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Positive Amethyst Energy for Homes

Energy is all around us and affects everyone differently. As such, the notion that we’re a conglomeration of our surrounding energy explains the perceptible feeling or “vibe” one experiences when interacting with an unfamiliar person or environment. This energy can be positive or negative. Thankfully, there is a way to manipulate the energies around you.

Through the use of crystals, one can ward off negative feelings and promote effective energy. Each crystal has its own properties, and people can use them to change the energy in their environment to better reflect their goals. Here, we cover positive amethyst energy and the incredible impact it has on the home—it revitalizes and cleanses the atmosphere within a living environment.

Energy Within the Home

Our homes are a space of unity where many energies meet. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions emit and also attract certain types of energies. Therefore, it’s likely at some point we may begin to experience negativity. Negative energy is not something we see, but instead feel—often described as a “bad feeling” that one experiences after an interaction or upon entering a new space. The feeling you have shapes the way you interact with an environment. Further, your house is like a sponge that’s constantly absorbing whatever occurs within the environment. So these negative feelings can now reside in the walls, ceiling, carpet, furniture, and other objects.

Negative energy accumulates in corners, underneath frequently used objects, and tucked away places. Once negative energies have entered your home, they impact your whole life. The good news is, amethyst clusters and geodes are one of the strongest positive energy stones to rid your home of negative energy. Filling your home, the healing capabilities of amethyst work to purify any negative spaces, vibrations, and radiate ideal energy to thrive in. Below are just some of a few ways to use amethyst energy to ward off negative feelings in a house.

  • Common Areas Throughout the Home: Keeping large amethyst geode in highly trafficked areas diffuse negative energies. Place amethyst in a room where fighting with a spouse or family member often occurs—this will help clear the stuck energies.

  • Bedroom: Amethysts promote restful sleep and decrease nightmares. Place tumbled amethyst stones under a pillow to promote healthy sleep. Further, placing a large amethyst geode next to the bed has the same benefits.

  • Home Office: Reduce stress, mind chatter, and anxiety. Amethyst provides a sense of calm and wellbeing as well as supports mental focus, memory, and decision-making. Placing amethyst cathedrals on your desk, office, or in an area where you typically feel stressed or overwhelmed can stimulate a sense of calm.

These crystals will promote positive energy throughout your environment. Amethyst geodes work in subtle ways to attract desired energy and strengthen personal energy fields. Harmonize your living space today—discover the phenomenal amethyst selection at Cosmic Cuts and cleanse your home’s energy!


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