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Dowsing With a Pendulum: What It Is, How It Works & How To Do It

INSIDE: Dowsing with a pendulum digs deeps into our spiritual aura to reveal our intentional path and purpose. Whether with a beautiful crystal pendulum or some other homemade design, you can learn how to access divine messages and to trust the answers they carry.


Pendulums swing back and forth and back and forth – that is, when they generate the momentum for clock gears. Pendulum clocks rely on simple (at least, for the science-minded) physics concepts around gravity, oscillatory motion, and potential and kinetic energies.

Connected to a drum, the swinging pendulum generates the necessary motion to make the gears that are attached to the clock’s arms move at a steady speed to measures time.

This fun foray into science actually can help us conceptualize a different sort of pendulum that we can use in spiritual practice. Dowsing with a pendulum encourages our subconscious human movements to sync with the earth’s amazing balance and energy.

With much less fixed motion than a clock, pendulum dowsing helps us access divine messages and find spiritual guidance in the times we need it most.


What is Dowsing With a Pendulum

When we use pendulums in spiritual healing practices, we can call in the earthly realm and experience amazing insights about our true purpose.

Let’s lay some groundwork on pendulums and the dowsing process… 

What is a Pendulum?

The basic form of a pendulum consists of a string or chain with an object hanging from it. Indeed, that means a pendant necklace or even a toy yo-yo counts as a pendulum! In other words, we can easily access pendulum energy from anywhere because of their simplistic form.

We can easily make pendulums for energetic cleansing and healing by taking something weighted, even as light as a bead, and tying it to string, yarn, or some sort of strand that can freely move when dangled – stiff wire won’t work. Magnets should never be used as a pendulum or attached to them during dowsing.

Once procured, a pendulum can work to receive subconscious or divine messages and send them to the pendulum user. These messages may entail directions to guide our intentions or consist of cleansing energy to dismantle negativity and evil.

By establishing a deep connection to the pendulum, we learn to read its signals so we can fully understand its answers and advice. Because of this immense energetic exchange, we think using pendulums with bonus healing properties just makes sense, so opting for a crystal pendulum is a great option!

Why Use a Crystal Pendulum?

It doesn’t matter what material the weighted object of a pendulum is made of – wood, metal, glass, or crystal – but, of course, we like crystal pendulums best.

Usually, crystal pendulums use pointed or triangle-shaped gemstones. These crystals direct energy towards the earth’s core so that we can find grounding as we explore other-worldly realms and frequencies as we are dowsing with a pendulum.

When choosing a crystal pendulum, we think the best method relies on intuition. If a crystal resonates with you then you will probably benefit from its healing vibes.

Some of the best stones for a crystal pendulum include most Quartz varieties, especially Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz, as well as Amethyst and Sodalite. These crystals tend to ease our connection through the crown chakra to communicate with our spirit guides.

pendulum dowsing

Does Dowsing Work & How Does It Work?

By understanding how dowsing channels our subconscious reactions, we can better conceive of this practice as a meditative reflection and understand how it really works. 

Some applications for dowsing include:

  • Identifying imbalances in the spiritual body to target healing
  • Cleansing negativity from around us
  • Finding direction when we feel astray or misled

Our Bodies Have Messages to Send

When we begin dowsing with a pendulum, we may not recognize how intertwined we are in the process. But the pendulum relies on tiny, nearly unnoticeable movements that our physical aura transmits in response to something awakened in our spiritual aura. We don't notice it because we have yet to consciously recognize it.

Unlike a pendulum clock though, a pendulum used for dowsing can move in many different ways, and the movements will be unique to each person. So for some people, a pendulum may swing in a circular arc whereas for others it could move laterally.

Honing the Sixth Sense

The pendulum helps draw out the deep rooted messages and intuition we are each capable of harnessing to make truly grounded, spirit-led choices. As we get in touch with these subtle body signals, we can better recognize when our intuition sets in.

Spiritual practices that include dowsing with a pendulum access our sixth sense so that we gain awareness of our own innate power to lead us in the right direction.

Calling dowsing a practice means that we should establish a relationship with our pendulum. The more we meet with its energy and explore the connection we make with it, the easier it will be to interpret its movements.

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What Questions Can Be Answered With Pendulum Dowsing

This process works best when we seek answers or direction from our inner spirit, so approaching the pendulum with formulated questions helps to clarify the information exchange.

Here are the type of questions we can ask our pendulums...

