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Feng Shui Front Door Tips for Abundance, Luck & Protection

INSIDE: With these feng shui front door tips, you can simply and easily bring more abundance, luck, and protection into your home and your life. You'll learn about what colors to use, how to decorate your main entrance, and what plants and crystals to add.


In Feng Shui, our front door is a mouth of Chi. It is a symbol of energy exchange, where the outer world gets to meet our personal space.

Our front doors are, in a sense the main gateway, where we can invite in positivity and block the unwanted energy from coming into our little sanctuary.

By creating nourishing and protective energy around it, we get to influence the vibration that enters our home.

What Can These Feng Shui Front Door Tips Do for You?

As mentioned in Psychology Today, studies have shown that clean and bright spaces have an incredibly positive effect on our wellbeing, increasing overall happiness. 

We can do so by making little differences in space around the main entrance, and Feng Shui can help us do that.

With this ancient philosophy, we can make our main entrance immensely powerful, making our home a warmer and more welcoming place. 

Thanks to little things such as color, spatial orientation, and decoration, we can bring harmony and peace to our living space. Now, let's get into our Feng Shui Front Door guide to help you raise the vibration of your front door.

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Feng Shui Front Door Direction

Each side of the world resonates with a certain feng shui element. Depending on the Feng shui front door direction of your home, you can adjust the decoration around it to bring you more luck and abundance. 

East-Facing Front Doors

East-facing front doors resonate with the Wood element. If this is the direction of your front door, the best way to bring prosperity into your home is by having wooden doors and decorative front door pieces that are made of wood.

According to feng shui, this can help enrich your home with growth and creativity.

West-Facing Front Doors

West-facing front doors, on the other hand, correlate with metal and earth. Metal doors or those with plenty of metal elements are known to encourage good decisions and promote healthy communication in your home if your front entrance facing this direction.

Earth elements around the front doors, such as stones, crystals, or pottery bring about a sense of stability, security, and grounded energy.

South-Facing Front Door

The South-facing front door corresponds with the element of fire. This is a great direction for attracting warmth and laughter into your sanctuary.

The fire element promotes happiness and has a positive impact on a homeowners’ self-confidence and vitality.

You can enhance the fire energy of your main entrance by using bright lights and the colors red or purple.

North-Facing Front Door

North facing doors resonate with the water element, which is known to bring serenity and calmness into a home. North facing doors also invite new opportunities in career, and this makes them ideal for those working from home.

You can enhance the water element of your front door by using the colors dark blue, grey, or black, and by adding a water feature.

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Attract Good Luck With Feng Shui Front Door Colors

As mentioned above, in feng shui, there are five key elements: Wood, Metal, Fire, Water, and Earth. Each feng shui front door color carries a unique vibration that matches a certain element.

Choosing feng shui colors for your front door is vital because the right combination of elemental colors can help determine what kind of energy we invite into our homes.

Additionally, choosing the right color for the front door depends on the door orientation and the side of the world it faces. With that being said, these are the colors that correspond with the elements.

NOTE: Be sure to determine which element you should be enhancing by reading about the directions of your main entrance above.


Colors that resonate with the wood element are shades of green and brown. Painting your front door green or brown will promote health and support harmonious family relationships.

Because metal weakens wood, to prevent anxiety and stress from entering your home, it is usually best to avoid bronze, grey, silver, and gold. Green can attract healing energy and promote growth.


Choosing white, grey, or metallic shades for your front doors will support creativity and enrich time spent with children.

The metal element resonates with the energy of communication in your home, while grey has a harmonizing effect and promotes helpfulness.


If you want to attract abundance and luck into your life, opt for the red or orange front doors. These colors attract high-vibrations, joy, and support our vitality.

While orange has the power to create a cheerful atmosphere, red front doors can attract good luck.


The water element resonates with nourishing blues and black. Blue is a color of caregiving, and it correlates with emotions and beauty. This can attract peace and make your home a relaxing, stress-free place.

Black is a color that represents sophistication, which goes hand in hand with aesthetic blue. It is also a color of power and is a good choice for those who crave feeling protected.

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The Importance of Feng Shui Front Door Plants

Feng shui front door plants are a great way to bring more nature into our lives, which is particularly important for those living in urban areas.

Plants resonate with the wood element, which is frequently absent from our porch or entrance. They can stimulate the energy of growth and help us feel rooted in our home and represent life itself.

Plants invite nature into our homes and help transform our living space into a healing sanctuary. 

Some of the most beneficial plants to have at the front door are plants that are air-purifying and non-toxic for cats and dogs. These would be Areca Palm or  Boston fern, which bring a sense of freshness and help remove toxins and free radicals from the space.

A good solution is also a Lucky Bamboo, which helps bring wisdom and a sense of calm to anyone who enters your space. Hedgehog aloe promotes healthy behavior and having it at the entrance helps keep your home safe from destructive habits or patterns.

