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A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Crystals: Plus 10 Starter Stones

INSIDE: If you’ve ventured into the world of holistic, spiritual healing, it has probably led you here – to find out about the powerful energy of crystals. Interested in collecting crystals and creating a spiritual toolbox? Learn how to start your collection of healing stones.


When you're young, you have a natural inclination to gather mementos as you experience new places: a pinecone from a hike in the forest, a seashell from the beach, a smooth pebble from the park.

You probably proudly displayed these pieces in your room as a reminder of where you've been, and just because you thought they were cool. And the more experiences that added up, the larger the collection grew.

Perhaps you came to love seashells, so you focused on amassing as many as you could. Every single shell made you feel happy when you held it or looked at it on your shelf.

We collect not just for an aesthetic high. Psychologically, there's much more going on. We collect items that resonate with us and somehow define our unique sense of self.

The act of collecting demonstrates our ability to set and attain tangible goals – the accumulation of items proves our progress. 

Collecting can have a downside and turn into a hoarding obsession, but when you mindfully approach collecting, it can provide healing, grounding, and inspiration.

Collecting crystals is one such approach because crystals have elemental properties connected to vibrational energy that works to balance our emotions, mood, and health. 

How to Start Collecting Crystals

Think of a collection like a garden. It starts with a seed that grows and spreads. That’s how to start collecting crystals.

Begin with one crystal and see what happens. We’ve laid out some steps below to help you sprout your collection and let it flourish into a healthy crystal garden.  

1. Get Some Starter Crystals

When collecting crystals, there are some common stones to get started with and we’ve listed 10 of them below.

Crystals have such mesmerizing beauty in their natural states. Almost everyone is drawn to some of the more common crystals, such as Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye.

Often the more common crystals have broad energetic power. They are easy to use in order to harness their vibrations and reap their benefits. That makes them great options for your first crystal.

For some people, certain colors attract them or convey an emotion or feeling. That can be a great place to start when choosing your first crystal. You might also be drawn to different shapes or textures, and some crystals are especially suited to different forms, like wands or pebbles. 

Still not sure which ones to choose?

Take our Quiz: Which Crystal is Best for Me?

Which Crystal Should I Choose?

2. Learn About Crystals

You can’t learn how to collect crystals without learning more about crystals! There is a wealth of information out there about crystals, but it's important to seek out trustworthy articles because crystals are powerful healing tools that you want to use with care.

Crystals have many different properties...

  • Some are better for grounding and stability.
  • Others have motivating, passionate energy.
  • Some crystals can absorb negative energy and transform it into something positive.
  • Others may become weaker when absorbing too much negativity.
  • Some are protective
  • Certain crystals are for opening up to vulnerability
  • Many can work on different chakras in our bodies
  • Crystals also correspond to particular regions of the Feng Shui Bagua map

They aren’t simply pretty stones. You need to understand your crystals so you can appreciate and use your collection to its maximum effect.

You can bookmark our healing stones blog as a prime resource for crystal information. Each week we publish fresh, high-quality articles about different aspects of collecting crystals.

3. Consult an A-Z List of Crystals

Once you’ve started your collection and feel like you have a solid group of crystals to rely on, you'll run across new ones that you haven't heard of before such as Shiva Lingam and Larimar.

There are so many different crystals in the world. They’ve taken millions of years to form, which means they’ve been through a lot! That’s why there are so many unique crystal formations.

You can consult an A to Z list of crystals to scout out new stones that might call to you to add some power to your collection.

4. Buy Sets of Crystals

Don’t get too overwhelmed by all of the different energies, attractions, and protections you hear about when you first start collecting rocks and crystals. It takes time to learn what crystals work well together and which might bring contradictory energies to your meditation.

A great way to get to know how crystals work together is to buy them in a set. Crystal sets usually revolve around an intention, such as happiness, protection, stress reduction, etc. The stones included in the set will all have properties that balance each other to attract the energy you need for your intention.

You can also buy chakra healing sets with 7 crystals that each correspond to a chakra and work together to balance your system. Or some sets may focus on one chakra that needs attention.

Sets of crystals typically come as tumbled stones in a small pouch or bag. These sets are an economical choice to help start your collection before you invest in giant geodes (maybe someday). 

Browse our Healing Gemstone Collections here!

Healing Gemstone Collections

5. Know the Difference Between Real & Fake Crystals

This is big – if you want your crystals to work for you, they have to be real! Fake crystals don't have the mineral and crystal grid formations that help us tap into their positive vibrations and energies. 

They might not “hurt” you, but if your intention is to find spiritual healing and strength, they won't do anything for you.

Fake crystals can be lab made to look identical to natural crystals. But there are signs and tests to determine if your crystal is real. You can test the hardness and weight. You can look for odd coloration or dyes that make the stone look unnatural.

The best way to ensure you are collecting crystals that are real is by purchasing them from a reputable seller like Cosmic Cuts. We provide a certificate of authenticity with each crystal and we only source the highest quality specimens.

6. Know How to Care for Your Crystals 

We don’t mean dusting your shelf of crystals once a week here. Just like we turn to crystals and mindful practices to reset and reload, crystals need some love too! 

