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9 Best Crystals for Peace and Tranquility

INSIDE: Crystals for peace are natural sources of positive energy. They have a powerful impact on our whole being, and their vibration can help us come home to ourselves when life becomes turbulent and everyday problems hard to deal with. Explore how you can use them and discover what makes tranquilizing gemstones so healing…


According to NCBI research, meditation has multiple benefits for our well-being. It not only helps us connect with our higher selves and elevate our state of mind, but it also has a positive impact on the nervous system and our neurons.

When we combine the effects of meditation with something as powerful and healing as crystals, we get an incredible toolset for overcoming stress, worry, and anxiety.

Today, we are introducing some of the most powerful crystals for peace and some of the simple ways you can use them in your everyday routine. Let’s go… 

9 Best Crystals for Peace & Tranquility 

Healing stones are incredible for balancing our energy. They have a therapeutic effect on both the mind and the body, and some are particularly beneficial for soothing and calming the nervous system and the mind when things get rocky and life feels chaotic.

Here are some of the most potent gemstones for peace… 



Aquamarine is a purifying stone that brings clarity and ease into our lives. It is a tranquilizing stone that clears the mind and stops the unnecessary inner chatter that makes every situation feel even more unsettling.

The healing energy of Aquamarine helps us reach new, elevated states of consciousness, and rise above conflict and drama with ease. Because it has a tranquilizing effect on the mind, it helps clear our thoughts and cleanse our energy so that we can see the world with more clarity.

With its help, we are able to let go of the nervous need to control the outcome of everything. Instead, we are able to gently surrender to the Divine and trust that events are unfolding just as they are meant to. As a result, we’ll find it easier to go with the flow of life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz brings peace by helping us connect with the noble, pure emotion of love. When we are emotionally distressed, its energy helps replace heavy feelings with forgiveness, assisting us in releasing what is no longer serving us.

Rose Quartz brings a true sense of inner tranquility, so that we can overcome and release any unsettling feelings that cause us stress and anxiety and replace them with lighter, much more serene energy. It is one of the crystals for peace that promotes self-care, and its energy will naturally inspire us to seek to connect with love and peace above all else.

Rose Quartz is also incredibly nurturing and will help bring back a sense of inner peace, trust, hope, and acceptance when we need it the most.



If you are looking for a gemstone to foster and promote peace in your home, then Selenite is the crystal for you. Great at protecting a house from low vibrations, Selenite keeps chaos and conflict away from your environment and your aura.

Being known for its revitalizing effects and its ability to promote inner healing, it eliminates anything that drains our life force and weakens our aura. Its soothing power lies in its ability to balance our chakras and calm the mind, body, and soul, creating a true sense of inner composure and tranquility.

By removing energetic blockages and raising our vibration, Selenite eliminates anything that causes havoc or confusion and doesn’t serve our highest good. With its help, we feel more connected to our spirit guides during tumultuous times, our mind is clearer, and we are more balanced and centered. 



Every time we feel stressed, anxious, or agitated, a piece of Larimar can bring us much-needed tranquility. When our limits are being tested, and our temper starts getting the best of us, this calming stone can help us reach a peaceful resolution and let go of destructive thoughts.

Its energy is comforting and can help soothe us when phobias and panic start to plague our minds.

Larimar is one of the crystals for peace and tranquility that helps us find healthy channels for self-expression so that we can release what is bothering us in a constructive manner. It can resolve inner tension caused by fear or outside triggers, allowing us to gently release pent-up frustration and negative emotions.



When confusion and doubt start plaguing you, let Amethyst be your source of stillness and calm. This purple beauty can help us rise above conflicts associated with our ego and surface consciousness and find greater meaning behind what we are experiencing.

It is a cleansing stone that not only eliminates heavy energy from our aura but also helps us stay calm and keep our composure no matter the circumstances. Amethyst is a harmonizing influence that helps us find peace through enlightenment and higher awareness.

Its properties promote wellbeing and help create a more tranquil environment, especially when we find it difficult to break free from toxic bonds, thoughts, or patterns that cause inner turmoil. With its help, we’ll find it easier to understand our triggers and gain clarity about things that make us feel unsettled or anxious.



Angelite got its name because it is one of the best crystals for peace and is a powerful channel for receiving spiritual downloads. It invites tranquility into our lives by helping us connect with Universal wisdom and our guides.

As it brings us closer to our higher self, it brings us back to our truth, teaching us to gracefully accept the things we can’t change. As such, Angelite helps us master valuable lessons from past experiences, rather than let tumultuous events throw a shade on our path.

When we feel antsy, afraid, or reside in self-judgment and guilt, Angelite can help us find compassion and the strength to let go of heavy, unsettling energy. Its vibration feels like a comforting hug, and can instantly put us at ease, making us feel safe even when the world around us seems to be falling apart.



Every time we feel like anxiety and stress are taking over, especially when we feel it in our chest or head, Lepidolite can be the crystal to help calm the storm within. This stone promotes happiness and joy, and as such, it has the ability to overpower anything that drains us or disturbs our peace.

Its energy can help us become more mindful and grateful for all the blessings we have, magnifying anything high-vibrational in our lives. This helps us restore our inner balance and feel a true sense of contentment and tranquility.

When we are nervous, afraid, or confused, Lepidolite teaches us how to stop and listen to our intuition, as well as our rational mind. It calms the nerves and stops us from overthinking and catastrophizing. This way, it brings back a sense of lightness, helping release pent-up emotions and mental energy.



