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Michael Harrison's Story

Hi, I'm Michael Harrison, owner of Cosmic Cuts. And here's how it came about...

I have always had a connection to stones my entire life. As a child I dumped out a container of matchbox cars and filled the slots with rocks I found in the driveway, and then I would identify and cherish them.

We had a cavern by my school, so we would go on field trips there and I remember feeling very at ease under the ground and loved the gift shops full of stones.

When I was in college, a good friend of mine became a yoga instructor and I experienced a similar bliss when I started to experiment with yoga, meditation and chanting. At about the same time, my love of rocks blossomed again, and I bought many over the next few years. I would meditate with them for hours and decorate my entire space with them.

Michael Harrison

I graduated college amidst the economy downward spiral of 2008. I landed a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, excelled quickly and purchased my first home.

But a few years in, I became ethically challenged by my role in society. I felt I had too much persuasion in medical diagnoses and felt an unethical emptiness about life. I was putting all of my time and energy into influencing what doctors gave patients whether they needed it or not and at the same time increasing the time patients took to see doctors, all while tenaciously chasing down busy doctors who already had very limited time with patients.

I felt big pharma was one of the worst things that had ever happened to the world and became devastated to become a part of it. 

My home then lost significant value and I had no other skill that could pay my bills. I had wanted an amethyst geode more than anything at the time. I believed it was the holy grail of all metaphysical stones and I needed one.

Michael Harrison Cosmic Cuts Amethyst Geodes

I lived in a small town, so I had no easy route to find one, and if I did, they were overpriced and low quality. I was confused that in this day and age, one could not find a quality amethyst geode available online for purchase.

I finally decided to rent out my house (at a huge loss), move in with my parents and take a freight-brokering job. It was there that I learned about importing goods. Desperate for a new life, I used my newfound skills to acquire a small amount of geodes that I could resell. 

Five years later, I have sold thousands of geodes and many other stones, and plan on continuing to increase the availability and quality, all with ease of purchase. I feel like my gift to this world has finally been given. I feel I have been chosen to sell these world treasures with the love and respect they deserve. We let almost no one in around our crystals and we sage regularly in order to create a peaceful environment for the crystals. 

An amethyst geode has more traditional cultural influence than almost anything in history. I can attest to the fact that it permits a peaceful vibration that calms and soothes the room. Putting your hand in a large amethyst geode has a soft cool feeling, one of my favorites in this world. 

I believe the amethyst geode can help us stay sober, calm stress, meditate easier and more peacefully, lose weight, sleep better, and guard against physic abilities. 

I believe everyone should meditate with a geode and other crystals for at least 15 minutes per day. Just let me know how I can serve your needs and help you acquire a spiritual accent to your already amazing life. 

amethyst geode mind body spirit

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 


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