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Best Crystals for Your Car, Plus Why & How to Use Them

INSIDE: The uses and benefits for crystals extend greatly from providing protection, increasing energy, creating good vibes and more. Using crystals for your car offers many healing benefits while you spend your time commuting to work, road tripping, or visiting friends.


Although it’s not something that may come to mind initially, there are many crystals for your car that will benefit you greatly. Crystals such as Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian provide an extra layer of protection to you and your vehicle, where as Amethyst and Selenite offer an increase in positive energy.

Depending on the benefits you are looking to receive, there are different areas in your car to place your crystals that will increase the power of their energetic healing properties.

Before you place crystals throughout your car, we suggest first cleansing your vehicle of any dirt, clutter, dust, and built up negative energies. Clutter and unnecessary objects in your car will trap unwanted negative energy and make it difficult for positive energy to move effortlessly throughout your space.

Once you feel your vehicle is clean and cleared, take this cleanse one step further by sage smudging the inside and outside of your car to invite a fresh, new energetic start. 

Secondly, we suggest cleansing your crystals of any lingering energy from previous owners or shops. Smudging with sage, cleansing in water, or placing them in the sun or moonlight are all great options to cleanse your crystals of any residual energies.

NOTE: Some crystals may disintegrate when wet or lose color in the sun. One general guideline to follow is that many crystals ending in “ite” are not water-friendly.

Finally, with pure crystals in hand, hold them in or near your car, and set an intention for what you want them to do. Intentions such as, “I am protected” or “these crystals provide me with a calm, clear mindset” are a great place to start.

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Why Should You Use Crystals in Your Car?

Many of us spend a large amount of time in our vehicles throughout our lifetime, whether we’re commuting to work, road tripping with friends or family, or simply driving to the grocery store. Just like we keep crystals in our home for the benefits they offer and provide, why not keep crystals in our vehicle too?

For Protection

Our time spent on the road can be quite unpredictable. Between the uncertainty of other drivers and road conditions, you never know what might happen every time you hop into a car.

That's what's great about crystals for your car. They can create a protective bubble, surrounding you and your passengers from any potential harm that may come your way. 

Though your intention may be to only allow positive energies into your car, sometimes you can’t prevent permeation of all negative energies.

Fortunately, there are numerous crystals for your car that will protect you from absorbing negative energies. For example, crystals such as Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian add an extra protective layer to you, your passengers, and your vehicle. 

For Calming Energies

With the amount of drivers on the road these days, it’s nearly impossible for all drives to be as relaxing and calm as you may want or need them to be. Sometimes you hit traffic, other times you encounter reckless drivers that add a little extra stress and frustration to your day.

Citrine and Sodalite are two crystals for your car that help calm the chaos of the mind and relieve you of any stress you may be feeling. Other crystals for your car, such as Fluorite and Selenite can help absorb negative energy that is sent your way from those infiltrated with road rage.

For Clear Thinking

Do you ever feel the need to take a long drive to clear your head? Longer road trips are a great use of time to become clear on your thoughts, brainstorm new ideas, or process emotions that may be lingering.

Choosing crystals for your car that offer clarity and creative thinking, make exceptional companions for any long road trips ahead. 

For High Vibes

Occasionally we need our vehicles to be our sanctuary and that calls for clean and high vibe energy. Some crystals for your car are best used to clear the air of negative energy, while others can be used to add extra positive energy to the vicinity.

Some crystals that offer these healing properties include Amethyst and Carnelian.

crystals to hang in your car

5 Different Ways to Use Healing Stones in Your Car

There are many different ways and areas you can place crystals in your car for a variety of benefits such as for calming energies, clarity, and protection. We suggest hiding some stones in locations such as under your driver or passenger seat. Then, other locations are meant to be adorned such as hanging from your rearview mirror.

Place One in Your Cup Holder

Place Fluorite in your cupholder to provide you with calming energies after a long day. This crystal for your car not only exudes uplifting healing properties, it also improves concentration, which is important to retain on a long commute home from work.

