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The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating With Feng Shui Mirrors

INSIDE: Mirrors can make or break a space because they have a powerful effect on energy. Feng shui mirrors enhance the positive energy and reduce negative energy. Try these do's and don'ts today!


A study published by House Logic has shown that an unkept and badly organized home environment can impact our mood and even contribute to depression.

After all, the space we live in is made of energy, and so the vibrations we bring in, feed, or cherish tend to pile up, creating energy that is unique to our home.

Feng shui mirrors can come in handy, and not only aesthetically. They have the ability to transform how our living space makes us feel. Here's how... 

How Mirrors Make a Difference In a Space?

Mirrors in feng shui are part of what is known as a method of minor additions. This means that they add to the space, but they also have the capacity to take away from it. Because of that, they are regarded as "cures" for space.

They resonate with the water element and are used to improve the qi or the energy in the room. They multiply, and like water, they reflect anything in the space in which they are used.

Mirrors have the ability to amplify the vibration in a space. When used wisely, they can increase positive energy, and attract more prosperity, happiness, and abundance.

In this case, they are regarded as a decor aspirin, having an incredible ability to improve and heal the energy in our living space.

Conversely, when used improperly, they can amplify our fears and worries, and bring even more imbalance into our lives. 

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Feng Shui Rules When Using Mirrors

Feng shui mirrors provide us with a great solution when we are looking for ways to improve weak spots in the home. To make it easy, we've prepared simple feng shui mirror rules that will help you get the best results. 

Set an Intention First

Before placing a mirror, it is important to set a specific intention, no matter where we intend to place it. 

  • What do you want more of in your space?
  • What does a mirror represent to you?
  • How would a mirror make you feel? Will it make you feel joyous and radiant, or hyper-aware and anxious, for example?

Setting the intention is vital due to the fact that, before go down the decoration path, we actually attach a certain vibration to a mirror, amplifying its vibration. Wherever it’s placed, it will remind us of the vibration that we attributed it with.

Choose the Right Mirror

In feng shui, rounded angles are known to support an easy energy flow, while sharp edges and corners create more tension.

Mirrors that have uneven surfaces or project a distorted reflection create an unrealistic image, clouding our perception, messing with the energy in the room.

When we talk about feng shui mirrors, size definitely matters. The bigger, the better. Small mirrors or mosaic decorative mirrors break the reflection, creating a poor self-image, and reducing positive energy in the room.

Mirror Choosing Do’s

  • Go for the one-piece, smooth surface mirror that reflects the environment precisely as it is.
  • Choose a round model or a model with rounded edges, where you can see your whole body or at least your whole face clearly.
  • A mirror should be placed in perfect alignment with our field of sight.

Mirror Choosing Don’ts

  • Avoid cheap, distorting mirrors, small mirrors, and those models where the reflection is cut in fragments and you can’t see a complete, unified reflection.
  • If possible, avoid mirrors with sharp-edged, square, or polygonal models, as these will amplify any tense energy that enters the room.
  • Having a mirror placed too high or too low can cause an energy imbalance and won’t be as beneficial as it could be if placed at the right height. 

feng shui mirror placement

Choose the Right Room

Placing or not placing a mirror can help uplift or calm the energy in a room. Each room has a particular purpose and qi that resonates with that purpose.

One of the feng shui rules is that we also need to "listen" to the room and how a specific room makes us feel.

If a dining room is a favorite place in your home that uplifts you just by walking into it, for example, placing a decorative mirror there can double this positive energy. 

Some spaces, like a home office, can benefit from having a decorative mirror, but only if that enhances the positive vibration, motivates, and helps us enjoy the space even more.

Conversely, if having a mirror in an office space reminds us of stress, worry, and unpaid bills, it can make the office even less attractive to be in.

Room Choosing Do’s 

  • Having a mirror in a hallway, the entryway, dining room, and living room can help bring prosperity, invite friendships, and make gatherings even more enjoyable.
  • This is particularly true if being in these spaces make you feel especially joyous.

Room Choosing Don’ts 

  • Avoid having mirrors in the kitchen or the bedroom.
  • The kitchen is a place of highly charged energy and placing a mirror there, especially facing electric appliances can increase the tension in the space.
  • A bedroom is a space where we need a calm, serene atmosphere, and therefore anything that amplifies the energy can work to disrupt sleep.

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Positioning a Mirror

Depending on the positioning and the organization of your home, some spots in the home are regarded as ideal placements for decorative mirrors. Other spots, however, tend to invite in more negative energy when you place a mirror there.

Here's what to pay attention to when contemplating the best feng shui mirror placement...

Mirror Placement Do’s

  • Placing a mirror in the entryway, especially if it reflects more light is considered to be beneficial.
  • A similar effect is achieved when a mirror is placed in a hallway, as it allows the energy to flow more smoothly. This welcomes positivity that is entering and passing through our home, and sheds light on negative vibrations, minimizing their impact.
  • Having a mirror hanging in the living room so everyone can see it can help spread positive energy, particularly if the mirror is facing a calming view or a beautiful picture. This is auspicious for attracting more peace, radiance, and harmony in our lives.
  • In some cases, feng shui mirrors can also be used to achieve a commanding position by hanging it so that it shows the doors of the home office.

Mirror Placement Don’ts

  • Avoid placing a mirror above beds, armchairs, work chairs, and sofas. Anything that hangs above our heads will make us feel unstable and unsafe, even in our own homes.
  • Mirrors that are placed directly across any room entrance are known to bounce back the energy, disrupting the energetic exchange. This is particularly true for the entryway, where such positioning can prevent any energy from coming into our home, good or bad.
  • Placing a mirror across the table, so we can look directly look at it, be it the dining table or a computer desk, can create tension, anxiety, and discomfort.
  • Placing some crystals and stones so that they are reflected in the mirror will increase their healing power.

Final Thoughts

By using these feng shui mirror rules, you can improve the energy in your home or in any space. Try these out today and tell us what worked in the comments!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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