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12 Halloween Crystals for Added Protection, Magic & Mysticism

INSIDE: October is the ideal time to take advantage of Halloween crystals for protection, good vibes, and mystique. Enhance this season of enchantment and spiritual connection.


Including Halloween crystals, or maybe even creating a spiritual Halloween altar, in your decorations is a great way to bring in the magic of the season. Whether you're looking for protection from supernatural forces, you want to improve the atmosphere of a Halloween party, or you just want to expose your family to the fascinating world of crystals, this is a fun way to combine the magical and the mystical.

But, which crystals should you use?

Let's find out!

12 Halloween Crystals 

Combine the realms of crystals, geology, and family entertainment with our favorite crystals for Halloween...


Halloween can be a time for facing phobias, so you can use the vibrant energy of Carnelian to spark and amplify intentions, giving you a powerful instrument for bringing about good change and fending against negativity. It is renowned for increasing bravery and self-assurance.

Carnelian is one of the Halloween crystals that can provide you with the courage and fortitude you need to tackle your obstacles. By holding Carnelian stone and setting your intention for protection, you may also use it as a source of power and protection during Halloween celebrations.

Plus, it's orange!

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

During Halloween celebrations, Black Tourmaline works as a barrier against harmful energies to keep us grounded and safe, while also serving as a barrier against evil spirits and energy.

This is a Halloween crystal that aids in the release of tension and stress, enabling us to approach Halloween-related activities with composure and equilibrium. Its power may be channeled to fight against negative energy and to foster harmony and safety in the environment.


Amethyst is an excellent Halloween crystal to use for improving protection and energy because of its well-known soothing and protecting properties. An amethyst altar may bring soothing and calming energies into the space, fostering a peaceful environment.

Halloween may bring up strong feelings in us, but due to the soothing effects of Amethyst, you can experience it with elegance and grace, while keeping your emotional balance. Amethyst is a great choice for preserving your energies and creating a calm environment during this time. As you participate in the celebrations, embrace its calming influence to ensure a secure and peaceful celebration.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

One way to fully utilize the powers of Black Obsidian is to use it in meditation before participating in Halloween-related events. Hold the stone in your palm and picture a strong energy shield around you. This shield will protect you from outside influences and give you a sense of inner strength. 

Be sure to include Black Obsidian in any Halloween-related ceremonies you have for energy cleaning and protection. Its energy is very powerful in driving away evil forces and entities. It is a Halloween crystal that can help you tap into your intuition and establish a connection with your inner knowledge, enabling you to make wise choices and confidently traverse the spooky season.


An excellent mix of energizing and protecting powers may be found in Ametrine, a rare stone that combines the attributes of Amethyst and Citrine. Include Ametrine with your Halloween crystals or costume and let it improve your attire by giving it a protective atmosphere while invigorating your presence.

In any Halloween ritual or spell you do, use Ametrine. It is a great choice for creating intentions and fending off negativity because of its balanced energy, which may help with both manifestation and protection.        

Occo Agate

Occo Agate

Occo Agate, a lesser-known yet powerful stone, is a special and useful Halloween crystal for boosting protection and vitality during this holiday. Placing Occo Agate in your pocket can help maintain the stone's invigorating and protecting energy near your body. This will protect you against bad energy and provide an energy boost for the duration of the Halloween festivities.

Occo Agate is a great choice to use in all protective or energy-boosting rituals and charms you cast on Halloween. 

Blue Goldstone

In addition to adding a touch of elegance to your costume, the alluring Halloween crystal known as Blue Goldstone also acts as a personal talisman, providing protection and increasing our energy during Halloween celebrations. This shielding aura can protect us from harmful energies and raise our general energy levels for a fun Halloween.

The usage of Blue Goldstone as a focal point during divination exercises like tarot readings or scrying, which are frequently enjoyed around Halloween, is even said to enhance psychic and intuitive powers. 



Hematite is a useful complement to Halloween festivities because of its grounding and protecting properties. Wearing or carrying a piece of Hematite can offer protection from harmful energies and keep us anchored in the mystical environment, which is especially needed during holidays with spiritual themes.

Its energy can serve as a barrier against unwelcome influences, bringing in a safe and peaceful energy. Because of its stabilizing impact and grounding energies, Hematite is a helpful Halloween crystal for individuals who want to take part in the celebrations with a sense of serenity and resilience. This also helps in maintaining emotional equilibrium amid the emotionally charged aspects of Halloween.

