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Brazilian Amethyst vs Uruguayan Amethyst: What’s the Difference?

INSIDE: Wondering what the difference is between Brazilian Amethyst and Uruguayan Amethyst? That's what this article is all about! By the end, you'll know which one is for you.


Amethyst geodes are seemingly plain rocks on the outside, but when broken, open there's a dazzling display of gorgeous purple crystals lining the inner cavity walls.

The whole process of how an Amethyst geode is formed is pretty amazing. It's a process that takes thousands, and often millions of years. It's Iron mixing with the silica is what causes the purple color then fills the hollow area and eventually forms the crystals we get to enjoy.

Learn more about the science of how Amethyst forms here. 

Those familiar with amethyst likely know all about its amazing healing properties, including its uses as a powerful stress reliever, anxiety healer, and releaser of negative emotions.

However, many are not aware that there are two main miners of this mineral— Brazil and Uruguay.

While these two varieties of the crystal seem similar in tangible and metaphysical properties, there are subtle differences between the two that are helpful to know when choosing which one is right for you.

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Brazilian Amethyst

First, let's look at Brazilian Amethyst and its physical properties...

Physical Properties

Brazilian Amethyst geodes are the most abundant and readily available Amethyst of all.

This variety ranges in color from lilac so light it is almost clear to a deep velvety purple. Generally smaller in stature from its Uruguayan counterpart, the crystals formed within the geode are visibly shorter and usually formed within a more shallow cavity. 

Healing Properties

Referred to throughout history as the "stone of sobriety," this crystal has been known to assist alcoholics of their addiction. Many individuals with addictive personality types have used Brazilian Amethyst in the past to help them heal and overcome vices, whether their caused by drugs, alcohol, or the like.

Upon learning this, it makes sense that this crystal is also considered a detoxifier and helps to clear the wearer’s aura of negative and pessimistic energy.

Amethyst geodes are known for being one of the most powerful healers of nature, and Brazilian Amethyst is no different in its ability to strengthen the immune system and protect its carrier from disease. This is a great crystal to carry with you or wear in a pendant when you're experiencing side effects of a bone disease or joint pain.

From a mental health perspective, the Brazilian Amethyst geode reduces negative thoughts, effectively quiets anxiety, and diminishes nagging fears centered around doubt and weakened confidence.

This Amethyst is also recommended to keep near you if you and your spouse or family members are arguing, experiencing rifts in your relationship, or otherwise going through a rough patch.


The Brazilian Amethyst promotes patience, inner peace and mental stamina while reducing the stress you feel after a long day at the office or a seemingly endless evening spent fighting traffic.

This is very helpful since when your mind isn’t racing from a million nerve-wracking thoughts, you're better equipped to be a more present partner and family member.

This crystal most aids the brow and crown chakra, assisting users in improving their mental powers of creativity and memory.

The mental clarity it brings to its users helps to aid in decision making and self-conviction. This clear-mindedness makes this crystal perfect for meditation sessions.

Keep it nearby during periods of deep thought and allow its peaceful and serene energy to wash over you.

Uruguayan Amethyst

Now, let's look at how Uruguayan Amethyst differs from geodes that come from Brazil...

Physical Properties

Geodes that come from Uruguay differ from Brazilian geodes in a number of ways...

While the Brazilian stone has a large range of colors, Uruguayan Amethyst is generally a deep plum hue with flashes of blue or red (or both!).

Larger than Brazilian Amethyst, the points of the geodes mined in Uruguay are usually much longer and formed in deeper cavities.

Its rich color and high level of durability has led Uruguayan Amethyst to be considered the finest and most valuable of all Amethyst, which explains why it is in such high demand and availability is extremely limited.

Healing Properties

The deep purple hue of Uruguayan Amethyst doesn’t just drive up its price point, it increases the vibrational power of this mineral too. That means, its Amethyst healing properties are heightened.

The enhanced potency has inspired many believers to wear it as talismans around their neck to guard against the powers of evil, and it has been known to boost spiritual intuition.

Uruguayan Amethyst shares qualities with most varieties of Amethyst, with the primary dissimilarity being the heightened power that wearers experience during use.

It enhances the properties of less potent Amethysts, encouraging a greater number of psychic visions, vivid dreams, and pulling its carriers into a higher state of consciousness that lesser varieties cannot achieve.

This type of Amethyst is very powerful to work with during meditation and energy healing due to its deeply relaxing properties. It has been known to clear fields of negative vibrations and allows the mind to tune into new energies that are choosing to be present during the session.

The Uruguayan Amethyst geode is a promoter of creativity and new ideas, inspiring fresh insights and often divine inspiration.

If you've been struggling with writer’s block or are at a loss for what to create, keep this variety of Amethyst near you.

Known as the "artist’s stone," the Uruguayan Amethyst stimulates and centers a tired mind, allowing it to feel refreshed and inspired once more.

Final Thoughts

As noted before, these two crystals are quite similar to the untrained eye. However, after further use and study, it is easily discerned that one— the Uruguayan Amethyst— is quite a bit more powerful than the other, causing it to be more highly valued and in greater demand.

With all things being said, don’t underestimate the more versatile and beginner-friendly Brazilian Amethyst!

Be sure to do your due diligence on both crystals, and make the right choice for yourself and your desired uses. Learn about how to buy an Amethyst you can trust here.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Brazilian Amethyst vs Uruguayan Amethyst

Uruguayan Amethyst vs Brazilian

Brazilian Amethyst vs Uruguayan

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