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Ease Back to School Anxiety With These 5 Simple Tips

INSIDE: We all know how real back to school anxiety is for our children, but we don’t have to suffer through this time. Here are some tips that can help to make this time easier and more enjoyable.


Going back to school triggers emotions of both happiness and anxiety, and not just for a specific group of children. Even the confident students experience these waves.

Back to school anxiety is not just for children. Parents are also affected by it because it can be difficult to be unfazed when they send their nervous child off to the bus.

But back-to-school anxiety doesn’t have to be such a struggle. That’s why we’ve put together some easy-to-apply tips to help you and your child through this time.

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What Back to School Anxiety Looks Like

When we don't understand what anxiety looks like, we can't treat it. So let’s first, take a look at what this type of anxiety looks like.

  • Having Trouble Sleeping - Your child may seem okay during the day but is spending more time awake in bed.
  • Gets Angry or Upset Quickly - These uncontrollable emotions are the direct sign of anxiety and overthinking.
  • Feeling Tense, Restless, or Nervous - How your child behaves with others says a lot about his level of anxiety. Examine and pay close attention to what he feels when talking with others.
  • Difficulty Concentrating - Is your child fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to him? Maybe she finds it hard to listen and understand order?

Try These 5 Simple Tips for Easing Back to School Anxiety

Untreated anxiety will likely result in poor performance from your children, not to mention the emotional pain it causes them.

Here with five simple tips for reducing back-to-school stress while ensuring your peace of mind…

Ensure They Are Eating Nutritious Foods

Eating the right food to counter the anxiety may look like a fool’s idea, but it truly works. Research done in 2020 shows that food not only affects our physical health but mental health as well. An imbalanced diet indirectly brings us down and makes it more difficult for us to manage stress.

Back to school anxiety is an omnipresent condition, which affects millions worldwide. Symptoms of anxiety may vary; however, the solution to reduce anxiety is the same. Encourage your children to learn healthy eating habits. Try brazil nuts, which contains selenium that reduces inflammation and helps us tackle anxiety.

easing back to school anxiety

Give Them a Crystal to Bring to School

A crystal can be a great idea to tackle the situation. They can help us cope in various ways with back to school anxiety.

They can be a source of positive energy and they absorb negative vibes; therefore, placing a crystal in your child's bag can help them relax.

Crystals are from the ground. So, these grounding stones are some of the best natural tools for controlling stress or even panic attacks. Crystals encourage positive energy flow and can help your child take control of their life.

Kids are more spiritual and open to nature; for them, everything has feelings, even their dolls or teddy bears. Therefore, kids become prime candidates for using crystals. They quickly make a natural connection with minerals, which helps them with anxiety.

There are vast numbers of healing stones available in the market to help your child in different situations. However, Natural Agate stones are one of the best options to help your kids with back to school anxiety. Agate stones are commonly known for providing supporting energy, which your child needs at school to have more control. 

Natural Ametrine Gemstones can also help your child to enhance mental clarity and balance. Your child will love carrying these a crystal in their pocket while returning to school!

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Help Them Get Better Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in the mental, as well as physical, health of a child. Making sure your kids get quality sleep at the right time ensures good physical and psychological health. It also improves their quality of life and helps them with back to school anxiety.

Parents often make the mistake of forcing their children to go to sleep rather than letting them regulate their bedtime. Your duty as a parent should only be to put your kids to bed. If your child still can't sleep, allow your children to read in bed.

Another way to help your child get good sleep is by placing an Amethyst stone under their pillow or on their nightstand. Amethyst crystals provide relief from anxiety and help children by providing quality sleep at night.

Validate Their Fears & Give Them Coping Strategies

Back to school anxiety is common, and whenever a child feels anxious, even the most committed parents can fall into a negative cycle. The reason is straightforward; they don't want their kids to suffer.

However, the goal of a parent should not be to eliminate the anxiety but to help them manage it. No one wants their kids to be unhappy. Therefore, the best possible way to keep your kids happy is to teach them to overcome their fears and anxiety.

Validate their feelings by saying positive words. Positive words make them confident and help them do things despite their fears. Try to talk about the things they like in school or about the things they like best about school.

Be a Good Role Model

Kids do what they see you do, not what you say. Whether you have a young child of a teen, they are always noticing. They pay attention to how you deal with stress and anxiety. They watch how you behave in front of other people and follow your lead. 

Social learning theory states that kids learn by watching others. For instance, if your child watches you being aggressive with people, your children will be aggressive in their interactions as well. And if you treat others with respect, you will see your child do the same.

You're the best example for your kids, so demonstrate how you want them to be. Live a healthy life. When your kids see their parents eat healthy food and exercise daily, it will also motivate them to do the same.

Final Thoughts

Back to school anxiety is real but it is treatable. You can handle the problem with love, care, and by being attentive to your children.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Ease Back to School Anxiety With These 5 Simple Tips

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