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17 Outdoor Fall Activities: How to Spend More Time Outside During Autumn

INSIDE: Welcome to the definitive guide on outdoor fall activities that will help in strengthening family ties and capturing priceless memories against the beautiful backdrop of fall.


There's never a better time to start outdoor excursions than when the summer's vivid greens give way to the warm colors of red, orange, and gold. The brisk air and crisp leaves create the ideal environment for a wide range of activities suitable for people of all ages, such as relaxing treks through the woods or hayrides across fields covered with pumpkins.

This guide will help you create a fall itinerary filled with joy and connection, whether you want to inspire your child's sense of wonder with apple picking or simply savor some time to yourself enjoying nature's ambiance.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the autumnal enchantment as we reveal a variety of outdoor ideas for fall that will guarantee the creation of priceless memories to cherish for years to come. 

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17 Outdoor Fall Activities to Get You Outside More

This diverse list is sure to give plenty of outdoor ideas for fall that are attractive to all ages. Autumn may quite possibly be the best time for the widest range of outdoor activities, seeing as how it isn’t as hot as summer, and the freezing cold of winter isn’t an issue.

Go Apple Picking

Set out on a wonderful apple-picking expedition this fall with the family and cherish the memories of a wonderful fall day spent outside. Check weather predictions and orchard schedules before leaving, bring apple containers, and think about wearing a backpack for easy carrying.

Teach children how to choose ripe apples and how to delicately lift and twist them off the tree. Enjoy apple cider afterward while discussing recipes for all the freshly picked apples after this wholesome outdoor fall activity. 

Go to a Fall Festival 

Finding local festivals and outdoor fall activities that fit your family's interests during the cooler months is quite easy to do in most places. There could be autumn festivals with hay rides, petting zoos, or maybe even a pumpkin patch nearby to explore and buy pumpkins to make your own jack-o-lanterns.

Planning is key, so write down the dates and costs for upcoming events. If it happens to be close to Halloween, consider wearing costumes for more fun, and don’t forget to layer your clothing to account for changeable conditions.

Jump in Leaf Piles

Indulge in simple pleasures with this outdoor fall activity direct from all of our childhoods. Gather the pile to at least waist-high to ensure safe and fun jumps, and make sure the pile is first clean of any dangerous branches, sharp items, or other garbage.

To minimize direct contact with leaves, dress comfortably and consider donning long sleeves and slacks. Take pictures of the fun-filled moments and challenge your kids to imaginative leaps or silly games among the fallen leaves.

Have a Backyard Campfire With S’mores & Apple Cider

With a bonfire in the backyard, s'mores, and apple cider, you can make priceless autumnal memories. Everyone can help with the fire's construction by gathering kindling before taking part in the time-honored custom of toasting marshmallows for s'mores while the fire is blazing.

Offer a variety of garnishes, such as chocolate bars, graham crackers, and even thinly sliced apples for a unique touch. The ideal partner is warm apple cider, so have a thermos of that on hand.

outdoor ideas for fall

Go Hiking

Taking a long hike in the crisp autumn air is one of the best outdoor fall activities, even for those who wouldn’t consider themselves the outdoorsy type.

Look at local trails that fit your interests and ability levels, while taking route length and terrain into account. Outfit yourself with supplies like water bottles, energy-boosting snacks, a small first aid kit, and a trail map.

Photograph the special moments with a background of colorful flora. Finally, always remember to put safety first by adhering to trail rules and sticking to designated pathways.

Visit a Haunted House

To make a haunted house tour with your family a fascinating outdoor fall activity, first, make sure the options in your neighborhood are suitable for your kids. To avoid waiting in long lines, consider picking an early time slot and dress comfortably for the weather.

If you are planning to attend in full costume, double-check to make sure everyone’s attire is suitable for walking and clear vision. A loose mask that obstructs the view can ruin the experience or, at worst, cause injury in an already dark haunted house.

Afterward, have a fun conversation about it, recalling your favorite eerie moments.

Take Family Leaf Scavenger Hunts 

To enhance your family's fall experience on a leaf scavenger hunt, make a list of the many leaf species that are often found in your region, so that you can check them off on your walk. Give the kids a little bag or basket to hold their finds and enjoy seeing how nature has changed for the season.

Make the hunt more engaging by giving different leaves or colors special importance, to make a friendly competition for their discovery. Don't forget to respect the environment and refrain from collecting leaves that haven't fallen to the ground yet.

Throw an Outdoor Halloween Party

Hosting an outdoor party to celebrate Halloween can be an enjoyable outdoor fall activity to create a festive atmosphere.

Select a place where there will be enough room for seats, games, and decorations. Embrace the fall theme by including seasonal decor, such as pumpkins and hay bales. Plan a range of activities, including pumpkin carving contests or costume contests, and set out a buffet of savory and sweet Halloween-themed foods and beverages.

Watch the Sunset While Drinking Hot Chocolate

Settling down at a picturesque location with a clear view of the horizon to watch a stunning sunset can make a memorable outdoor fall activity for couples, friends, and family.

