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A Brief Guide to Understanding Auras & Personal Energy

INSIDE: We've made understanding auras simple with this brief guide. You'll discover what they are, what aura colors mean, and how you can cleanse your aura.


Energy can manifest itself in many different ways. Sometimes it manifests in a very clear and present way, and sometimes it can be a bit more subtle, only visible by someone with powerful psychic abilities.

But, whether the energy is clearly visible or not, it’s always present.

Auras are one such manifestation of energy that aren’t always easily visible to everyone but that are always present nonetheless. This brief guide to understanding auras provides a deeper insight into the power of auras and the effect they can have on your daily life.

Understanding What Auras Are

At their most basic level, auras are fields of electromagnetic energy that radiate out of and protect all objects on earth, both living and inanimate.

Living forms of matter, such as plants, animals, and humans, tend to have much stronger auras that are more clearly visible to those with psychic prowess.

Because all beings on Earth are so different from one another and have such diverse backgrounds and personalities, it stands to reason that every aura is entirely unique.

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When it comes to understanding auras, you have to realize that every aura varies in size, color, vibrancy, and type of vibration, with some auras appearing much more vividly than others.

These characteristics are believed to provide insight into an individual’s physical and mental health, thoughts, feelings, personality, and even their life purpose.

Understanding Aura Colors

Understanding auras really comes down to interpreting aura colors. As we’ve stated above, auras can manifest in many different colors and hues, from vivid yellows and reds to softer pastel tones of blue and purple. Auras can even include several colors in a variety of frequencies and intensities.

Each color denotes a different element of an individual’s personality, temperament, and life purpose, and each can impact the way the individual makes decisions and moves through life.

Here's a breakdown that will help you with interpreting and understanding aura colors:

PLEASE NOTE: These interpretations are for the brilliant hues of these color. There are many shades and hues of each of these colors that can be dull, pale, dark, etc. Each hue has its own meaning.

Red Auras - passionate, sexual, lots of energy, competitive

Orange Auras - vibrant health, confidence, loving life

Yellow Auras - happiness, warmth, playful energy, excitement, hope, spiritually inspired

Green Auras - love, healing, innocence

Blue Auras - intuitive/clairvoyant energy, generous, open

Purple Auras - living in more of a fantastical reality, possessing a stronger connection with the metaphysical world, empathic energy

Silver Auras - abundance (spiritual and physical)

Gold Auras - spiritual protection

Black Auras - negativity, unforgiving, disease

White Auras - purity, newness, spiritual ascension

Because human emotions and personalities are so complex, most auras manifest as a combination of two or more colors, with one taking center stage and the others playing a more supporting role.

When it comes to understanding auras, it's also important to know that auras are in a constant flux, changing color according to how we are feeling and what we are going through in our lives.

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Cleansing Your Aura

As with all other manifestations of energy, auras can become bogged down by the stresses of daily life, and they may begin to emit a more negative energy. Cleansing your aura, therefore, is extremely important. It’s the best way to protect yourself and your aura against negativity and psychic attack.

The best practice to cleanse your aura will depend greatly upon your individual energy and needs. Here are a couple general practices that can help cleanse your aura of negativity, regardless of color or vibrancy:

  • Communing With Nature & Embracing Water Elements - Taking a walk in the rain or a swim in a stream can help bathe your aura and encourage its energy to begin flowing naturally once again.
  • Smudging & Crystals - Smudging your home and surrounding yourself with positive energies, such as those provided by certain healing stones and crystals can also help you cleanse your aura and commune with it in a more personal manner.

In Conclusion

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Understanding Auras

Auras & Personal EnergyUnderstanding Auras & Personal Energy

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