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Amethyst Benefits for Children: 15 Ways to Help Them Relax, Focus & Grow

INSIDE: Amethyst benefits are vast, especially when it comes to all the ways it can help children. Help them overcome their stresses and thrive with this incredible tool gifted to us from nature. Find out how right here!


Nowadays, every generation is bombarded by technology, and kids are certainly not excluded. Because they grow up in an overstimulating environment, our little ones often have trouble with short attention spans, restlessness, and even anxiety.

Science Direct has published results of a study which shows that it is a child’s creativity that can have a huge impact on thinking abilities in the future.

Sometimes, with the right choice of activities and a bit of help, we can assist them in developing their creative skills and in growing mentally and emotionally.

Using crystals, particularly Amethyst, can be a good way to help them develop more focus and interest in the world around them. 

15 Amethyst Benefits for Children

Let's discuss all of the wonderful Amethyst benefits for children now...

It’s calming

Amethyst can help restless children feel calmer. It is particularly helpful for kids who are sensitive to stimuli and are quick to react impulsively.

This can be a great way to channel their lively temperament without limiting their lively energy. With its power, a child’s temper tantrums, impatience, and frustration can become less of an issue.

It Stimulates a Child’s Curiosity

This is a great crystal for inspiring children to question everything around them. Because it is highly spiritual, it allows the child to follow its natural desire to figure things out without doubt or fear.

It gently introduces children to the world of possibilities, so they become more inclined to learn about the world around them. 

Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst Improves Their Sleep 

One of the best Amethyst benefits for children is that, because its energy is so soothing, it is an incredibly powerful tool to improve the quality of their sleep. It can be particularly helpful for children who wake up a few times during the night or have trouble falling asleep.

Placing Amethyst under their pillow prevents nightmares, helping children feel safer in their beds.

It Awakens The Visionaries Within Them

Amethyst helps children discover a whole new world of ideas. This is a highly spiritual stone that works as a great inspiration to youngsters.

Since children are much more in tune with their inner worlds than adults, this crystal will only further amplify their ability to think about various possibilities of tomorrow, inspiring to embrace a new day.

It Helps Children Deal With Negative Emotions

Emotions of children are raw, and Amethyst can help them feel more balanced, aiding their emotional development.

This is a great gemstone for developing emotional intelligence, but also for emotional support. It helps uplift their spirits when they are feeling blue and helps generate positive feelings. 

It Helps Them Feel Supported

Being one of the best protection stones, Amethyst makes children feel safe and secure in their environment. This is crucial for inspiring them to release inhibitions and feel free.

By protecting their aura from negativity, they are less influenced by disturbances around them, be those physical or energetic. It helps them slowly release their attachments, so they can be more carefree.

It Inspires Them to Share & Connect

At a young age, children are naturally self-centered, and this changes as they grow. Amethyst serves to help them overcome this egocentric phase in development, opening them up to sharing and empathy.

As a result, they are more inclined to connect with others, give, receive, and understand the value of sharing. This supports their psychological maturation and helps them understand the world from other people's perspective. 

It Eliminates Fear & Anxiety

Another one of Amethyst benefits lies in its soothing energy, which provides emotional and mental relief. By inspiring greater trust, Amethyst helps children overcome their rational or irrational fears.

It soothes their psyche and tranquilizes their mind. It is incredibly beneficial for children who are shy, frequently scared, distrustful, and those who find it difficult to open up. It reduces their negative, overwhelming thoughts and balances out their energy.

Amethyst Supports Creativity

Because it is such a balancing stone, Amethyst helps children form connections between their imagination and reality. This helps them not only become more creative and innovative but allows them to find practical outlets for that creativity.

Then, they are able to transfer creative ideas onto paper, when playing or creating. This makes it a great crystal for supporting children’s progress in any creative activities, hobbies, and interests. 

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It Helps Them Develop Inductive Thinking

Amethyst is a stone of awareness and works incredibly well for improving a child’s reasoning abilities. Through tuning them into the world around them, it heightens their observation skills, sharpening their perception.

Being a crystal of higher consciousness, it can also help older children to develop deductive thinking. Putting a piece of Amethyst in their backpack can not only provide them energetic protection but actually makes the learning process easier for them.

It Makes Them Feel Loved & Accepted

When they feel calm and safe, children find it easier to connect with others on an emotional level. One of the Amethyst benefits is its ability to transform doubt and any negative emotions into loving energy.

This creates a pleasant environment for children, and in return, they feel compelled to form emotional bonds.

It Helps Children Focus

Discipline and patience can be one of the most difficult things for a child to grasp, and Amethyst can help develop these qualities.

Being a crystal of clarity, Amethyst helps children stay focused on a task, increasing their awareness of their immediate surroundings. It does so without stifling their spirit or limiting their imagination.

As a result, such as increased awareness and ability to focus serves to help them learn and grow.

15 Ways Amethyst Helps Children Infographic

It Sparks Imagination

An imaginative child is able to form new, intriguing ideas. With Amethyst, they are able to form images in their minds that are not directly related to their immediate surroundings or reality.

This is crucial for developing a child’s inner world and intelligence down the road. Amethyst connects them with ideas that inspire them to explore possibilities through imagination. 

It Connects Them With Their Intuition

Although children are much more in sync with their intuition than adults, what Amethyst can do is preserve that connectedness, protecting the inner child.

Amethyst strengthens that bond between a child's mind, body, and intuition. This will help them stay out of trouble and become better at discerning events and the intentions of others. 

Amethyst Protects Their Health & Supports Development

Amethyst is a great protector of a child’s health, both mental and physical. It supports proper nervous system development and protects their immune system.

It supports the development of cognitive abilities, but also, as kids are active, it is a great stone to support the healing process and speed up recovery after injuries.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Amethyst is one of the most beneficial tools for helping children in all areas of their lives. It is such a versatile and effective crystal, yet it is gentle and nurturing. Learn about the wonders of the amazing Amethyst Geode here.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Amethyst Benefits for Children

Amethyst for Children

Amethyst Benefits for Kids



Hi Bertina, Aquamarine is a great choice! You might also try any of the blue crystals in this article: Citrine or Carnelian would be beneficial to help her be more outspoken.

Bertina Hanson

I have a second grader and I need something for her memory,negativity, to be outspoken, and have a sharp mind. I see one I want to order and that’s the Aquamarine. I do not whatsoever want her to repeat second grade she has to be promoted to the third grade. I need for her to take some to school with her daily in her back pack to improve those things I mentioned earlier. Please get back to me and tell me the total and what I need. I will be waiting on your response.

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