Yes or No is the Way to Go

A pendulum does not act like a genie in a bottle, shape-shifting into a form to sit and have a conversation with us. Dowsing with a pendulum relies heavily on recognizing our own intuition, so the power rests in guiding principles to help us grow as spiritual beings.

That’s why yes-or-no questions tend to offer the clearest answers from a pendulum.

It isn’t a game of 20 questions, though, so when we approach the pendulum with an issue or query of substance, thinking about it in terms of yes-or-no questions leads us to dig deeper into what we might really want to learn from dowsing.

Here are a few prompts to help you formulate your own questions:

  • Should I make a move to change [some aspect of my life or a behavior]?
  • Does [what I plan to do or a certain thing or person] align with my spiritual intention?
  • Is this [person, thing, event, transition] leading me in the right direction? 

These questions can seem quite broad and open, but they give way for you to explore scenarios or situations and hone your intuition through them.

Ask Questions of Substance

The questions you ask a spiritual pendulum don’t have to be mind-bending or complex, but we suggest sticking to substantial queries rather than frivolous fun, like if you’ve chosen the right pastry to eat for breakfast.

Pendulum energy digs deep into questions about relationships, career, wealth, and our lives in general. And while breakfast pastries might seem silly, simple questions can lead to really important revelations. So don’t shirk away from both simple and complex questions.

what is dowsing with a pendulum

How to Dowse With a Pendulum

With a grasp on understanding the question, "what is dowsing with a pendulum?" we can now breakdown how to use a pendulum through some fairly straightforward steps.

Cleanse & Center

Because pendulums rely so heavily on energy patterns within and around us, we need to cleanse ourselves, our space, and our crystal pendulums before diving into this practice.

Cleansing the energy ensures that dowsing with a pendulum channels the proper frequencies and messages instead of being mucked up by unwanted distractions.

We won’t go into great detail here, but we’ve written about the cleansing process here to help you. You can also learn about smudging here to cleanse your pendulum. 

Another preparation we need to do before diving into dowsing is to ground and center our energy into the present moment. Earlier, we mentioned that the shape of a crystal pendulum usually points to the earth, and that really helps remind us to stay rooted in ourselves as we explore new dimensions.

It might be useful to do a quick grounding meditation or at least to take several deep breaths to calm your body.

Reflect & Question

Before setting the pendulum in motion, take time to fully acknowledge what it is you seek to understand from dowsing. We can take a few moments to reflect in your journal or to concretely formulate the question we have for the pendulum. Remember that yes-or-no questions offer the most clarifying answers during dowsing.

We want to grasp this question firmly and be able to keep reflecting on it as we let the pendulum receive and communicate the answers.

Let Your Pendulum Sway

Now, to get to the real action of dowsing with a pendulum, we’re ready to set it in motion. To start, make sure you know how to hold your pendulum. Grip the chain or string between your thumb and forefinger with the crystal or weight touching these finger tips. Take a moment to set an intention with the crystal to listen and communicate.

Slowly let the chain slide between your thumb and finger so that the crystal drops and dangles in the air. You need to find the length that offers some slack in the line but that is taut enough to give clear, responsive movements.

The correct length happens when you can tell that the crystal sways freely on its own, and it will most likely stay in motion during the whole process.

Every pendulum moves in a different way, so find out how your pendulum will deliver answers by asking it. Always speak aloud during the process.

Ask, “What is my yes?” Then you will see how the pendulum’s motion shifts from its free motion. Maybe it’s a clockwise circle or a forward and back swing. Take note and then ask for what your no will be, most likely a counter motion to the yes.

Finally, test out your connection with some simple questions that you already know about yourself or the day to make sure that you and your pendulum have landed on the same frequency. 

See the Answer

With the pendulum swinging and your own mind centered and prepped, start the real dowsing. Focus intently on the questions you need help with.

Anticipate that the pendulum needs a few moments to register and read your vibes, but also be prepared for a quick response in some cases. Watch how the pendulum moves and recall how it told you it would respond for yes or no – your answer is there! 

During dowsing you can ask more than one question. In fact, that can invite even greater insight and clarity.

Final Thoughts

Something about a steady, rocking motion has a way of empowering and calming us, even as rhythmic spinning and speed can excite and energize us.

Whether a balanced sway or a clockwise spinning, the movement of a pendulum helps up tap into our deep thoughts and spiritual intuition.

As you develop dowsing with a pendulum as a practice, you become more aware of your own ability to find the answers. Do it often to sharpen your psychic skills and to gain trust in your spiritual guides.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Dowsing With a Pendulum

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