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The Feng Shui Wealth Corner: How to Decorate it for Prosperity

INSIDE: Discover what items to place in your feng shui wealth corner to attract prosperity and abundance into your life.


With so many people struggling financially due to the recent lockdowns, we thought it would be prudent to show you how you can improve your financial life simply by setting up a feng shui wealth corner in your home. 

This is a fun way to shift your energy so that you can welcome in the abundance and prosperity you seek. 

How to Increase Wealth With Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art/science of altering the energy in a space through the conscious arrangement of objects and colors.

Since everything is energy, we are always emitting messages to the universe about how we would things to be in our lives. The problem is that most of time, we are completely unaware of the messages we are sending out; therefore, we create what we don't want unintentionally.

By using feng shui meaning, we are making a conscious choice to send the Universe certain messages so that we can intentionally create what we want.

In this way, we can enhance our wealth and prosperity through feng shui practices.

The easiest way to bring wealth into your life through feng shui is to locate and consciously decorate the feng shui wealth corner in your home.

The feng shui wealth corner is the area in any home, building, room, or yard that pertains to the energy of prosperity. In the ancient art/science of feng shui, it is said that placing certain objects in this area can facilitate that prosperity energy in your life.

Where is the Wealth Corner in Feng Shui?

When you are standing at your front door, your feng shui wealth corner is at the back left corner of your house or room.

Keep in mind that if you have a covered outdoor space that is attached to the back of your house, such as a covered patio, that area is also included in the living space for feng shui purposes. For some of you, that will mean that your wealth corner is outside or partially outside.

Feng Shui Bagua Map

How to Decorate Your Feng Shui Money Corner

There are many different ways you can decorate your feng shui wealth corner to bring more prosperity into your life. 

We'll explain the most important ways you can do this below. Just remember that you shouldn't try to incorporate all of these ideas. Just choose the ones that make sense for you and the space you are decorating.


The feng shui wealth corner is associated with the wood element, so placing objects related to the wood element in your wealth area can help bring in the prosperous energies you are seeking.

Wood carries a masculine energy primarily. It denotes growth, life, and new beginnings. Wood is strong yet flexible, which is the way we want our finances to be so that they can weather any storm that hits.

Materials that are associated with the wood element, and that can therefore be used in the wealth corner to bring in money, include:

  • Wood
  • Wicker
  • Bamboo
  • Plants (They must be healthy)
  • Art depicting wood, trees, or plants

In addition, there are certain animals, astrology planets, and numbers that are associated with the wood element. You can get creative and use any of these in your wealth corner decor as well:

  • Animal = Green Dragon
  • Planet = Jupiter
  • Number = 4 (young, flexible wood) and 3 (old, sturdy wood)


Water is the element that strengthens wood, therefore it is also prudent to bring this element into your feng shui money corner.

Water has a mostly feminine energy about it, yet when we think of ocean waves and rapids, it takes on more of a masculine energy.

This element is quite unique in that it has the ability to flow and it easily makes its way around obstacles with ease. Certainly, these are the qualities we want in our financial lives.

Materials that are associated with the water element, and that can therefore be used in the wealth corner, include:

  • Water fountains & Water features (Remember, water should flow in an infinite loop, it should never be flowing away from your home, and it is best if you can keep it running all the time)
  • Fish tanks (Must be well maintained)
  • Glass (Should be kept clean)
  • Mirrors (Not too large in the wealth corner)
  • Art depicting water
  • Fish and sea creatures
  • Curved lines

In addition, there are certain animals, planets, and numbers that are associated with the water element. You can use any of these in your wealth corner as well:

    • Animal = Black Turtle
    • Planet = Mercury, Moon
    • Numbers = 2, 7

      Prosperity Crystals for your Feng Shui Wealth Corner


      Light feeds growth and vitality, so it will enhance the wood elements in your wealth corner as well as your prosperity.

      Consider the lighting you have in your wealth corner and the different ways you can illuminate it. Here are some tips...

      • Make sure the feng shui wealth area of your house is well lit.
      • Add a lamp with a wooden base (definitely not with a metal base).
      • If lighting isn't an option, you can add a mirror to reflect light from a lamp across the room (don't place a mirror across from a window as that sends the light out of the window).


      Anything that represents growth will make a great addition to your feng shui money corner since it is symbolic of growing or giving life to your wealth.

      That means bringing in any of the following:

      • Plants
      • Flowers
      • Money trees (can be made out of crystals or any material)
      • Art depicting plants, flowers, or trees
      • Herb gardens

      Feng Shui Colors

      There are several feng shui colors that are associated with wealth and can be used to enhance the energy in your wealth corner. These include:

      • Colors associated with the wood element: brown and green
      • Colors associated with the water element: blues, aquas, black
      • Feng shui wealth colors: purple, gold, red (bold, not earthy)

      Add art and objects with these colors to amp up your ability to attract wealth into your life.

