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How to Create a Crystal Grid for Abundance: Best Crystals & Simple Steps

INSIDE: Whatever you want – money, love, time in nature, wealth – you can attract it when you invest time and intention into what you desire. A crystal grid for abundance is a tangible tool that actively works to attract your desires in simple steps by securing an incredible energetic aura around you.


Whether abundance means wealth, love, or health, people really want a future of prosperity and abundance in the coming year – and frankly, don’t we deserve it after what’s been going on recently?

But according to a 2020 study by a leading U.S. research firm, 61% of respondents want to contribute to improving the world by changing the way they live, but only 31% have taken steps to live healthier.

We cannot individually save the world, but each of us has the chance to take real action to bring healthy changes for our personal growth, which in turn can help many others.

By incorporating a meditative practice like building a crystal grid for abundance, we reorient our thinking for optimism and wealth.

Tumbled Stones

How Do Crystals Grids Help With Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance?

The cosmic concoction brewed between sacred geometric shapes and incredible crystal energies make crystal grids a powerful medium to attract abundance.

No matter how you define your riches in life, here’s how crystal grids for prosperity work to energize our intentions…

Crystals Amplify Intentions

We often repeat the point, almost like a mantra, that crystals work on many different levels of our being. That means they have resonant energies that target our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual auras.

What we ourselves generate and welcome into our aura has an influence over what a crystal can manifest through its healing energy. Thus, when we live intentionally or think, speak, or dream of intentions, we offer something tangible for growth and expansion.

An important point to make in relation to intentions that reflects desires for abundance and prosperity is that every person can have a different definition of abundance. It may mean financial wealth, rich relationships, optimal health, or unencumbered time in nature.

For a simple way to articulate abundance, think of more – not in a greedy, unsatisfying way but rather the idea of energetic expansion. A glass full of what brings you personal happiness and satisfaction.

Grid Patterns Channel Energy 

While crystals amplify intention, a crystal grid pattern or shape designs a focal point where you can channel that intentional energy.

Through an active action that connects you to generating abundance and prosperity, crystal grid building motivates us to not just invest in the energy of the grid but to carry its essence into the world.

The sacred geometric shape of the crystal grid can relate to many different areas of abundance. The Seed of Life, for example, tends to evoke birth and new beginnings, thus jumpstarting or inspiring a leap towards something new that will bring greater wealth and fulfillment.

The Flower of Life is said to encompass all of shapes of sacred geometry, so to seek a more holistic idea of abundance and fulfillment, you might choose this shape. 

Whether you use a template or plan a more free-formed shape, crystal grids call for a patterned placement of crystals, usually at minimum incorporating two different stones. The pattern is another way to channel and focus energy to amass a greater confluence of abundant intention.

It ultimately doesn’t matter if you only have tumbled stones or natural cut stones for a crystal grid for abundance.

Some instructions may call for pointer crystals or generator stones, and these crystal power tools can have intense effects on your prosperous intention. However, it is more important that you pattern crystal types in symmetrical, balanced ways that interact together for positive, healing energy.

Best Crystals to Use in a Crystal Grid for Prosperity 

Each crystal can bring various energy and amplify different target intentions, but these are some of the best when working on understanding and inviting abundance into your life.


Our favorite crystal to use in a crystal grid for abundance has to be Citrine. Just take a peek at this stone to feel instantly washed anew and ready to embrace any and all abundant energy you can attain.

Citrine ranges in color from a transparent, yellowish tint in its natural, untampered form to a vibrant orange hue when heat treated. This stone has incredible properties to bring vital, motivating sensations that uplift your mood and outlook.

Citrine possesses divine wisdom that radiates through our aura to pinpoint what we truly need in abundance to live our fullest life of intention. Then it draws the people, messages, materials, and opportunities to us that will usher in abundance. 


With a nickname like “The Stone of Wealth,” it seems fitting for Pyrite to make our list of great abundance crystals. Similar to how we can define abundance through almost any terms, the same can be said for wealth.

Pyrite gives off a golden sheen that serves to remind us of the abundant gifts that naturally spring forth from the earth, and likewise can manifest in our lives. Pyrite is a grounding stone that helps reinforce our roots and stability so that we can confidently grow and expand in opportunities that will enrich us. 