Feng Shui Front Door Decoration Tips

Each element resonates with a certain feng shui front door decoration. Examples of wooden element decoration would be healthy plants, but also green entrance rugs.

To bring more of the earth element into this space, you can place pottery and any earth-made decoration, such as decorative stones or crystals.

Metal bells and handles, frames, and figurines resonate with the metal element, while lanterns, candles, and orange lampshades resonate with fire.

The best way to incorporate the water element into your feng shui front door decor is by placing fountains, blue or black rugs, glass decor, or decorative bottles of water in the space.

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Simple Feng Shui Front Door Tips

Use the following tips to easily feng shui your main entrance...

Make Your Front Door Easily Approachable

To make your home a welcoming and warm space for your family and others, it is important to make it approachable.

A clear path symbolizes openness, invites joy, and positive energy. A path that is uneven or unkept can deter positive vibrations from coming into the space.

Having an easily approachable path to the entrance gives clarity, which can help us communicate better and make satisfying connections with the outside world.

Keep Your Front Door Area Spotless

To prevent bad energy from entering our space, it is important to keep our entrance clean and fresh. We attract positive energy, abundance, and luck only when we invite it, and this can be difficult if our doors are dirty, scratched, or damaged.

By keeping everything in order and cleaning the space around the entrance, we cleanse the space from negative vibrations and allow new, fresh energy to come our way.

On the flip side, broken items, trash, clutter, old items, or dying plants will create a vibrational match to stress, worry, and anxiety. By taking good care of our main entrance we prevent stagnating energy and encourage growth.

In addition, ensure your front door opens smoothly to encourage an ease and flow of energy exchange.

Make it As Bright and Shiny As Possible

Another feng shui front door tip is to make our entrance look brighter. We want to see the outside world with clarity and create healthy transparency with it.

That's why it's incredibly important to make the entrance bright and allow enough sunlight to come through. By doing so, we are inviting that light to fight any darkness or depressive thoughts that may accumulate in our living space.

We also want to reflect that light to the outside world. The best way to do it is by making our feng shui front door as shiny as aesthetically possible.

In this case, eliminating dusty objects, objects that throw too much shade, and adding artificial alighting if needed can be very helpful.

Feng Shui Front Door Protection

Crystals are an ideal way to create feng shui front door protection. Because of their vibration, certain crystals have the power to cleanse, block, and eliminate negative energy from our space.

Here are some that are particularly beneficial to have at the front door.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Having Black Tourmaline at the front door ensures protection against harmful energy that tries to enter the home. It acts as a shield against low vibrations that could cause paranoia or a fear of being alone at home.

Black Tourmaline is also highly detoxifying and prevents harmful frequencies and electromagnetic waves from penetrating our sanctuary.



Amethyst cleanses the space we live in, helping banish the negative energy that has entered our home. It can counteract all bad vibrations at the doorstep, keeping our space energetically clean from bad influences.

It raises the vibration of the front door area, allowing only good to come our way.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

This feng shui front door crystal is there to help us feel safe in our space. It enhances the power of the home entrance and grounds the energy, creating a serene and calm environment.

Black Obsidian can create a shield around the area in which it is placed, helping remove negative energies or entities that threaten to disturb our peace.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

This is an ideal gemstone for those who want to feel safe and protected in their home. Smoky Quartz invites positive communication to enter our space and banishes conflicting energies that are a threat to our security.

In addition, it has the power to shield our main entrance from those who wish to harm us and blocks psychic attacks, which makes it an incredible front door protector.



Labradorite does not only bring inspiration into our homes but acts as powerful protection as well. This gemstone protects us both in the physical and spiritual realm.

It does so by adjusting the vibration of the environment and eliminating anything that lowers our sense of security or wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

With these tips, you can easily make some quick adjustments to your front door to bring you more abundance, luck, and protection. Your front entrance speaks wonders to the outside world and it determines what can enter your space. When we treat it as such, we enjoy many benefits.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

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Great Job Faith Davis! Thank you for sharing these insightful Feng Shui front door tips, Faith! Your article provides a fantastic guide to enhancing the energy of our homes and creating a more positive living environment. I’m curious, do you have any specific recommendations for people living in apartments or condos with shared entrances? I’d love to learn more about how Feng Shui can be applied in such situations. Keep up the great work, and please continue to write more helpful blogs like this!


My husband passed away on June 6, 2022. I have always loved stones. I’m starting fresh with feng shui my front door and entrance way. Thank you.


Hi Teri, yes! Any crystal will provide positive energy. Choose the ones you are called to the most :)


Can you use all the gemstones as they all are positiv


This information is most certainly very enlightening. Appreciate the confirmation provided.

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