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Invisible Threat: EMF Symptoms You Should Know About

INSIDE: You may not know what EMF symptoms are, but that doesn't mean you aren't experiencing them! Read on to learn about what the most common EMF sensitivity symptoms are. It might explain what you're dealing with.


Did you know that your Wi-Fi, cellphones, and even tiny electric devices can destroy cells in your body?

Scientists have proven that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) do impact our cells and alter proliferation. You can read more about it on Nature Scientific Reports.

If you're as concerned as we are, this is the place to learn more about this issue and the EMF symptoms that result.

Here's what you need to know...

EMF Symptoms to Watch Out For

VGCCs (voltage-gated calcium channels) are responsible for regulating many bodily functions, and when these channels are affected (and they are affected by EMFs), it changes how our body normally functions.

EMF sensitivity symptoms are a real deal. As a matter of fact, hormones, neurotransmitters, and our whole body on a cellular level are affected by the use of technology and the internet.

When we talk about EMF radiation or exposure, we're not talking about a 10-minute exposure. We're talking about daily, continuous exposure to ever-growing levels of EMFs in our environment.

The trick with these frequencies is that they are invisible and hard to measure. Many researchers are relying on subjective questionnaires, while others are trying to find more concrete ways to measure the effects of such radiation. One thing's for sure: our general health is affected.

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Let's look at some of the most common EMF symptoms now...

Fatigue & Tiredness

Chronic fatigue syndrome and unexplainable tiredness that cannot be resolved with better sleep or dieting are a clear sign of EMF exposure. It's no coincidence that those who work by a computer and with technology are more prone to fatigue over time.

As published by Wiley Online Library, researchers have found that even low levels of exposure to these frequencies can cause burnout syndrome.

The fact is, electromagnetic frequencies keep our brains in a constant state of increased alertness, and this affects how our bodies balance energy. As time passes, 8 good hours of sleep may not be enough to recharge us and we may feel fatigued and drowsy even when resting or being mildly active.

Feeling Dizzy & Disorientated

ResearchGate has published that cell phone exposure, which is only one component of electromagnetic radiation, causes fatigue and dizziness.

Time on screen, especially if it exceeds moderation, can make us feel disoriented and spaced out, even to the point of dissociation with reality. This is because EMFs alter neuron activity and affect our ability to stay present.

Other research published on PubMed has confirmed that those who lived near mobile stations had reported increased dizziness, headaches, and depressive symptoms than those who lived further away.

Symptoms of electromagnetic exposure can cause vertigo in otherwise healthy individuals, which can impact overall productivity and quality of life.

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines are one of the most common EMF symptoms. Manifestations can range from mild pressure and pulsing sensations to unbearable tension and pain in the head.

These headaches are not caused by obvious stressors, such as a tough day at work, but instead appear out of nowhere and without warning. The World Health Organization has confirmed that there is a connection between sudden headaches and exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

The concerning fact is that these studies were done more than a decade ago when exposure was much less than it is today. This is why it is no wonder that those who already lead fast-paced lives experience more severe headaches.

Sleep Disturbances

What if your insomnia has a profound correlation with Wi-Fi? Well, as published by ScienceDirect, researchers have found that Wi-Fi affects melatonin production, which is a hormone that plays a key role in the sleep-wake cycle.

And it's certainly not encouraging to know that the DNA and neuron damage it does can be irreversible. All of this means that our circadian rhythms are deeply affected and that sleep disturbances are one of the EMF symptoms.

If you're experiencing insomnia or hypersomnia, it is likely that EMFs have something to do with it. Research from 2020 has confirmed that heavy mobile phone usage interferes with sleep and may be related to insomnia, as published by NCBI.

Apart from insomnia, this type of radiation can also affect our quality of sleep, causing restlessness and light sleep.

Problems With Memory & Concentration

When we're exposed to increased levels of electromagnetic stimuli, our brains find it difficult to keep track of incoming information. Research published on NCBI shows that electromagnetic frequencies contribute to memory deficit and may speed up memory loss.

This directly impacts our learning abilities as well, making it difficult to retain information for a longer period of time. As our short term and long term memory is impacted, our attention span is altered, and staying focused becomes difficult.

This is why many people complain that concentration becomes an issue even when doing something that interests us.

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Breathing Problem & Asthma

Research published on Hindawi suggests that electromagnetic pollution can disrupt our breathing patterns. This is especially true for those who live in urban areas where there are higher levels of EMFs.