Tiger’s Eye

Another grounding crystal, Tiger’s Eye offers fierce focus to channel through a crystal grid for abundance. Tiger’s Eye reflects energetic frequencies that feed our innate drive for what can truly fulfill us, while keeping us on track to find a healthy balance and flow for how to attain our wealth and abundance. 

This stone, in its myriad colors, works to give us strength and to recognize the strength we already hold to accomplish what we need to do.


When seeking prosperity in the arena of love and relationships, Emerald rules supreme. This crystal illuminates the messages resting deep within our hearts. When these emerge, we can better understand what we need and deserve in our lives.

Emerald stones affirm our purpose and help us secure the confidence and wisdom that protects and increases our abundant wealth. By using Emerald in a crystal grid for abundance, we amplify an intention and message that we believe ourselves worthy of love and ready to share love with others similarly inspired. 

Green Aventurine 

We need to channel thoughts of wealth and prosperity, and we also must recognize opportunity for growth if we want to attain abundance. Green Aventurine, the Stone of Opportunity, glows a soothing, sea foam greenish color that inspires our creativity to embark on new, perhaps surprising, paths.

Green Aventurine generates energy for growth and expansion so that we feel excited, optimistic, and aware of opportunities that will lead us closer and closer to what it is we want.

Green Jade

Green Jade has held significance across time and cultures to herald abundance into our lives by implanting wisdom and providing protection around our spiritual convictions.

When Green Jade finds its way into a crystal grid for abundance, it serves the purpose of decoding divine messages so that we recognize the steps we need to take in all aspects of our selves to become prosperous.

That means that with Green Jade healing properties, we can tune our physical, mental, and spiritual intentions to work at a calm and balanced frequency and lead us to abundance.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz should have a place in almost any kind of crystal grid, but that doesn’t make it any less significant or important to a crystal grid for abundance. Clear Quartz is an ultimate amplifier and attractor of energy. It reads the energetic frequencies around it and that emanate from other crystals and multiplies the power.

This stone has such a cleansing presence that it prepares our aura to accept new energy and growth to bring us wealth, health, and prosperity. Clear Quartz pointers give off concentrated and directed vibes and can really help activate a crystal grid.

How to Layout a Crystal Grid for Abundance 

With any combination of the crystals we mention above, you’re ready to get started with your crystal grid. We have a few tips to help you layout your grid and get ready for abundance to flow.

Preparation for Your Grid Space

The most important step to finding power and focus through a crystal grid incorporates bringing your tools together, ready and cleansed for the work ahead. You can start by choosing a grid shape.

Preparation includes cleansing the space where you will build, activate, and secure your crystal grid for abundance. This means not just wiping down a table or shelf where you will set up your grid but also smudging the room or bathing the space in a sound bath. That way, any stagnant or negative energy has zero opportunity to influence the power you generate.

You also want to prepare the crystals you’ve chosen, and this might require some foresight. You will want at least one day before to cleanse and rest your crystals so that they have the maximal opportunity to serve you. 

crystal grid for prosperity

Preparation for Your Own Spirit

Equipped with your tools, you now need to prepare yourself for the process ahead. Spend time in meditation to bring yourself to a grounded mind, able to focus on the work you want to do with a crystal grid for abundance. 

This is also an opportune time to solidify your abundant intentions. Reflect on what you mean by abundance and truly articulate what you seek from the crystal grid energy. You might be able to find an affirmation that perfectly captures your intention, or you might journal or draw a picture that encapsulates what you mean.

Another way to get your spirit ready for crystal grid work involves connecting to the crystals that will serve your energetic healing purpose. Make sure that you feel a positive resonance with the crystals you choose and that you understand what they bring to the table. 

Prepare the Directions of Your Crystals

You don’t simply throw a crystal grid together on a table. You carefully plan and measure it so that you know that each component has a role and purpose. The direction you place your crystals, especially those that are shaped as pointers or wands, can determine how the grid will manifest abundance for you. 

The center stone serves as the generator of the grid and often is the largest stone. It fuels the process.

Surrounding the center, in any number of levels, crystals can point to the center or out into the world. The inward direction suggests that you seek abundance for yourself, while the outward resonance sends abundant wishes to others in your world.

Final Thoughts

A crystal grid for abundance serves a tangible way to work towards prosperity, health, and love. No matter your definition of abundance, it won’t happen overnight, but living intentionally and giving attention and focus to what you desire will help manifest it in your life.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

How to Create a Crystal Grid for Abundance

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