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Occo Agate Healing Properties for Stress, Creativity & Positivity

INSIDE: Is everyday starting to feel like a juggling act between work, health, and relationships? Throughout history, Occo Agate healing properties have been used to purify the mind and revitalize one’s energy. Learn about how you can benefit from this beautiful stone right here!


When life gets overwhelming and we need to regain some stability and strength, Occo Agate is there for us. This stone's deep connection to all the chakras is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to finding equilibrium. 

The healing properties of Occo Agate can help brighten even darkest of days. Let’s take a closer look at Occo Agate...

Occo Agate Properties & Symbolism

This grounding and protective stone is here to save the day when life gets a little unmanageable. Occo Agate geodes are generally pretty small. Their size tends to range from ½” to 3” and they have a hollow core filled with tiny crystals, seashells or even fossils. 

Occo Agate, or sometimes spelled Ocho Agate or Oco Agate, originated in the Tres Pinheiros region of Brazil, but can also be found in India, Morocco, and the U.S. It is actually named after the Achetes River in Sicily where it was first found.

This crystal belongs to the Quartz family and comes in almost any color you can think of! Occo Agate healing properties have been used throughout history, dating all the way back to the Babylonians and Ancient Greeks. 

If you’re a Gemini, this is the stone for you as it is believed to increase eloquence, a trait that is very common amongst Gemini natives. 

Occo Agate Tumbled Stones

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Occo Agate is the all around balancing stone. With its low frequency and gentle vibrations, it is the ideal stone for when we need to slow down. But the healing properties of Occo Agate aren’t just for de-stressing, they also are very encouraging and rejuvenating!

Calm The Nerves

Do you suffer from anxiety, jitters, or racing thoughts? Occo Agate healing properties enable us to work through emotional trauma and feelings of uneasiness with strength.

Additionally, this crystal is very protective as it provides security for when life takes its toll and becomes too much.

Encourages Positivity

Living a true and authentic life can be difficult sometimes. In the digital age, there's a lot of self-promotion and the desire to show off how grand our lifestyles are. Occo Agate will allow you to accept who you are while instilling love and confidence at the same time.

Releases Fear & Judgement

This healing stone will ensure some chill and soothing energies, even at the scariest moments in life. Holding onto anger and judgement is sure to make for a bitter heart, which can be difficult for not only us but the people around us as well. 

Occo Agate healing properties allow us to overcome this negativity by fostering love, courage, and acceptance.

Inspires Creativity

Struggling to find some inspiration or maybe going through a dry spell of creativity? Occo Aate is a great stone to amplify the energies within us and unlock the door to innovation.

Occo Agate promotes problem solving, decision making, as well as providing control of an overactive imagination. Overall, this is a wonderful stone for artists or anyone who's a little indecisive. 

Physical Healing Properties of Occo Agate

Due to Occo Agate’s ability to improve mental function and balance, it is a great stone for those who need a boost in their professional lives. However, Occo Agate healing properties don’t stop there — it enhances our physical health as well!

Supports the Stomach & Intestines

When consumed as an indirect elixir or placed on the abdomen, Occo Agate stimulates the digestive system and aids with stomach issues like gastritis. 

Beneficial for the Eyes

If you’re suffering from eye discomfort or a disorder, Occo Agate can help provide some relief. Its gentle and low frequencies help with all-around healing, which can be beneficial if you suffer from headaches that create eye pain.

Relieves Skin

Insect bites, burns or scratches that cause discomfort can be eased with Occo Agate. Using a cold piece of this stone or consuming an indirect elixir are great ways to soothe skin disorders.  

Strengthens the Heart

Wearing a piece of Occo Agate is helpful to the blood vessels, as well as the heart. Keeping it close to the center of your chest provides strength to the cardiac muscles and aids with emotional pain, like heartbreak or the acceptance of love.

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Occo Agate

Occo Agate healing properties resonate with all the chakras, making it a universal balancing and harmonizing stone. It is a powerful cleansing crystal that amplifies our spirituality. 

Stabilizes the Aura

Our aura is the energy field around our bodies and can be picked up by those around us. Occo Agate healing properties stabilize the aura while promoting growth, maturity, and composure, all of which can affect not only ourselves but the people in our lives as well.  

Goodbye Negative Energies

Hello positivity! Occo Agate transforms negative energy by harmonizing the energies that come in contact with our chakras and our aura. Due to its protective nature, it enables us to be aware yet calm in order to think clearly and engage with only the good energies. 

Grounding & Harmonizing

This overall grounding stone is wonderful for spirituality because it allows us to focus on what’s important. Occo Agate healing properties provide links into the collective consciousness, helping us to grow spiritually with stability.

Chakra Stones

Metaphysical Uses for Occo Agate

There are many ways to obtain Occo Agate healing properties. Simply carrying it around in your purse or pocket can provide protection and good vibes. If you are pregnant, carrying this stone will provide you with extra support and security. 

Try meditating with your Occo Agate crystal to relieve stress or keep it on your desk to promote creativity and pragmatic thinking. Struggling with a headache or a fever? Place this crystal on your forehead for some relief!  

Final Thoughts

Overall, Occo Agate healing properties can benefit almost any aspect of your life or journey. It is a wonderful companion stone as it supports confidence, self love, as well as security. 

If you are struggling with mental and emotional roadblocks, be sure to incorporate Occo Agate into your meditation routine. Its natural healing abilities will encourage the release of fear, anger, and emotional trauma. 

Due to its connection to all the chakras, Occo Agate is a wonderful tool to use when looking to balance or grow spiritually. Its calm and gentle vibration frequencies encourage quiet contemplation, which raises awareness and enhances our outlook on life. 

Rid yourself of worry and negativity with this crystal. Occo Agate has a history of being extremely useful when it comes to healing and relaxation. Simple enough to use and small enough to keep on you wherever you go, Occo Agate healing properties can benefit everyone!

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Occo Agate Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Occo Agate

Occo Agate Healing

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