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Labradorite Healing Properties: Boost Your Intuition, Heal & Ascend

INSIDE: Need help eliminating obstacles created by your own mind and conditioning.  Labradorite healing properties does that and more! It opens doors to ascension, connects us with our intuition, and helps us overcome the psychic obstacles that stand in our way.


Brain fog, an inability to connect with our intuition, and feeling stuck are some very common experiences nowadays. And British Mental Health Foundation has published that half of those who are frequently stressed struggle with depression and anxiety.

All of this calls for various solutions and combining what modern medicine and holistic healing have to offer. Crystals, such as Labradorite, are an important part of the alternative route.

Here's what Labradorite healing properties have to offer you and what makes this crystal so powerful...

Labradorite Properties & Symbolism

Known as the crystal of magic, Labradorite is the crystal of intuits - the firestone, the crystal of everything mystical, transcendental, and out-worldly.

It symbolizes ethereal power and is linked with intuition and divination. A special kind of feldspar, this gemstone can be found in North and South America and was first found in Labrador (hence its name).

Being a crystal of protection, it is used to ward off negative entities and prevent psychic attacks. This is a stone of higher consciousness, the stone of spiritual guides and ascended masters. And it's a stone of healers, shamans, and mystics.

It varies in colors, usually ranging from grays to greens and blues, and it has a shimmering translucence when light hits it a certain way, making it look magical.

Labradorite is all about energy and has incredible power to penetrate the human conscious and subconscious mind, helping us make changes that help us grow.

Labradorite Stones for Sale

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

The healing frequency of Labradorite naturally helps eliminate mental blocks that prevent us from living our life to the fullest. This gemstone supports and helps us develop our cognitive abilities by illuminating and awakening us.

Inspires Creative Thinking

Labradorite healing properties inspire authentic expression and can give us fresh insights opening us up to new ways of thinking and doing things. By helping us discover and embrace new ideas, this gemstone teaches us how to approach life and solve problems in an innovative way.

By removing limiting beliefs about what is possible, Labradorite sparks the imagination and helps us develop cognitive skills. This helps us step out of our comfort zones, be more spontaneous in our expression, and try new things that previously made us feel anxious.

This is a gemstone that can really open our minds and help us overcome the rigid thinking that blocks our growth. As a result, we feel more spontaneous and encouraged to take chances we might have never considered before.

Calms the Overactive Mind

Overthinking and overanalyzing can sometimes create problems in our lives when in reality there are none. Labradorite helps us see things clearly and tame the need to dive too deep into little details. Instead, it teaches us how to accept reality as it is and let go of the need to resort to inner chatter.

Through calming the mind and taming chaotic thoughts, Labradorite creates space for mental clarity, helping us feel more serene. As a result, we feel more present and become much better at discerning important facts from unnecessary worries.

Helps Discipline the Mind

For those who tend to act before thinking things through, Labradorite healing properties can help discipline the mind and curb impulsive reactions that cause us trouble. When a fight or flight situation triggers us, it will help us stay calm, rational, and poised.

This gemstone helps thoughts flow freely. Not only can it help us become more aware of our own thoughts and behavioral patterns, but it actually helps us develop decisiveness.

Labradorite teaches us how to sit without thoughts, without being misled by fear or paranoia. These properties do wonders for those who find themselves reacting on impulse, rebelling without a cause, or finding it difficult to stand up for themselves

Improves Communication

This is a powerful gemstone to use when we feel like our ability to clearly express ourselves is blocked. Labradorite healing properties support healthy communication, helping us to become more aware of our thoughts and then speak clearly and authentically. 

It encourages teamwork and inspires collaboration. This helps us understand others better, but also find better ways to say what we mean, without being misunderstood.

Labradorite removes any blockages we have regarding communication, helping us overcome speech anxiety, public speaking, and social anxiety. Increased awareness helps us find the right words, speak our truth, and share our voice. 

Boosts Self-Confidence 

By helping us identify our inner limitations and blockages, Labradorite gives us a renewed sense of hope. Although not primarily a gemstone for boosting self-confidence, its powerful frequency truly helps us reflect on our lives and obstacles without getting discouraged.

Labradorite helps us see our reality as it is, but it also helps us acknowledge how powerful and capable we are. It strengthens our belief in ourselves, allowing us to acknowledge that we already have all the tools we need to advance in life and deal with the obstacles we face.

Physical Healing Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite healing properties aren't here to just improve emotional and mental wellbeing; they can work wonders for our physical wellbeing as well. Through realigning our energy and balancing us, this gemstone helps alleviate physical symptoms that cause discomfort in day-to-day life.