Crystals absorb so much of our negative energy and doubts, but it can’t – and shouldn’t – hold it in its molecular structure forever!

Some crystals need sun and others need a rinse. But it is very, very important that you know which crystal needs what. Some are not suitable for water, and others will change colors in the sun.

Also, crystals are fragile. Even the hardest crystal may energetically be quite fragile – but that means it is powerful!

So learn how to take care of your crystals. Cleanse them from time to time, and keep them in places that nourish their energy when not directly in use.

10 Best Crystals to Start Your Collection

Now you’re ready to arm yourself with crystals! Here’s a list to get your started with collecting crystals along with some information to help you understand your new stone connection...

Clear Quartz

 Clear Quartz

As you learn how to start collecting crystals, this is the first stone to acquire. Clear Quartz has less trace minerals than most other crystals, which makes it clear. That means, its energy is pure and versatile.

You can use Clear Quartz for any intention. It has a more general vibrational aura to address any need in your life.

Clear Quartz isn’t the most powerful crystal, but that doesn’t make it any less important or useful in a collection. The real strength of Clear Quartz comes in its combination with other crystal energies because it amplifies the qualities of other stones.

Because it is an easy crystal to learn how to use and then to build a collection around, Clear Quartz is usually considered the go-to starting stone in a collection.


Another versatile crystal, and one quite familiar for its dazzling purple tones, Amethyst has an incredible energetic balance. It can help you find equilibrium between calming rest and alert action.

Amethyst has long connected with the idea of royalty. It instills an empowering and peaceful energy into its user. As a starter crystal, it can help you tap into your spiritual intuition so that you can enter a clear, creative space to think about your purpose and decisions.

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz

To tap into your emotions and love, Rose Quartz guides your pathway to the heart. It is a crystal to help you understand your relationships – to others and yourself.

By opening yourself up to love and acceptance, you begin to surrender to higher consciousness and healing. Using Rose Quartz as a starting point to foster trust, gratitude, and compassion will ready your mind and spirit for the deep work that crystal meditation can do.

Black Tourmaline 

Because crystals can invite intense sensations, thoughts, and transformations into your life, you'll want to build yourself a protective fortress too.

Collecting crystals like Black Tourmaline can give you protection from the negative forces that often magnetize towards people doing the difficult inner work.

Black Tourmaline is unique among the protective stones because it has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual access. It operates on another level, too. Negative vibrations and dark forces that try to unsteady you can be absorbed into this crystal and transformed into positivity and optimism.

While this family of crystals tends to be pricey because of its rarity, Black Tourmaline is the most common variety. Therefore, it’s a worthwhile investment into your crystal collection.



To dispel any fears of taking steps towards better mental and spiritual health, look to Carnelian. This orange crystal will harness the motivation you need to keep learning and working towards your goals and intentions.

Carnelian has amazing energy to boost your confidence and guide your decision-making in the directions you need for healthy physical and emotional growth.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a stone for perseverance and steadfast energy. If you've begun your journey collecting crystals, let Red Jasper bring you the inspiration to travel deeper and learn more.

The rich red color of this crystal brews passion and strength but tempers it through a productive, relaxing sensation. Red Jasper has a great effect on our stamina and energy as well.



You may have had no plans to learn how to collect crystals when you were a child, but you probably came across Pyrite at some point and were mesmerized.

“Fool’s Gold,” as it is often called, forms in so many different shapes and has a metallic gold shine. You’ve struck rich with Pyrite! Rich in positive, energetic transfer rather than monetary value, that is.

Pyrite has the ability to spark the excitement and drive to accomplish anything you set your mind to. It enables an entrepreneurial, creative spirit to overcome obstacles and negativity and realize your dreams.

Smoky Quartz

Stirring up so much energy and knowledge to transform your life through crystals, you also need to remember to take root and stay grounded. Smoky Quartz is here to help you do that.

Smoky Quartz cleanses auras and vibrations so that fresh, positive space can open up. One of the coolest functions of Smoky Quartz is how it takes in negative energy and deposits it into the earth to neutralize. By using this incredible stone, you help to rid your environment of negativity.

Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a well-known crystal, even though many people may not recognize it as such at first. It’s a popular stone that is often embedded in jewelry. If you're looking for a way to slowly incorporate collecting crystals into your routine, wearing crystal jewelry can be a great way to start. 

The power of Tiger’s Eye comes from its fierce feline connection. Resembling the eye of the tiger, it urges unwavering focus, steady patience, and bounding energy. It’s a strengthening stone that gives us inspiration to not just survive but thrive.


Finally, think about starting your crystal collection with Sodalite. This cleansing blue stone washes away fear, anxiety, and doubt. It allows harmony and peace to flow into you with abundance.

The calming, water-like presence of Sodalite can transport you to a gently rocking boat on a still lake. You'll recognize the precarious nature of balance while trusting yourself to be able to navigate the tides.

Final Thoughts

Collecting rocks and crystals offers a passage into an entire healing community and practice. Learn more about the crystals listed here to take a step in building a physical and spiritual toolbox of balancing energies to serve your intentions.


* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

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