Be sure to arrive a little early and put up comfortable seating so you can watch the sky and the surroundings change as the sun begins to set. To keep everyone warm and add comfort to the excursion, bring extra warm jackets, thick blankets, and a thermos of hot apple cider or hot chocolate.

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Watch a Movie Outside

Seeing as how it’s pretty inexpensive to get a projector and outdoor screen these days, arranging a special movie night beneath the stars is guaranteed to be one of the more unique outdoor fall activities to do this autumn.

Select a place that is quiet and comfortable, such as your backyard or a nearby park that has electricity, and choose a film. Create a movie-themed experience with a special snack area and string lights to fully set the mood.

Plant Fall & Winter Veggies

By planting autumn and winter veggies, you can create a fruitful and satisfying experience while enjoying the delights of gardening. Choose veggies like kale, spinach, carrots, and broccoli because they do well in milder climates.

Engage the entire family in the planting process by giving everyone age-appropriate duties. Teach children the life cycle of a plant and the value of taking care of it. This outdoor fall activity builds not just family unity but also an understanding of natural cycles, while encouraging sustainable living.

Go Crystal Mining

Discover some of Earth's undiscovered gems while strengthening family ties by going gem hunting, also known as crystal mining. Search for local crystal mines or other recognized locations that permit public access and learn about the many crystal types that are frequently encountered and the equipment required for extraction.

Place an emphasis on education by researching geological formations and crystal identification guides and including youngsters in a practical lesson about the wonders of the planet.

As with most outdoor activities, demonstrate ethical behavior by observing any preservation guidelines and leaving the area as you found it.

Plant Bulbs for the Spring 

By starting the enjoyable process of planting spring bulbs this autumn, you and your family can enjoy the anticipation of a vibrant spring garden that you have planted together as fall turns into winter. Pick a range of bulbs that do well in your climatic zone, and choose a sunny location with good drainage.

Involve children by giving them simple tasks, such as digging holes or pulling unwanted growth from the area. After planting, water the bulbs, and add mulch to the area to act as insulation.

This outdoor pastime teaches gardening skills as well as the important lessons of patience and the satisfaction of seeing your efforts bear fruit in the next seasons.

things to do outside in fall

Star Gaze Under Blankets

Stargazing during the fall nights is a great excuse to drive an hour or so outside of the city for some peace and serenity. Clearer views of the night sky are best away from metropolitan light pollution.

Before heading out for this outdoor fall activity, start by learning about seasonal celestial occurrences, such as meteor showers or planetary alignments. You just might be lucky enough to witness one of these rare light shows.

Bring along lots of blankets and some lawn chairs for the family to ensure comfort, and engage youngsters in a cosmic expedition by using astronomy applications to discover constellations, stars, and planets.

It may take some time for eyes to acclimate to the darkness and for heavenly beauties to become visible, so patience is vital. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the night, which may inspire discussions on the size of the cosmos and how everything is related. Maybe bring some fall crystals with you.

Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding can sound a bit intimidating for someone that didn’t grow up on a farm, but fear not, most riding stables provide skill-level-appropriate experiences and trail rides. In most cases, the horses are walking at a slow speed or at most, a trot. 

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural setting as you watch the landscape's shifting hues from your lofty vantage point. If the location allows, spend some time after the ride talking to the horses, giving them goodies like apples or carrots, or just petting them.

This outdoor fall activity fosters lasting memories and a better appreciation for the beauty of fall by fusing the thrill of riding with the peace of nature.

Go Camping 

Taking a family camping to experience fully immersing yourself in nature is not just one of the most unforgettable outdoor fall activities, but it’s perfect for any season. Camping is one outdoor fall activity that takes a bit more planning than others, but when done right, whether it be at a national park or your own backyard, it can be an amazing core memory for you and the family.

Packing the necessary camping supplies, including tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes, and proper footwear, is the key to a good experience. While you are camping, you can also engage in other outdoor fall activities, like leaf-collecting or stargazing.

Volunteer to Do Fall Cleanup at a Park or Neighbor’s House

A fall cleanup campaign is an outdoor fall activity that not only develops family ties but also fosters a feeling of duty and community participation. Nearby parks, nature preserves, or neighborhood organizations are always holding these types of cleaning activities.

For comfort when working outside, dress in layers and suitable gear, including sturdy footwear. Encourage candid conversations on the value of protecting the environment and minimizing waste.

Afterward, celebrate your group's accomplishment by having a picnic or indulging in a seasonal delicacy after the cleaning.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of interesting outdoor fall activities for families to enjoy when the cooler weather sweeps in. This time of year provides a wide range of things to do outside, whether you enjoy strolling through pumpkin farms, hiking through lush foliage, or experiencing the occasional jump scares of a haunted house.

Connections with one another and the natural environment can be created while crystal mining, riding horses, and spending time by a campfire. Or embark on educational experiences while enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons by stargazing and planting bulbs.

By actively seeking out these experiences, you’ll develop relationships, new and old, and birth a more profound appreciation for the unique pleasures that autumn delivers.

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17 Outdoor Fall Activities

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