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Crystals Are Back in Style

Guest post by Graciela Collins

Even if you’re not trying to use crystals to ward off bad juju, help you channel your creativity or achieve balance in your life, one thing’s for sure: crystals are fashionable and they can boost your style.

Crystals are back in style, so you can accompany your outfits with some natural bling. How? Here are a few tips when it comes to sporting crystals.

Make it Drip

This one is for all the gem girls who love to go big on jewelry. If you can’t stop on one accessory, you will love this dripping-in-crystals look. Over-the-top earrings (Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings video, anyone? ) and dangly bracelets and necklaces add plenty of sparkle to your look. This trend is also very nostalgic, but if you love being extra, make sure to grab your crystals and let them take the focal point of your outfit.

Opt for Some Smart Accessories

Are you always looking for innovative ways to make your outfits more interesting? How about embellishing your leather jacket with some crystals? This look is perfect for bad girls who are in touch with both their feminine and masculine side. Or you can snatch a crystal belt for your jeans. Pair your sparkly belt with high-waisted jeans for that vintage vibe that looks good on every girl.

Crystal Jewelry

Go Simple With Small Crystals

If you’re not big on attracting too much attention, you can still enjoy crystals and their natural vibe. Go small with something minimalistic from Moon Magic crystal jewelry collection and you will find perfect accessories for your look. Their crystal jewels go well with any look from your business-casual outfit to your super fancy evening couture. And the raw look of the crystals will bring you closer to Mother Earth and make you look perfectly put together.

And browse Cosmic Cuts selection of crystal necklaces and jewelry here. Their selection is ever-changing. Right now, you can choose from rose quartz, clear quartz, tiger’s eye, and black tourmaline in lots of different styles.

Look Down

Want to show off your uniqueness? Move your crystals down to your feet and opt for bling-encrusted shoes. If you usually sport minimalist looks with plenty of blacks and you want a trendy and natural way to spice up your outfits, find a pair of crystal-covered heels that will add something special to your look without ruining your minimalist vibe. This look is perfect for crazy nights out when you want to look like a star on the dance floor.

Achieve Balance

Crystals can attract a lot of attention, so you have to be careful when you pair them with the rest of your outfit. If you choose to go minimalistic with only one or two raw crystals, you don’t have to plan much, but larger crystal pieces need a more neutral backdrop.

You can’t really go wrong with contrasting materials like quality denim or leather in order to achieve good texture play. Just make sure your backdrop is neutrally-colored to avoid that unflattering crowded look (white, soft pink, lavender or even nude will look perfect).

If you’re aiming for a fool-proof approach, opt for solid and easy color pairings. This look will allow your crystals to stand out yet not overpower your outfit.

Think About Your Health

To enjoy the healing powers of crystals, you have to keep in mind your crystal placement. Your jewelry should be aligned with your pulse points or chakras in order to achieve the best results.

For instance, according to crystal-experts, you should wear amethyst on your middle finger for patience, rose quarts on a chain next to your heart, and black tourmaline on your wrist. The side of your body on which you wear your crystals is also important, so check out Cosmic Cuts' guide on how to wear healing crystals here to find the best placement.

Are you ready to look chic in crystals this year? Follow these tips for a perfect look that will attract all the right attention and allow you to shine bright like a diamond.

Specialty Pieces

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

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