Hang One on Your Mirror

Crystal necklaces aren’t just meant to be worn around our necks. Why not consider a variety of crystals to hang in your car as well? Crystal necklaces create the perfect rearview mirror accessory that not only look beautiful but have added benefit to you and your vehicle as well.

It's position not only serves as a reminder of the intention you set for these crystals, but when hanging from your mirror, they bring their exceptional energetic powers front and center.

Amethyst is a great crystal to adorn your mirror due to its healing properties of promoting clarity, inspiration and enlightenment.

Black Tourmaline is also a great crystal to hang in your car as it serves as a great protector to you and anyone riding along.

Use a Crystal Keychain

There are many incredible crystals to choose from that we suggest keeping on-hand so you have access to their healing properties at all times. One simple way to do that is by seeking out a crystal keychain.

If you find it difficult to make a decision on what crystal to carry as a key chain, we highly suggest Clear Quartz, as it both embodies properties of other healing stones and strengthens the power of any nearby crystals.

Citrine is another great crystal to carry as a keychain as it promotes vitality and positive manifestations of the things we desire.

Crystal Keychains CTA

Keep One in Your Glove Box 

Carnelian is a great crystal to keep in your glove box to promote safe and smooth travels. This is a must have when taking longer road trips or if you like to offer hitch hikers a ride.

Place One Under the Driver’s Seat

This spot is perfect for your favorite stones of protection. We suggest hiding this one so that your passengers aren’t tempted to touch it and dissipate the powerful charge and benefits you set for it.

Keeping a crystal under your drivers seat will create extra protection for your vehicle, yourself, and anyone riding along with you. The placement of this crystal for your car will also protect you from any negative energy coming your way.

Best Stones to Use in Your Car

There are so many great options of crystals for your car but if we had to choose a select few, it would be the following stones...



Not only is Amethyst a powerful crystal for increasing alertness and focus, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Historically, Kings and Queens would adorn their crown with this crystal because of the beauty it portrayed and the connection it has to the crown chakra.

Keep this crystal in your glove compartment to encourage your car to run smoothly or grab an Amethyst necklace to hang in your car in order to raise your vibration and keep a clear mind.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is the ultimate stone of protection. Place Black Tourmaline under your drivers seat to protect your vehicle, yourself, and any passengers tagging along for the ride.



Place Selenite under your passenger seat to keep the energy in your vehicle cleansed and high vibrational. This crystal for your car will absorb negative energies that others are putting out, whether that is from a friend, family member, or stranger.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Keep Clear Quartz in the trunk of your vehicle to surround yourself and your car with a bubble of safety. This safety bubble will maintain positive energy around your vehicle as long as you remember to recharge its power every so often.

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye

The beauty of Tiger’s Eye is that it provides an extra set of eyes in the car while driving, especially at night. Place this crystal on your dash or hang it from your rearview mirror to tap into its ultimate power.

Also, when you wear this crystal against your skin, it will provide an extra sense of clarity and calm the nerves during an exhausting drive.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

This crystal is a great protector of negative energy as well. Black Obsidian will absorb negative energies around you, act as a shield, and reflect those negative energies back to its senders.

This stone will come in handy during frustrating traffic jams when drivers exude road rage and purposely cut you off. Black Obsidian is a crystal for your car that will keep you high vibrational and cleansed from frustration.



Soladite is a great harmonizer. It will send calming energy to those nearby, clear the mind, and open us up to deep thinking. With that kind of aura, road rage isn't even a thought. 

Final Thoughts

What makes crystals so amazing is the diversity of their uses, the healing properties they offer, and the beauty they exude. If you’ve never considered crystals for your car, we highly suggest planning some time to do so.

Whether you’re seeking extra protection, clarity, or positive vibes, crystals make an unprecedented addition to any vehicle or set of keys.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Best Crystals for Your Car, Plus Why & How to Use Them

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