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Black Tourmaline Healing Properties for Grounding, Protection & Detoxification

INSIDE: Black Tourmaline healing properties provide the ultimate protection against negative energies, environments, thoughts, and habits. This stone is your protective shield against the darkness of life, transforming the negative energies you encounter into positive outcomes through its electric power.


Black Tourmaline is a heavily sought-out stone for its protective ability and healing powers. Having it on hand will leave you feeling grounded, empowered, and safe to move through an unpredictable world with confidence and clarity.

The healing properties of Black Tourmaline are all-encompassing, not only on a physical level but this stone also offers protection for positive mentality and divine spiritual navigation. 

Black Tourmaline Stones

Black Tourmaline Properties & Symbolism

In its natural form, you will recognize the Black Tourmaline stone as a vertical, rigged, and grooved dark gem. Other forms of Black Tourmaline include tumbled stones, wands, or needles embedded in Clear Quartz (Tourmalinated Quartz).

Black Tourmaline belongs to the aluminum borosilicates family of stones and is one variation of the metallic Tourmaline family. Also known as Schorl, this black stone makes up 95% of all naturally acquired Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline healing properties are quite powerful due to the electric elements of this unique gem, which emanate through the process of heating up or rubbing the stone, creating a powerful electric energy that is capable of both attraction and repulsion of substances.

Historically, Black Tourmaline’s healing properties were deliberately used for protecting magicians against earthly demons when casting spells. The stone offered a sense of security to tribes and villages from intrusive evil spirits.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

It is no secret we live in a beautiful world full of diversity and opportunity but this diverse nature may lead to a state of confusion and instability when we aren’t feeling grounded and balanced.

On an emotional and mental level, Black Tourmaline healing properties help provide us with clarity and focus in a complex world, embrace rational thinking and purifying negative thought patterns.

Provides Clarity & Focus

With so much stimulation in today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in the overwhelm of available opportunities. Brain fog is a dreadful condition to deal with but it happens to the best of us.

One favorable healing property of Black Tourmaline is that it helps bring focus and clarity to the mind. By keeping this crystal in your office, not only will it assist in decluttering your brain, but its powerful healing energy field will extend to your coworkers as well.

Embrace Rational & Objective Thinking

As emotional beings, it’s easy to make decisions that are emotionally charged and fear-based. Black Tourmaline’s grounding properties provide clarity through the fog of our emotions. This stone allows us to ground down from any airy-fairy thinking and move through the decision-making process with a more objective approach.

Purifies & Neutralizes Negative Thoughts

Do you ever find that your mind creates a broken record of negative thoughts that are difficult to overcome? As human beings, it’s natural for us to lack self-esteem every so often, especially in a world full of uncertainty.

Black Tourmaline healing properties set out to transform those deceitful negative thought patterns into constructive ones. Because of its unique ability to both repel and attract energies, Black Tourmaline grabs onto those negative thoughts and changes our perspective in a positive and productive manner.

Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

Physical Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

The physical healing properties of Black Tourmaline are all encompassing on an anatomical level. This stone provides protection from environmental pollutants, offers support for muscular, intestinal, and spinal pain, and reinforces immune functionality.

Protect Against Environmental Toxins

In today’s industrial age, many of us are unaware of how many pollutants we expose ourselves to on a day-to-day basis. Between radiation from our technology, chemicals from our cleaning supplies, and metal toxins in our body due to a variety of environmental factors, each of us could use a little extra “insurance” to keep us physically robust. Black Tourmaline is here to help us detox.

Promote & Support Anatomical Healing

Whether we are experiencing discomfort on an intestinal level, pain from torn or strained muscles, or spinal misalignment, Black Tourmaline healing properties offer pain relief and support in the healing process.

Place this powerful, energetic crystal on specific pain points on your body to dispel and relieve the pain.

Reinforce Immune Functionality

One effective healing property of black tourmaline is that it spreads supportive energies to all parts of the anatomical body through our literal life lines (our veins).

Blood circulation is essential for supplying our vital organs with oxygen and nutrients. This powerful crystal promotes healthier blood circulation which can eliminate and dispel harmful toxins from our body. 

Protection Crystals

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

The chakra system is an energetic structure in our body that is based off of 7 main points along the spine. When your chakras are in balance, we feel undeniable confidence, control, and respect for our personal selves. When our chakra system is out of balance, however, low-self-esteem, low energy, and a low sense of belonging controls our well-being.

The energetic and grounding property of Black Tourmaline complements and strengthens our base, or our root chakra. This connection allows us to feel more empowered and secure, even when experiencing dark or low moments. 

Maintain a Positive Mindset

Similar to the positive impact of a daily meditation habit, one Black Tourmaline healing property is that it supports an elevated mindset, even in the darkest of times. It is easy to get caught up in a negative thought pattern when experiencing the downsides of life. This protective stone will keep you thinking positively even when it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Safeguard in Navigating the Spiritual Realm

During ancient times, magicians would rely on Black Tourmaline’s healing properties to offer protection when they casted spells. Comparable to ancient magic, we can tap into the 5th dimension through a variety of spiritual practices. Such practices include pulling oracle cards, meditation, drum circles, dancing, and prayer.

Having a Black Tourmaline stone on hand will offer you extra protection from any evils spirits lingering in this other-worldly 5th dimension. Another effortless way to access the 5th dimension is through deep sleep. According to Healthline, we can keep Black Tourmaline close to your bedside to ward off unwanted nightmares and promote a quality night’s sleep.

Reinforces a Connection to Reality

When we are spiritually out of balance, it’s easy to become flighty and disconnected to reality. Black Tourmaline allows us to reconnect back to earth, ground down, and approach life with a sense of objectivity.

Protective Stone

Metaphysical Uses for Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline stone undeniably offers protection in most aspects of life.

This protective stone acts as an all-encompassing powerful shield to dispel negative energies. Keep Black Tourmaline in your purse, your car, or your home for an extra sense of security in this fickle world. 

Consider using Black Tourmaline as a key element to your Feng Shui when creating a safe and sacred space for meditation. This stone will protect and dispel any negative energies that attempt to penetrate your spiritual self. Place it on your spiritual altar or at the base of your lap to access its protective properties.

Black Tourmaline is recognized as a karma stone due to its abilities to attract and dispel energies. Carry it in your purse or pocket to absorb and reflect back any negative energies that may come your way from spiteful enemies.

Final Thoughts

If this stone isn’t already a part of your crystal collection, we highly suggest placing it on your bucket list asap for its extensive healing properties.

Between shielding your mind and physical self from negative energies, dispelling your body of toxins, and neutralizing your mind from unproductive thinking, Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protective stone for providing stability and strength when you need it most.

Carry this stone on your person to protect you from unsafe encounters, add it to any spaces where a clear head and focus is essential, or tape a small piece of Tourmaline to your phone or computer to shield you from harmful electromagnetic energies.

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Black Tourmaline Healing Properties for Grounding, Protection & Detoxification

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