      Crystals for Prosperity

      There are also several crystals for prosperity that you can add into your wealth corner to draw up the abundant energy from the earth. Some of the best ones include:



      This stone is one of the best manifestation stones, helping us to attract the situations and people into our lives that can bring prosperity. It helps us to feel motivated to make our dreams come true and provides an extremely positive energy that allows us feel our best.



      Pyrite is known as "The Stone of Wealth." It's grounding energy anchors us into the earth and brings us financial stability. It is often considered a good luck charm that works to manifest our desires and helps us accomplish the impossible.

      Tiger's Eye

      Tiger's Eye

      Tiger's Eye is often referred to as "The Prosperity Stone" because it helps its user attract wealth by making practical decisions that are inspired by spirit. When that happens, we are able to make positive transformations in our lives.

      Prosperity Symbols & Feng Shui Money Cures

      There are many additional prosperity symbols and feng shui money cures that can be displayed in your wealth area to encourage the flow of money into your life.

      Plants That Symbolize Wealth 

      • Jade plant
      • Round-leaf succulent
      • Purple plants (such as an African violet)

      Popular Feng Shui Prosperity Money Cures

      Many of these items can be found online in the form of statues or artwork...

      Additional Prosperity Symbols

      • Gold coins
      • Chinese coins
      • Actual money
      • Representations of money (fake money, dollar signs)
      • Expensive, luxurious objects

      What Should Not Go in Your Feng Shui Wealth Corner?

      Now that you have an extensive list of the many things you can include in your feng shui wealth corner, it's equally important to understand what not to include.

      When the following items are in your prosperity corner, it will break the flow of positive, prosperity-inducing energy in your home...

      • Clutter
      • Trash cans
      • Broken items
      • Unpaid bills
      • Items related to the fire element
      • Items related to the metal element
      • Weapons
      • Cactuses and plants with sword-like, pointy leaves or thorns

      Prosperity Symbols

      Other Tips to Help You Bring Prosperity Into Your Life Through Feng Shui

      Following these tips will help you take your feng shui wealth corner to a new level...

      Open Spaces

      Feng shui can work best when there are plenty of open spaces in your home. Open areas allow the energy to flow throughout the space, whereas clutter blocks it.

      We need to make room for wealth to come into our lives and when we have a lot of clutter, it doesn't allow for that. That's why purging is often a great way to bring abundance into your life.


      As we've mentioned, clutter leads to stuck energy. When energy is blocked like that, we feel fear and negativity.

      Organization is what keeps clutter at bay. When everything has a place, it's easy to keep our spaces open, our stuff organized, and our positive energy flowing.

      As you start to organize closets, drawers, and spaces, you'll most likely notice an almost immediate influx of money. It's almost like magic.

      Personal Connection

      It's very important that you not decorate with items you don't love. If you do that simply to put symbolic items in the wealth corner, you'll detract from the prosperous energy you are trying to create.

      You need to have a personal connection to the items you're choosing to decorate with. If it means nothing to you or you don't like it, don't use it!

      Feng Shui Prosperity


      Windows are an important aspect of feng shui. If you have windows in your feng shui money area, be sure to follow these guidelines...

      Keep Your Windows Clean 

      When the glass of the windows are fogged up or dirty, it doesn't allow opportunities to flow in.

      Create Rainbows With a Clear Faceted Crystal 

      Windows can represent wealth leaving the home, so if you have a window in your feng shui wealth corner, hang a clear faceted crystal in the window. It will disperse the prosperity back into your home.

      When you see the rainbows these crystals create displayed all over the room, you can relish in the thought of being basked in prosperity.

      Use Curtains to Your Advantage

      Sheer curtains are a great option for windows, but in a wealth corner, they should be made of an expensive material like silk.

      You might also use heavy curtains along with the sheer curtains and pull them open during the day. When there is excess fabric that pools on the floor, it is considered luxurious; therefore, it's a great thing to have in a feng shui wealth corner.


      When there are holes in the walls and ceilings, it's another opportunity for wealth energy to be leaked away.

      Fix any existing holes in your wealth corner and use outlet protectors in outlets that aren't being used (opaque ones are best in the same shade as the outlet plate).

      Don't Forget About the Backyard

      The left back corner of your back yard is also a feng shui wealth corner (as is the left corner of each room). Make sure you don't have any garbage, broken items, or clutter in this area, and decorate it with plants and a purple gazing ball.


      By incorporating even just a couple of these feng shui wealth corner tips, you are likely to notice a difference in your financial state. It may seem crazy, but since everything is composed of energy, it makes sense when you think about it. 

      Have fun with it!

       Wealth Crystals

      * Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

      Feng Shui Wealth Corner

      Wealth Corner in Feng Shui

      How to Decorate a Feng Shui Wealth Corner



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