionary psychology suggests that much of our psychology is subconscious within this neural system. That leaves a lot of room to wonder what is transmitted through those circuits.

And to raise further questions to science, who can know if there is more of a spiritual connection to subconscious psychology. If we approach our inherent natures and thought abilities from a spirit focus, we open our minds to the idea of starseeds. 

Starseeds exist as humans, but they carry with them information from other dimensions, histories, and galaxies. So, how do you know if you’re a starseed?

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Let’s start by getting clear on what a starseed is...

What is a Starseed? 

For some, it might be hard to grasp right away what a starseed is, but for starseeds, you may start to feel understood, to feel seen.

A starseed has an etheric cord in another realm, whether spatial, chronological, or both. That means that in the great expansive universe and beyond in other galaxy planes, you have roots and an existence on a distant star or planet.

We know that astronomers in their earthly knowledge and capacity have not been able to traverse all of the galaxies, but they recognize their existence. So who’s to say other soul forms don’t live out among the stars?

Starseeds who come to recognize their history and origins beyond have often originated from the star systems of Pleiades, Sirus, Orion, and Andromeda.

However, many starseeds may never receive divine sign of their histories, so there are some basic physical-mental and spiritual traits that can signal how to know if you’re a starseed. 

Physical & Mental Traits of a Starseed

To say there are physical traits of a starseed is actually a complete falsehood.

A starseed comes to Earth in human form, so regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, height, abilities, etc., the starseed is a soul, not a physical body. The body is just a vessel for the spiritual being to charter its course.

Starseeds can have an extroverted or introverted personality, though they tend to present more introverted tendencies (we’ll go into more detail about that later).

Because starseeds come from different galaxies, planets, or stars, they have endless curiosity. They have high intelligence, but not necessarily in the bookish knowledge of the earth of humans.

A starseed thrives to learn about the human form from the outside to deep realms within and beyond.

One worldly experience that signals how to know if you’re a starseed is the Dark Night of the Soul. This has many manifestations in different belief systems and sciences, from Roman Catholicism to psychology.

Essentially, the Dark Night of the Soul refers to a period in your life when you feel in chaos, off-course, and in the dark. You might struggle with depression as you try to understand the “why” of your life. When you emerge, you find yourself awakened to your spiritual calling. 

What is a Starseed

Spiritual Traits of a Starseed

Now, we come to the general spiritual traits for how to know if you’re a starseed. We’ll dig even deeper in the next section, but for now, it's important to understand that a starseed is an advanced soul being with access to other planetary and divine realms.

These beings often have access to the Akashic record – the energetic hard drive that holds emotional, relational, and historical data from every dimension.

That means that the starseed has knowledge and history from other places and time continuums. It may not be directly accessed until after the Dark Night of the Soul, but the information is embedded in the starseed.

With all this spiritual knowledge ready to expand into the earth, a starseed often incarnates as a human in order to serve as a spirit guide to help the Earth transform and attain another dimension beyond the 3D plane. 

Starseeds aim to work as humanitarians to heal and teach people. They are energetic conduits and links between divine realms and the earth chakra that grounds into the earth’s gravity so that divine substance can transport between galaxies.

How to Know if You’re a Starseed: 13 Signs 

While these physical, mental, and spiritual descriptions provide a general understanding of what a starseed is, you're probably still wondering, "how do you know if you’re a starseed?"

Here are 13 signs that may indicate your identity as a starseed. Some or all might fit the bill, and only through deep meditation and spiritual exploration can you truly know the answer.

You’ve Always Felt You Don’t Belong

If you are a starseed, in reality, you don’t fully belong in the human orbit of physical needs and spiritual learning. You have actually already attained spiritual understanding and have a different, higher purpose than other humans.

It can be a difficult feeling to square with, especially if you haven’t realized your starseed origins yet. You may constantly feel like you don’t fit into the prescribed identities of earthly humans and cultures.

That’s not just a feeling but an important lesson that you know deep down – labels mean nothing when you ascend to a higher realm.

You don’t just feel disconnected from human identities. You can visualize yourself in other forms unlike the human body and you feel comfortable and familiar with those forms. You imagine other worlds but feel a deep conviction that they exist.

While you feel like you don’t belong in many human gatherings, you are able to make the meaningful connection of a small group of friends. They may be other starseeds or humans ready to reincarnate to a different realm.

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You’re Intuitive

Armed with the knowledge of so many realms, a starseed is highly intuitive. Perhaps other advanced spiritual beings can transmit messages to you that just seem to naturally arise in your mind. Those messages come through your intuition.

Recognizing that you make decisions based on your intuition more than rational logic can be a sign for how to know if you’re a starseed. You have a keen ability to infer and sense underlying thoughts and desires from others. This makes you cautious and careful in how you relate to others.

You’re an Empath 

An empath usually also houses a starseed soul. If you want to learn how to know if you’re a starseed, you might also want to find out if you're an empath.

