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Amazonite Healing Properties for Communication, Self-Care & Creativity

INSIDE: When you embrace the Amazonite healing properties, you'll get to enjoy its calming effects, coupled with improved communication and enhanced creativity, but that's not all! Read on to learn more!


With its calming blue-green hues, Amazonite invites us to plunge into its ancient healing powers that run as deep and flowing as the rivers of South America’s rainforests, Madagascar’s coast, and the icy tundra of Russia.

Often called the stone of hope, this gemstone helps fortify our spirit, focus our intention, and bring positivity into any situation. 

It connects with the earth and water elements. Therefore, if you or someone you know is born in May or September, this stone makes an excellent gift. 

Amazonite is associated with artists, since it unleashes our creative and imaginative side. It assists us in fulfilling our projects and artistic vision. 

Amazonite Healing Properties

It’s no surprise that many of us are drawn to the healing properties of Amazonite thanks to its alluring hue.

Verwellmind states that blue is described as a favorite color by many people across the world. So, it’s only natural we feel drawn to crystals of this color. With its gorgeous green blue hue, Amazonite’s color reflects the equinox, when winter turns into spring.

With its fresh, cooling energy, it balances excessive emotions and neutralizes triggers. It can help us deal with anger, grounding us and balancing our energy.

Amazonite healing properties promote peace through understanding and authentic communication, teaching us to adapt to new ideas and environments.

Amazonite Tumbled Stones

If we feel a connection to this healing gemstone, it can be an indication that we are suffering from self-esteem issues or struggling to express ourselves. We may feel judged by others.

It can also be a sign that we wish to live more authentically and speak our highest truth. It attracts friendly energies in our lives, helping to heal the inner child.

Relief From Electromagnetic Smog

Amazonite healing properties include filtering harmful frequencies from computers, tablets, cellphones and microwaves. It cleanses our auras from electromagnetic smog.

It also calms our chakras, balancing masculine and feminine energies. This healing crystal is one of the most effect EMF protection crystals for people who have electrical sensitivity. Place this stone next to phones, computers or microwaves to absorb the energy.

Improves Communication

Amazonite improves communication and boundaries. When we find ourselves in a situation where we may be required to speak our truth about subjects we are reluctant to speak about or feel uncomfortable confronting, Amazonite can support us.

When it comes to delicate topics that are emotionally challenging or taxing to speak about, this healing crystal will help us communicate in a harmonious and authentic way, letting us tackle difficult conversations.

It’s particularly useful when we need to negotiate. Keep this stone nearby or place it on the throat to boost communication. It’s also a top choice when delivering public speeches or performing on stage.

Assists With Self-Care

With its calming effects, Amazonite supports the body, nerves, and mind, soothing anxiety and balancing negative, self-destructive thoughts.

It has a feminine, healing energy that invites us to put ourselves first, appreciate the power of self-care, and move forward past trauma and negativity.

Instills Trust

The Amazonite healing properties connect with our heart chakra. With its healing energy, it can address blocks in this chakra.

If you struggle to trust, this healing stone will help you trust again, allowing kindness to flow in your life. This gemstone can soak up toxicity from negative influences, balancing the heart chakra.

Boosts Creativity

Amazonite filters information that is processed through the brain and the intuition. It helps with all artistic pursuits, including acting, singing, writing, drawing, and painting.

It assists with speaking and communicating our core beliefs and values without feeling over-emotional. This stone is particularly useful for removing writer’s block, helping us know and understand what we need to create and how to go about manifesting our dreams and ideas.

Amazonite Healing Properties & The Chakras

This healing stone connects to the heart and throat chakra. Amazonite healing properties encourage us to love and communicate more authentically, standing strong in our truth. It also channels authentic love, helping empower our decisions and closest connections. 

Heart Chakra

If the heart chakra is out of balance, we may feel anger, jealousy or blame others for issues that we’re struggling with in our lives. We may seek validation or confirmation of our self-worth. It's not uncommon to feel unloved or lack compassion for others when our heart chakra is out of balance.

This heart chakra stone will help the entire immune system to function at its peak. Amazonite assists in maintaining a healthy heart and circulatory system. You can also place it on the heart chakra to boost tissue regeneration.

Throat Chakra

If the throat chakra is out of balance, we may express our views in a domineering or fanatical way. Conversely, we may struggle to speak and live our truth.

Amazonite is a throat chakra stone that can make our communications more graceful and harmonious.

This stone can also improve the health of our throat, mouth and teeth. It supports our respiratory system and helps with thyroid problems, all of which are connected with the throat chakra.

Chakra Healing Gemstones

How Amazonite Heals Us

Amazonite helps us in several areas in our lives. If you struggle with communication issues, fear or confrontation, or if you struggle to express yourself authentically or compromise too easily, Amazonite can help you stay true.

When we can communicate our needs, we are better able to keep and maintain boundaries. With boundaries and improved communication, we can prioritize self-care, creating sacred space to recharge and connect with our highest purpose.

As we begin to communicate more authentically and prioritize our self-care, we improve the quality of our relationships. We can finally begin to trust our decision-making and intuition.

Amazonite boosts all of our interactions and relationships, most importantly our relationship with ourselves. 

Healing Properties of Amazonite

Harnessing Amazonite Healing Properties

Hold this healing stone in your hand during meditation or daily affirmations to help you manifest powerful affirmations. Amazonite can be placed in your pocket before a public speaking event or anytime you feel blocked creatively or you need to speak your truth. It can also be placed under your pillow to de-stress and balance energies in your home.

Amazonite can help to relieve the pain of arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis. It works to clear up acne, rashes, and blisters. This stone can also help prevent infections by rubbing it on the affected area.

It balances the adrenals when these glands are stressed or when we feel overly emotional. It supports calcium absorption for the parathyroid and thyroid. This stone is also a traditional aid for alcoholism at the nutritional level.

Use Black Jasper, Lepidolite, Rhodonite, Sodalite, and Amazonite to manage stress and anxiety in meditation, massage, or simply by holding these stones in moments of mindfulness.

These gemstones will help soothe your soul and restore its natural, calm state of homeostasis. We offer a stress and anxiety gemstone set to calm nerves and anxiety with these five healing crystals.

Final Thoughts About Amazonite

Not only is this blue green stone gorgeous to look at, but Amazonite healing properties are also quite varied, as you can see.

With its help, you can see both sides of a problem and better communicate with people of different points of view. It can assist you with emotional trauma, releasing worries and fear. It also balances feminine and masculine energies.

This stone makes a great gift for anyone who struggles with communication. If you have an artist or actor in your life, it will help him or her tap into their creativity and deep healing.

Cosmic Cut’s collection of 100% natural Amazonite comes from Brazil. These tumbled stones are perfect for carrying with you or placing on an Abundance Alter.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Amazonite Healing Properties
Healing Properties of Amazonite
Amazonite Healing

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