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What’s the Meaning & Nature of Fixed Signs in Astrology?

INSIDE: Incredibly dedicated to what they set their minds to, fixed signs in astrology will fearlessly push forward and work diligently to achieve their goals. Let's learn all about these predictable yet strong-natured individuals!


According to PsychiatricTimes, temperament is closely related to how we act and express ourselves emotionally.

Astrology has its own way of explaining one’s basic nature, and this ancient understanding goes hand in hand with how social and medical sciences explain human temperament nowadays.

In astrology, a basic personal expression can be explained through three modalities, or three main styles of expression - fixed, cardinal and mutable.

Today, we're focused on the strong and steady fixed signs in astrology. Here's everything you need to know.

What's the Nature of Fixed Signs in Astrology?

Fixed signs represent four signs that are associated with the middle period of each of the four seasons.

While mutable and cardinal signs denote changes in season and seasonal shifts, these middle periods are considered to be "the most stable," and this is directly reflected in the nature of the fixed signs.

Fixed energy is expressed in a stable, consistent manner. These natives live in the present moment, see present possibilities, and are oriented towards tangible results.

Zodiac Stones

Here are key traits associated with fixed signs of the zodiac...


Many would argue that out of all the signs in the zodiac, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the most unwavering of them all. These individuals are incredibly strong-willed. 

Fixed nature comes with a certain level of rigidity, making them appear inflexible, at least in the eyes of people they deal with. Because their beliefs are very "set in stone," they can be stubborn, coming across as overpowering or uncompromising.

Once a fixed sign makes up their mind, there is very little others can do to make them shift their perspective. Every decision or attitude is a result of personal experience and thorough analysis, and is never made on a whim.

However, their unwavering character makes them reliable and predictable, which is something many will admire.

While not completely closed-off to change, fixed signs in astrology will not force alternation in their reality for the sake of it. While their shadow aspect can be expressed as a complete resistance to change, they don't seek the thrill of novelty unless they see a purpose or feel personally challenged.

Persistent & Determined

These folks are not quitters. Once a fixed sign sets their mind to something, chances are they will not stop till they get what they desire.

Incredibly dedicated to their goals, no matter what those are, Fixed signs are persevering and prepared to do what it takes to reach their objective. These folks will have very set (fixed) values and beliefs.

Once their attention is focused on something, be it a specific achievement, learning a new skill, or a relationship, they will put all their attention and focus into making it work.

They don't fret when it comes to attachment and commitment, as long as that is what is aligned with what they want and what is true to them. Their determination is admirable, so once their interest is sparked, there's not much that can stop them from going after what they want. 

While laser-focused and persistent, fixed signs in astrology can at times show signs of indulgence and even laziness.

Although they are incredible go-getters, there needs to be a solid motivation to get them going. If there is none and they lose a sense of firm direction, their shadow side can show through indulgence and lack of drive.

Fixed Signs

Reliable Leaders

Because they have such a strong foundation and a sense of integrity, fixed signs in Astrology are often the best strategists. They know themselves well and know what steps they need to take in order to master a skill or conquer the world.

Their spirit is cunning, and they're the ones who prefer to have a step-by-step system, on in which each step can be predicted. This allows them to be in control and to get the most out of each situation.

Incredibly reliable and goal-oriented, they make great leaders and are the type of associates others love to work with. They always seem like they know precisely what they're doing, and this makes others feel comfortable, giving them a much-needed sense of direction. 

If their effort and dedication is taken for granted or they fail to see tangible results, letting go can be a difficult task, and they may be prone to tantrums, feeling frustrated that their dedication was in vain.

Loyal & Dedicated

Loyal to their beliefs, their people, and the lifestyle they chose, fixed signs in astrology truly know how to give their all. These people don’t fret from long-term investments and know the value of building trust, growing knowledge, and relationships.

They need a solid foundation in their lives, be that found in material things, partnerships, or knowledge.

Fixed signs seek a sense of familiarity anywhere they go. Having an established careers, lifestyle, and relationships are essential for their well-being, and they are ready to diligently invest their time and energy into building something meaningful.

Their trusting and dependable nature works in favor of forming strong and long-lasting attachments that can at times seem unbreakable.

Natives born under these four signs are willing to give their all to a cause, quest, or relationship they deem to be important.

As a matter of fact, they can be so passionate about something that they become possessive, jealous, and extremely protective of what and who matters to them, which is their shadow side. They are deep and intense, hence this style of attachment.

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Stable & Slow to Change

Fixed signs in astrology are slow and steady. These folks have a strong character, are not the ones to change quickly, and their sense of identity and stability is incredible.

Although somewhat rigid and stubborn at times, they usually have a very strong belief system and will strictly follow the rules they live by.

The foundation they build for themselves isn’t easily influenced by external factors. Reliable and predictable, they stand tall and proud, aware of what they bring to the table.

While they are extremely resilient in nature, they can be resistant to adopting necessary, positive changes, simply because they like to have things set in a certain way.

The Four Fixed Signs

Although fixed traits are common for all four signs, each is different in its own right.

What makes their expression so special and what differentiates them is a combination of their fixed nature and their astrology element, immersed with their ruling planet influence and the feminine or masculine nature they exert.

Now that we know what lies at the core of this modality, here's what makes each of the fixed signs in astrology unique...


Taurus represents the fixed Earth sign and is the slowest moving sign in the zodiac. Rock-solid and ruled by Venus, the Taurus sign is associated with material goods and pleasurable things.

Here, the Fixed nature is associated with Earthly pleasures, stamina, but also resistance to change.

Taurus is a fixed feminine sign and these natives like to take their time and let things come to them. Feminine signs are associated with divine timing, and so Taurus natives will be patient, persistent, and loyal to what they set their minds to. 

Predictable Fixed Signs


Leo is a fixed Fire sign and therefore moves much faster than Taurus. Ruled by the Sun, the fixed nature of this sign is associated with personal expression, ego, and basic identity. This combination of their strong fixed-sign persona and fiery natured desires to shine and be acknowledged.

Leo is one of the fixed signs in astrology, but it is also a fire sign. This means that although fixed and set in their ways, Leos will go after what sets their heart on fire, relentlessly pursuing their goals.

As bright as the Sun, the fixed nature of Leos is expressed through the desire for recognition and limelight.


Watery Scorpio is the third fixed sign and is governed by Pluto and Mars. Still, water runs deep, and when that water is combined with a fixed nature, Scorpio's nature becomes a mix of deep emotions and the need to defend and persevere.

Because Scorpio is a feminine Water sign, however, this martian energy will be expressed through patience, strategizing, and immersing with their goals, be those achievements or people they love. 


The last of the four fixed signs in astrology, Aquarius represents a steady Air sign. Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, the fixed nature of this sign is mostly expressed through ideas.

This is a masculine sign, and therefore Aquarians are innovators who blend the traditions of the past with the future but also see ways to bridge gaps where no one else sees. 

Their energy is about using revelations and ideas to change the world. Here, the fixed nature is expressed uniquely because Aquarius is a combination of stable and determined fixed nature and innovative Uranus and air energy.

Final Thoughts

Fixed modality creates an unwavering nature, making Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius the most stable of all the zodiac signs. Incredibly resilient, these signs are rock-solid and persevering even amid chaos.

Their style of expression creates emotional and intellectual depth and intensity that is necessary to drive them forward. When motivated and determined, these natives can conquer the world.

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