While aerial pollution impacts the quality of the air we breathe, energetic pollution can alter the volume of inhaled air as it changes how our breathing "mechanism" works.

And here comes another red flag: to-be moms who are frequently exposed to electromagnetic radiation during pregnancy might be risking their child's respiratory health, according to a WebMD study.

Although invisible, these microwaves can increase the risk of bronchitis and asthma in newborns, which is very concerning.

Digestive Issues

The effects of changes in metabolic and hormonal systems caused by these frequencies can be felt in the stomach. Nausea, stomach aches, and trouble digesting can be linked to microwaves we come in contact with and are valid EMF symptoms.

As a matter  of fact, ScienceDirect has posted research that implies that it's not only our hormones but also our microflora that's being affected by electromagnetic waves.

Naturally, when good gut bacteria that are responsible for digesting food can't grow, digestion becomes tricky and unpleasant. This, along with changes in metabolism, can cause a variety of health conditions, from changes in appetite to nausea and even food intolerance.

Ringing in Ears

Many people complain about ringing in their ears, no matter the age or gender. Similar to sonar, our hearing system can detect small vibrational changes, even when we don’t "hear" them, per se.

However, if we're exposed for a prolonged period, we can begin to register microwaves, and not in a pleasant way by having ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus is one of the frequently mentioned EMF exposure symptoms, and research from ScienceDirect raises a suspicion that there is a link between auditory sensations and EMF exposure.


The increased number of those suffering from anxiety is not only a result of the fast-paced lives we are all living; anxiety is also one of the most common EMF symptoms.

As technology advances, the level of EMF exposure raises, and if you're feeling super anxious lately, it might be in relation to your screen time.

Excessive EMF stimuli not only affects neuron activity but also activates parts of the brain that are responsible for alertness. As a result, we end up feeling hyper-alert to everything that happens around us.

Here's what research published on Taylor & Francis Online confirms: after measuring the effects EMF has on anxiety levels, researchers have found a correlation between exposure and increased anxiety. 

Increased Emotional Reactivity or Numbness

Increased emotional sensitivity and reactivity is one of the most common EMF radiation symptoms. The thing is, exposure interferes with the electrical activity of the brain, affects cell membrane functioning, and alters sodium and potassium levels.

This has been thoroughly discussed in a scientific review available on SAGE Journals. Because of that, we may find ourselves feeling numb or tingly, even when there is no concrete external reason for it.

When our nervous and hormonal system receives information that triggers a wide spectrum of emotions, we may find ourselves irritable, or on the flip side, feeling emotionally numb or "empty." And this leads us to the next unpleasant symptom... 


Our nervous system is impacted by microwaves from our environment. Those who are continually exposed to this form of radiation may be especially prone to developing depression or have it worsen over time.

Depression is a product of various environmental and internal changes that take place within our bodies. And while life circumstances can trigger depressive episodes, our hormonal and neurological makeup plays a big part in it.

Research published by Science Direct has shown that EMFs impact our brain and activate voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) which, among other mental health issues, can trigger depression.

EMF Sensitivity Symptoms

Dermatological Problems

Our largest organ isn’t resilient to the effects of radiation, so burning or tingling sensations can be one of the EMF symptoms we experience. Electric devices can cause these reactions, and research on PubMed shows that this can be particularly true for those who are sensitive to this type of radiation.

Other research on BMC Genomics highlights that everyday exposure can even alter protein expression in the skin. This means that our skincare routine needs to be altered and should include minimizing exposure to EMFs as much as possible.

At the end of the day, and with all that in mind, who can guarantee that rashes, eczema, or breakouts are not linked to exposure to these microwaves?

Other Concerns

This list of unpleasant symptoms might not end with those mentioned above. There are suspicions that the amount of radiation we are exposed to can even contribute to the development of chronic diseases and slow down the healing process.

One thing's for sure, and that is that electromagnetic frequencies do affect our immune system and can damage cells.

Some scientists are investigating the potential effects of EMFs on fertility, and an interesting read about the topic is available on JMIR Publications.

We hope there will be more research in the future covering these topics because considering how fast technology advances now, EMF levels will only continue to grow.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the most common EMF symptoms, you might be reevaluating the cause of some of your own health issues. You're not alone. This is concerning for all of us, and we should all take us many measures as possible to reduce our exposure. 

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