Improves Respiratory Health

For those who are suffering from bronchial problems or asthma, Labradorite can help alleviate those symptoms. This crystal helps pace our breath, preventing shallow or rapid breathing.

It supports oxygen flow, which is essential for cell regeneration, mental health, and body functioning in general. Furthermore, it's great for battling colds, helping us deal better with a stuffy or runny nose. 

Supports Digestion

Soothing as it is, Labradorite does wonders for digestion. It helps our body take the best from the food we eat, absorb essential nutrients and eliminate toxins from our system. It does an incredible job in helping to alleviate congestion or bloating, easing the discomfort of a stomachache. 

This healing crystal effectively targets stagnant energy that accumulates in the stomach, helping to remove it. Furthermore, it balances metabolic processes in the body, and this makes it a great energetic assistant for dieting and reaching weight goals.

Helps With Anxiety 

By increasing awareness, Labradorite helps us find inner balance and release stress. It is especially helpful for those who tend to worry and carry a lot of burdensome thoughts, as it inspires us to let go of racing thoughts, fear, and beliefs that aren't serving our mental health.

Labradorite healing properties also help lower blood pressure and calm the body, which further helps decrease anxiety.

Relieves Pain

The healing frequency of Labradorite helps eliminate pain and tension. No matter if the stress is physical, mental, or emotional, it helps soothe the discomfort, directly targeting the source of pain.

The healing properties of Labradorite are particularly beneficial for female reproductive health, alleviating menstrual pain, and protecting the female reproductive system. 

Chakra Healing Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Labradorite

Mostly known as the stone of magic, Labradorite has the power to help us dive into our intuitive selves and transcend. An incredible energetic protector, this crystal can truly transform how we connect with our spiritual selves.

Balances & Heals the Throat Chakra

Labradorite resonates with the Throat Chakra and is a powerful force that can be used to balance it. Labradorite helps us find and connect to our inner voice and express our thoughts with clarity. It teaches us to overcome the fear of speaking our truth. 

This is the gemstone of authentic expression and it works to make us good listeners and speakers. All of this elevates communication on another level, helping us connect with others in a balanced and fair manner.

Supports Self-Discovery

Thanks to Labradorite, we can dive into thorough introspection and get to know ourselves on a much deeper level. This gemstone sparks the need to show up in the world authentically. Its energy helps align us with our true life purpose, assisting us in discovering who we are at our core.

This is the gemstone that inspires exploration and encourages us to let go of beliefs that make us act and think small. Labradorite supports spiritual expansion, helping us to become truly empowered.

Boosts Intuition & Increases Awareness

Labradorite healing properties work to rewire us and get us in touch with that inner guide we so frequently neglect. Its energy helps blend the rational and irrational in us, without dismissing the inner critic. 

Being one of the most powerful spiritual awakening gemstones, Labradorite helps us get in touch with the spiritual realm and elevate consciousness. Through increasing our awareness, it opens us to higher knowledge and wisdom that is essential for spiritual growth.

This is one of the best ascension crystals one can own, as it removes blockages that keep us stuck in the 3D realm and creates space for spiritual downloads. Labradorite helps us transcend all limitations and beliefs that prevent us from living in alignment with our truth.

Supports Meditation

An incredible stone for meditation, Labradorite helps calm the mind and silence the inner chatter. With its help, we're able to completely give in to the meditative state.

Labradorite cleanses our aura, relieves deep-rooted tension, and prevents unwanted energies from interrupting the process. Its incredible power can spark Kundalini awakening, bringing a sense of renewal and lightness into our lives and maximizing the effects of meditation.

Healing Properties of Labradorite

Metaphysical Uses for Labradorite

This gemstone is widely known for its magical properties. A crystal long used by shamans and healers, Labradorite has a special place in rituals and Divination practices.

When looking for guidance, it helps us get in touch with our angels and guides, but it also does wonders for our psychic abilities, helping us further develop those skills and talents.

It protects us from dark entities and serves as a shield against black magic, assisting us when using protection charms or spells. In tarot, it can be used as a powerful tool for channeling messages from the Divine.

This is also a gemstone for indigos, starseeds, and lightworkers, and it can help us reconnect with our cosmic ancestors.

Final Thoughts

Labradorite is an incredible healer and a stone of wisdom that can open up new chapters in our spiritual journey. Carrying it and using it for meditation purposes and protection can do wonders for our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Labradorite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite Healing

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