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Understanding Clairgustance: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairgustant?

INSIDE: Clairgustance is a unique yet powerful psychic ability that allows us to sense otherworldly information through the sense of taste. Let's explore the different types of clairgustance and gain valuable tips to help you know if you are clairgustant.


Do you have a strong connection with the sense of taste? Maybe you can easily distinguish the ingredients of complex dishes or drinks or you can remember the taste of things you have dreamed about.

Some people who are gifted with this psychic ability can even sense different tastes when they enter an unfamiliar room or when they think of a deceased loved one.

This is one of the rarest and most powerful psychic abilities, allowing us to connect with subtle realms of reality. As a result, we can use information from our higher selves to help ourselves and those around us live more expansive lives.

Read on to learn all about clairgustance, the different types of clairgustance, and the signs that answer the question, "Am I clairgustant?"

What is Clairgustance?

As human beings, we perceive reality through our five physical senses, which allows us to focus our attention on certain relevant information and overlook other information. 

However, people who are gifted with psychic abilities, such as clairgustance, can connect with the spiritual realm through one of their overdeveloped senses. Clairvoyants can access valuable information through visions, clairaudients through sounds, clairsentients through feelings, claircognizants through knowing, and another unique one are clairaliants, who access info through smell.

People who are connected to the spiritual world through their sense of taste can taste things even if they don't put anything in their mouths. They can also taste things that have nothing to do with food, such as objects, places, and people.

The sense of taste can evoke strong emotions, such as memories of childhood or past relationships. In the case of clairgustants, their taste gives them insight into other people's experiences, historical events, and even the unique aura of the room they are in.

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Types of Clairgustance

While all people gifted with clairgustance can receive information through the sense of taste without putting anything in their mouths, there are different types of clairgustance.

Psychometric Clairgustance

Psychometric clairgustance is a hybrid of a psychometric gift and clairgustance. People who have this type of clairgustance can taste flavors associated with objects, people, or places simply by touching them.

Have you seen the popular Netflix show, Wednesday? Well, the main character was able to get information about certain objects or the history of a place just by touching them. That's what psychometry is.

Psychometric clairgustance is often experienced by people who are also gifted with the psychic ability of psychometry.

Intuitive Clairgustance

People gifted with intuitive clairgustance can taste flavors that are not physically present but are perceived through extrasensory perception (ESP).

These individuals can sense tastes when they enter an unfamiliar room or when they think of a deceased loved one. These sometimes delicious, sometimes repulsive tastes also help them realize whether they are in a favorable place or are entering a negatively charged environment.

types of clairgustance

Am I Clairgustant? How to Tell

If, after reading about clairgustance, you suspect you may have the ability to taste flavors and contact the spiritual realm without actually putting anything in your mouth, here are some additional signs to look for...

You Experience Sudden Intense Tastes

If you are used to experiencing sudden and intense tastes in your mouth for no apparent reason, you may be gifted with the ability of clairgustance. This happens without putting anything in your mouth and it doesn't have to be in situations that are related to food.

You Taste Flavors Unrelated to Food

Have you ever tasted flavors associated with people, places, or objects when you come into contact with them? As mentioned earlier, you may be a psychometric clairgustant.

You can make the most of this ability by jotting down everything about these experiences. For example, note down what you felt, what memories or images came to mind, and the like.

You Have a Heightened Sense of Taste

One of the clearest signs that you are gifted with clairgustance is a heightened sense of taste. For example, you may be able to detect subtle differences in flavors in your food or drink that others may not notice.

While this sign alone doesn't necessarily mean you are a clairgustant, if the flavors you taste are somehow related to your spiritual journey, it can be a powerful indicator. 

You Taste Flavors When Thinking About Someone

Another clear sign that you are a clairgustant is being able to taste flavors in your mouth when you think about a specific person, place, or object. 

Some people or objects may feel sweeter, others sour, etc. However they taste, this sensation gives you valuable information about the personality traits, history, or qualities of the person, object, or place you are thinking about.

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Honing Your Gifts

If you experience one or more of these signs, you may be gifted with clairgustance. It may feel rare at first, but there's a whole community of people who have the same psychic experiences! 

You can develop and refine this ability by tapping into your sense of taste through meditation, tapping into your intuition, and seeking guidance from other experienced psychics or spiritual teachers.

If these traits don't really fit, but you still feel you have a psychic gift, perhaps you are intuitive in one of these ways: clairvoyanceclairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, or clairalience.

Final Thoughts  

Having a strong connection with the sense of taste can give you valuable insight into your spiritual journey and personal growth.

The divine realm has gifted you with this psychic ability to translate the messages of your guardian angels and make a positive impact on the world around you.

Make room to develop your clairgustance skills by writing down everything that happens in your mind and heart while tasting these flavors and connecting more deeply with your physical senses through meditation.

Trusting your intuition and paying attention to the subtle signs around you can also help you further explore and develop your psychic abilities.

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