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Understanding Clairalience: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairalient?

INSIDE: Clairalience is a unique psychic ability related to the sense of smell that gives us insights about certain people, places or situations without a logical explanation. Let's learn the types of clairalience and answer the question, "Am I clairalient?


Have you ever smelled something that wasn't there? Like the smell of burning wood when you were alone in your apartment, or an unknown perfume that came on unexpectedly before you went to sleep?

Clairalience is a unique psychic ability that allows us to connect with more subtle realms of reality and receive valuable information that can help us or others move forward on their path of self-development.

Let's explore the types of clairalience that exist and the signs that can help you determine if you were born with this amazing superpower.

What is Clairalience?

Clairalience is one of the most unique psychic abilities, allowing us to have extrasensory experiences through our sense of smell.

People born with this valuable gift can “smell their way” into a relationship or situation. These individuals connect with deep seated memories through the different smells they encounter, and they can perceive smells that are not even there but which provide psychic insights.

They can also perceive the future or past based on a smell thanks to this amazing gift.

Some clairalients can smell certain scents right after one of their loved ones have passed away, like the smell of their favorite cigarettes or the perfume they used to wear. This usually means their loved one is sending them a message from the spiritual realm.

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Types of Clairalience

While all clairalients perceive scents that cannot be detected by normal means, there are several different types of clairalience. Let's dive into those now...

Environmental Clairalience

This type of clairalience allows these gifted individuals to perceive scents that are associated with a particular place or environment.

People with this type of clairalience can smell a particular flower associated with a particular place, even when the flower is not there, or the scent of a particular building they have visited in the past, for example.

Retrocognitive Clairalience

People with retrocognitive clairalience can recognize smells associated with past events or experiences. For example, someone with this ability may be able to smell the scent of a favorite dish of a deceased loved one. Others can smell the perfume of an old flame or friend when no one is around.

Psychometric Clairalience

This refers to the ability to perceive smells associated with an object or person. For example, someone with this ability may be able to smell the scent of a particular person when holding an object that belonged to that person.

Mediumistic Clairalience

Mediumistic clairalients can smell spirits or otherworldly entities that dwell in more subtle realms of reality. Most of these individuals develop this ability through mediumship readings, as it helps them determine who the person is that they are evoking.

am i clairalient and what is clairalience

Am I Clairalient? How to Tell

It's not always easy to determine the answer to "Am I clairalient?" Some people are born with the gift, but may not have fully developed it yet, making them feel unsure of their abilities.

If you suspect you are a clairalient, but you aren't sure, here are some clear signs that you may be gifted with this unique superpower so you can continue to develop it to help yourself and others find their way...

You Have a Highly Developed Sense of Smell

The first sign of clairalience is a highly developed sense of smell. If you have always been sensitive to mildly strong smells, to the point of fainting or feeling overwhelmed around them, you may be a clairalient.

Try to pay attention to the next time you perceive an odor more strongly than the people around you, and be aware of how you feel. Your intuition may be trying to tell you something important.

You Sense Sudden Smells Others Can’t Perceive

Do you often sense sudden scents that come out of nowhere, and no one else seems to notice or even understand what you are talking about?

These sudden smells are messages from your enlightened masters and higher selves trying to guide you through important times in your life. Take a moment to connect with your intuition and decipher what the scent might be and why it has come into your life.

Sudden Sneezing

If you suddenly have a series of sneezes, almost like an allergic reaction, without any logical reason to explain why, you may be a clairalient.

This is because your enlightened masters may be trying to communicate with you through a strong smell or by contacting your nose directly!

Take this moment to ground yourself in the present and be very mindful of the decisions you are making, as this could be a wake-up call from the Divine Realm.

You Can Smell Things That Are Not Physically Present

Another clear sign of clairalience is smelling things that are not physically there, such as the smoke from a cigarette when you are alone in your room, or an overwhelming smell of mouthwash in the middle of a restaurant.

If there's no clear explanation for why the smell is there and no one else can detect it, it may be a sign that something or someone from the spiritual realm is trying to communicate an important message. 

If these traits don't really fit, but you still feel you have a psychic gift, perhaps you are intuitive in one of these ways: clairvoyanceclairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, or clairgustance.

Final Thoughts

Clairalience is a unique psychic ability that will allow you to help yourself and others if you focus your attention on developing it. Once you have discovered that you have this amazing ability, go ahead and make it part of your everyday life!

Smell things with more awareness and intensity and write down the messages you believe they contain. This will help you become an expert in this skill so you can use it to move toward a more soulful and meaningful life.

Am I an Empath?

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