Of course, a highly intuitive and sensitive person tends to be an empath. As a starseed with a soul unaccustomed to human drives, earthly matters might overwhelm and drain you. 

Because your spiritual mission calls you to guide others on the journey to divine realms, you may overstretch yourself trying to help and be available to others.

You’re Interested in “Conspiracy Theories”

With a wealth of eternal knowledge from the Akashic record, a starseed seeks more information. You are willing to consider many different angles, stories, and theories to explain the unexplainable or the secret.

Therefore, conspiracy theories intrigue you. You want to understand how people trace their information and why things happen as they do. You don’t necessarily believe these theories (although in some cases, you might just "know" they are true), but because you are a conduit between realms, it is important for you to gather the records of truths and lies.

You’ve Always Felt More Mature Than Others

There’s a wonderful children’s rhyme, “Old King Cole” about a merry old soul and his three fiddlers. None could compare to this old soul and his friends.

Maybe Old King Cole is a starseed because starseeds are wise old souls. It makes sense – the spirit of a starseed has traveled through millennia. You have gathered wisdom through many reincarnations, so even as a young human form, you seem to be wise beyond your age.

You’re Always Searching for Your Life Purpose 

A starseed intuitively understands that there's a greater purpose beyond existing in a physical human form. You have transported your spiritual energy through galaxies in order to impart wisdom and consciousness to others.

Your constant search for life’s purpose is how to know if you’re a starseed. It may take time for you to understand your purpose as a starseed, but you will experience a full awakening that brings spiritual expansion to you and others. 

You’re a Spiritual Person

To exist across so many universes and dimensions requires that you believe in higher powers and the divine. This is because in your other lives, you have acquired spiritual knowledge that reveals the work of other spiritual beings. From your various incarnations in different realms, simultaneously and through centuries, you understand the role of karma.

A starseed doesn’t have to be religious as there's a difference between religion and spirituality. As a starseed, you have the open mind to accept others’ beliefs in a non-judgmental way. Your motivation comes from understanding your work with the divine to bring positive spiritual consciousness rather than dogmatic ways of living.

You’re Inclined Toward Holistic Health & Natural Solutions

Hand-in-hand with open-mindedness, as a starseed, you want to explore the capacities of nature and holistic healing techniques. 

From the vast realms you’ve experienced, you can appreciate the process of science and acquiring knowledge, but you're skeptical of corporate health systems. As a starseed, you're a major player in imparting knowledge.

Therefore, you accept elements of Western medicine for healing purposes when necessary, but you have a strong belief in metaphysical healing to address physical symptoms.

You learn from diverse healing methods and seek natural, herbal remedies. Your holistic approach to health may be how to know if you’re a starseed.

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You Have Low Blood Pressure & Low Body Temperature

Realizing you are a starseed can bring a great sense of peace. With a clear sense of your spiritual mission, you find stasis on earth.

Physically, your body stays very calm, so you tend to have low blood pressure. Your spirit only needs the body to be able to interact on earth. You experience extreme body temperatures – you’re either very cold or always warm – since you don’t need physical form.

You Recharge by Being Alone

Returning to your role as an empath, you draw energy from solitude and time alone. Although you draw others to you, you need to recharge alone in order to concentrate on your spirit message.

You can learn how to know if you’re a starseed, but explaining it to others is complex. Therefore, you may become more introverted as you gain awareness of your true identity. You'll find that rather than trying to explain yourself, you need to explore your spiritual purpose on your own.

You’re Fascinated by Ancient Civilizations

Starseeds by definition are sent from other realms and worlds. If you have an attraction to ancient civilizations and time periods, you probably are a starseed.

You can feel all of the lessons from the Akashic record, and those lessons from history that really resonate with you may signal a past life connection. Your spirit being may have incarnated within that civilization and now you contain the collective consciousness of that time.

Feeling Unmotivated or Unable to Focus in Your House

You may create a dwelling on earth to call home, but in reality, you never truly feel at home in your house. You crave to be outside in the world, even beyond this world – that’s how to know if you’re a starseed. You want to explore and experience new cultures and planets. 

You feel trapped in the confines of a house, and nature provides a better shelter to let your soul rest and recharge.

A Lack of Passion or Inspiration

If your home doesn’t inspire you, it’s unlikely you find true comfort in any specific location. Because of the expansiveness of your spiritual experience, you transcend the need for space and would rather bring divine energy into many places.

Final Thoughts

The awareness of how to know if you’re a starseed is a powerful step in a spiritual beings journey with Mother Earth. These 13 signs are an entry point to learn more and to begin to unleash your abilities as a spiritual guide among humans on this earth.

Now that you know you're a starseed, find out what type of starseed you are here!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Know if You're a Starseed

Signs You're a Starseed

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I see our existence as a spark. A spark that brought everything from the nothingness of darkness into the light ot life. That spark is in everything that existent. Without existence there is nothing. That spark is your soul. Because your physical body cease to existent your spark your soul don’t. Existence is substance and light. My theory of the big bang.

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