Many times, the main cause of distress and conflict in our lives can be found in how we relate and respond emotionally. Amazonite is here to help us gain peace by assisting us in changing the perceptions and thought patterns that keep us stuck, bringing back harmony into our lives.

This is a powerful stone for gaining a higher perspective over difficult matters, as its frequency helps us process thoughts and emotions in a constructive manner.

When your inner war becomes too much to deal with, crystals for peace such as Amazonite can truly soothe your soul. It promotes healthy reflection, which can transform chaotic and destructive thoughts, allowing us to overcome anger and worry.

Green Jade

Green Jade

The ultimate stone of balance and harmony, Green Jade can help us find some much-needed equilibrium, even when peace seems to be impossible to find. By promoting compassion and empathy, Green Jade helps us find peaceful solutions and compromise.

It invites tranquility into our lives by helping us come home to ourselves amid the chaos and make amends with ourselves and others. It heals troublesome relationships, and teaches us how to gracefully rise above conflict and perceived limitations, restoring balance in our connections.

When we feel uneasy, its energy can help us release our emotional burden and find the inner strength to forgive and let go of what is weighing on our hearts.

Calming Crystals for Stress CTA

How to Use These Peace Stones

Crystals for peace can help us find balance even when life gets so turbulent that peace seems unattainable.

There are many ways we can incorporate them into our everyday rituals… 

Meditate With a Peace Crystal 

Crystals for tranquility absorb negative energy for us and replace it with positivity and light. Before meditation, if you can, make sure that your crystals are cleansed and ready for use, especially if you have already used them for this purpose a few times prior.

You can sage them prior to use, or cleanse them periodically by following this Clearing and Charging Crystals Guide.

Whenever you feel distressed, engage in a short meditation to help you clear your thoughts. Hold your peace crystal in your palms as you meditate, and visualize its energy circulating in your body, eliminating tension.

You may feel a slight shiver or a sense of tingling in your hand as meditation progresses. If that happens, worry not. This is a sign that the heavy energy is leaving your aura and that the healing vibration of the crystal is working.

Create Your Emergency Crystal Kit

When you feel unsettled, stressed, or irritated, it is always a good choice to have an energetic first-aid kit that you can reach for. Crystals for peace encourage the release of pent-up energy and will help you regain clarity in an instant.

For this purpose, all you need to do is choose one (or a few) of the peace crystals we mentioned above and place them in a cotton bag that you can carry with you.

Make sure you cleanse each of the crystals appropriately approximately every 15 days so that they are always ready for the next SOS moment. The best crystals for this are tumbled stones, as they are easy to carry around. The kit will be your little energetic support during stressful times or chaotic meetings.

Alternatively, before you walk out of your home, you can simply select one of the peace crystals that you feel most drawn to and place it in your pocket or purse.

When stressed, simply reach for it, hold it in your hand and focus on the effect it has on your mind and body. This way, you’ll always have its healing energy ready to help you restore balance when you feel especially unsettled or distressed.

best crystals for peace

Make a Relaxation Corner With Calming Crystals

When at home, it is always good to have a sanctuary you can retreat to. After a stressful day or an exhausting debate, a relaxation corner can help you gather strength and release heavy energy accumulated in your aura. 

A relaxation corner is a place you choose, define, and design. In this corner, you can journal, meditate, do yoga, or another relaxing ritual of your choice while holding a crystal or focusing one on your spiritual altar.

To get started, choose the corner of your home that brings you the most peace. Then, choose peace crystals to place and keep there. They will keep the vibration of the corner at an all-time high, and help create the perfect retreat atmosphere.

Place a crystal in the center, and optionally arrange other calming crystals and symbols around it. The crystal or crystals will keep purifying and balancing the space so that when you need it, you can come home to yourself simply by meditating in the corner.

Arrange all other objects that bring you peace so that the crystal stays in the center to help promote the circulation of positive energy in the space.

Keep Them By The Bed

Sometimes, anger or stress tends to come out in the open before bed and while we are asleep, manifesting as nightmares and sleep disruptions. This is why one of the best ways to use crystals for peace is to keep them by your bed or under your pillow.

They have the ability to not only eliminate accumulated energy that weighs on us but also bring more lighthearted, tranquil energy into our space.

If you have trouble falling asleep due to worry or overthinking, simply reach for one of the peace crystals and let it work its magic. You can visualize its healing energy spreading and expanding as a ray of light from your hand.

Peace crystals have the power to help us recharge after an exhausting and tumultuous day, and they will prevent conscious or subconscious troublesome thoughts from disturbing our sleep. They offer a deep energetic cleanse after a long day, helping us prepare for the next day and leaving what is troubling us behind.

Use a Calming Crystal Elixir

To make a crystal elixir, follow this Crystal Elixir Recipes Guide. Select crystals for peace that have the most tranquilizing effect on you and see what is the best way to use it for creating an elixir, based on the provided guide.

For a specially potent effect, you can add calming essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile, or jasmine into the mixture, adding approximately 60% elixir water, 30% glycerine, and 10% essential oils of your choice.

When stressed, simply drop a few drops on your wrists or on your scarf or pillow to help calm your energy. The mixture has an instant effect on the nervous system and your senses and will provide calm when you most need it.

NOTE: If you are creating a crystal elixir to ingest, make sure the essential oils you use can be consumed because not all brands can.

Final Thoughts

Crystals have a healing power that affects us on a profound level. Their vibration has the power to elevate our consciousness and help us rise above hurdles and obstacles thrown our way. When things get uncertain and stress knocks on the door, reach for your favorite calming crystal, and let its energy help you restore balance. 

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

9 Best Crystals for Peace and Tranquility

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