Red Goldstone

With its alluring shine and energizing properties, Red Goldstone is one of our favorite Halloween crystals because it is a great choice for bringing excitement and passion to our Halloween since it has a capacity to enhance good energy. Make use of it in your party setup, costumes, and decorations to improve the mood and spread joy.

Halloween’s spooky elements may create a feeling of vulnerability. In those times, you might use Goldstone as a talisman to protect you from harmful or unwelcome energies, assuring a more secure and joyful encounter.

If you want to strengthen your goals and enliven your magical workings, whether they are aimed at manifestation, protection, or connecting with the afterlife, think about integrating Goldstone into your Halloween rituals or spells.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

For strengthening protection and energy during Halloween, Smoky Quartz, a powerful grounding and protecting stone, may be a helpful ally.

This is considered one of the best Halloween crystals because it creates a barrier of protection and aids in maintaining our composure. Its energy has the power to drive out evil and foster peace and safety. The psychic veil is well known to be strengthened by this stone.

The grounding and protecting qualities of Smoky Quartz make it a great option for Halloween-related activities. It will keep you protected, help you retain a powerful, upbeat attitude, and let you confidently and resolutely embrace the magical aura of the season.


Halloween protection and energy may be enhanced by using the strong and powerful Halloween crystal known as Bloodstone. You can eliminate negativity and create a pleasant and secure environment with the aid of its strong and anchoring energy.

Bloodstone is renowned for its capacity to increase both mental and physical energy. It can be used to keep your energy levels strong during the hectic and frequently demanding Halloween festivities. In addition to protecting against negativity, Bloodstone also fosters vitality and inner power, assuring you a memorable and secure holiday.


Elite Shungite

The powerful purifying and protecting qualities of Shungite make it an excellent Halloween crystal. Shungite's capacity to ward off harmful energies and EMF radiation is especially pertinent given that this mystical event frequently entails increased spiritual activity.

You may produce a cleansed and balanced environment by scattering Shungite around your house or next to electronic equipment.

Additionally, Shungite's ability to anchor and safeguard our energy contributes to the maintenance of a peaceful and secure environment throughout Halloween celebrations, assuring we may take pleasure in the events, unhindered by negative forces.

Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

A distinctive and unusual Halloween crystal for strengthening defense and vitality during Halloween is a Crystal Skull. It can be placed as a guardian in your house or on your Halloween altar to serve as a symbol of protection and to assist in creating a holy and secure environment for your celebrations. 

Crystal Skulls can give your Halloween celebrations a magical touch with their enigmatic presence and protective qualities. 

How to Use These Crystals for Halloween

Utilizing the magical qualities of Halloween crystals may enhance the enchantment and spirituality of your Halloween events. These crystal-themed suggestions will add a little magic and wonder to your holiday, from divination and protection to creating a special environment.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use them...

Crystal Divination & Spirit Communication

Set up a Halloween crystals divination station with crystals like Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Clear Quartz for spirit communication. During the spiritually charged Halloween season, invite family and friends to partake in tarot readings or pendulum divination sessions utilizing these crystals as instruments to increase intuitive insights and communicate with the spirit realm.

Crystal-Infused Decorations

Include stones like Hematite, Carnelian, and Crystal Skulls in your Halloween décor. Put them on your altar for additional protection and magical enchantment, or place them at the door to fend off bad energy. Their ominous and earthy tones may provide an eerie, energizing atmosphere, yet their energy is calming and upbeat.

Crystal Energy Cleansings

On Halloween night, do a family ceremony to cleanse your home. With your loved ones present, surround the space with crystals like Shungite and Ametrine, and establish an intention to purge the area of any leftover bad energy. During the holiday, this practice can foster a sense of cohesion, good vibes, and protection.

Final Thoughts

May your family have an enchanted holiday by including Halloween crystals in the festivities. Keep in mind that Halloween's charm goes well beyond costumes and treats as you utilize these ideas. It's an opportunity to investigate the paranormal, connect with the mysterious, and make enduring family memories. Halloween crystals can enhance the mysticism and mystique of this holiday, giving your loved ones a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Remember that the power of crystals and geodes may be an intriguing and harmonic addition to your Halloween customs, whether you're looking to build an altar, decorate your house, or enjoy the excitement of a geode-hunting expedition.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

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