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What’s the Meaning and Nature of Mutable Signs in Astrology?

INSIDE: Open to novelty and great at going with the flow of life, mutable signs in astrology have a fluid persona. They are often admired for their resourceful, versatile, and sympathetic nature. Let’s get to know these four signs!


According to Harvard Business Review, one of the things that improves the workplace the most is ensuring employees feel encouraged to cultivate their curiosity and instigate change.

In astrology, how open we are to changes, how willing we are to say goodbye to the comfort zone and explore new ideas depends on the modality. 

Our focus in this article goes to the curious, changeable, and multifaceted mutable signs in astrology. Let’s see what they are all about...

What's the Nature of Mutable Signs in Astrology?

Mutable signs are astrology signs that are associated with the change of seasons.

Because they represent those times of the year when we are saying goodbye to one and saluting another season, in their nature, they are just like these periods - changeable. 

  • Gemini - Mutable Air sign, the transition from spring to summer
  • Virgo - Mutable Earth sign, the transition from summer to autumn
  • Sagittarius - Mutable Fire sign, the transition from autumn to winter
  • Pisces - Mutable Water sign, the transition from winter to spring

Mutable signs in astrology are incredible shapeshifters. They, among all signs, are the most adaptable to change, and they are able to learn from their experiences and put that knowledge into practice.

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Here are the most noticeable mutable traits and what makes these four signs so special...

Curious & Open-Minded

No matter if we're talking about their approach to relationships or life in general, mutable signs are curious about the world around them.

These are the signs highly associated with the mind, intellect, and communication. No matter if writing or spoken communication is their forte, they are open to learning and are enthusiastic about sharing their perspective.

Their mutable nature creates innate curiosity about how the world around them functions. However, these four signs are not only about gathering knowledge and testing it in real life. They are incredibly sensible, are great at sharing ideas, and are incredible communicators.

Mutable signs in astrology have the ability to easily see and understand different sides to the same problem, which contributes to their open-mindedness. These folks are open to exploring options and don’t dismiss differences.

Such an open nature helps their relationships, as they are sympathetic and can easily see other people’s perspectives and find a common language. They won’t rigidly hold onto their opinions, especially when presented with facts that satisfy their curious nature.

Chameleon-like souls these four signs will easily fit in almost anywhere. At times, they may struggle with anxiety, especially if in a completely new situation that requires a new set of skills and knowledge.

Sensible & Great Problem Solvers

Mutable signs are incredible problem-solvers. This ability is not only a byproduct of their curiosity but also their creative and analytical nature.

Incredibly intellectual with a profound desire to understand, they are natural philosophers who love to roam in the world of ideas. Their mind never stops working. These folks have a great affinity for gaining wisdom and are great at setting hypotheses and weighing pros and cons in every situation.

Each of the four mutable signs in astrology gathers information in its own unique way. However, what they all have in common is the desire to gather information and find solutions. Wise and studious, they know how to dive deep into matters of their interest.

They may drift from one idea to another, sometimes changing their final decisions, which is associated with their dual nature.

Because they are receptive and in sync with the world around them, they carefully select the information they find useful. This helps them tackle any problem, gather experience, and expand their vision. However, this may also, at times, disorientate them and create a true information overload.

Mutable Signs of the Zodiac

Adaptable & Flexible

Although mutable quality makes them changeable, these folks know how to go with the flow of life. Life itself is not stagnant, and neither are these four signs. They go with the flow at their own pace, always finding new ways to adapt to changes in their environment.

More than anyone else, they will be the first to outgrow what’s not working in their lives and embrace new ways of living and thinking. Their flexible nature and fluid personality allows them to transform easily when life calls for transformation.

Mutable signs in astrology simply know nothing is set in stone and their energy is in sync with that rule.

Open-minded in their approach to life and others, these signs are willing to see beyond their current circumstances and perspectives. They learn from their mistakes and are capable of making sound adjustments in their lives, be those behavioral or internal, subtle or large.

They are not too set in one way, and they don’t resist change. Although at times inconsistent and fluctuating due to their dual nature, they will follow through with new innovations and trends, embracing novelty with ease.

Multifaceted & Versatile

There is a good reason Geminis, Virgos, Sagittarius, and Pisces folks value knowledge and experience. Not only does this help them adapt and shift when they need to, but it actually helps them develop and build their character, something they love doing.

It is not uncommon for these folks to have various interests and many different layers to their personality. Mutable signs in astrology are multifaceted, and they can find a way to thrive in vastly different environments.

Incredibly crafty and resourceful, they are great at picking up new skills and will gladly go on new adventures, whether those adventures are physical or intellectual.

Their mind is naturally geared towards building, developing, and expanding horizons, and their approach to everything can be described as versatile. Although dedicated to whatever sparks their interest, because of their dual, multilayered nature, they may be seen by others as wishy-washy.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a firm set of values or goals. The truth is, mutable signs of the zodiac are likely to have multiple goals they want to achieve simultaneously and can put in the necessary effort to bring those to fruition. 

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The Four Mutable Signs

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces folks all have mutable qualities.

While Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Sagittarius and Pisces are associated with Jupiter. The ruling planet, as well as a few other factors, will determine how they show up in the world.

Now, let's look at how each of the mutable signs in astrology expresses this modality and what makes each so unique...


Childlike and vivacious in nature, Geminis know how to light up the room. An air sign, they are outwardly oriented, take a lighthearted approach, and like sharing information with others.

This is a masculine sign, which means that it likes taking initiative when it comes to learning, socializing, and dealing with change. However, because it is mutable, Geminis may appear inconsistent and flighty, simply because they adapt to the environment they are in so easily.

Ruled by Mercury, this sign is associated with learning, skills, networking, and gathering information.


Known as analytical, Virgo is the second of the two mutable signs in astrology that is ruled by Mercury. However, their mercurial energy, since it’s combined with the earth element, gives them a more grounded energy that’s introspective and inwardly-oriented.

Mercury, in this case, gifts Virgos with great problem-solving skills and attention to detail. However, they can get overwhelmed by details that are hard to be unseen, sometimes staying in one place mentally for too long. 

Virgo is a feminine sign. Immersed with mutable quality, this adaptable nature is gentle and receptive, responding to change in a gracious manner.


Sagittarius is a sign that is both changeable and wise. This is a fire sign that likes changes, likes to be on the go, and likes learning from experience. 

Their focus will shift as their thirst for knowledge demands. Because this is both masculine and a fire sign, Sagittarius folks will be the first to react to change and go exploring to broaden their horizons.

Sagittarius is one of the mutable signs in astrology ruled by Jupiter and is the sign of greater knowledge, so it will push boundaries in order to explore. 

Their mutable quality is expressed in a fast, sometimes unpredictable manner, and they like both starting change and reacting to it.


Pisces is a feminine mutable sign that simply flows with change. This is a water sign that isn’t afraid of internal change or of facing their emotions. As a matter  of fact, because this is a water sign, the mutable quality is usually expressed as a capability for deep internal transformation.

Pisces is the last of the mutable signs of the zodiac, is incredibly receptive, and is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. When watery depths get combined with the nature of these planets, we get a sign that is highly spiritual and loves exploring the psyche and mysteries.

Because of its adaptable and spiritual nature, Pisces are introspective and like to daydream and contemplate change rather than force it.

Final Thoughts 

The mutable quality is associated with individuals who simply know how to take life as it is. This quality is not about resistance, but acceptance and the wise management of skills and knowledge.

Studious and adaptable as they are, these four signs will find solutions where there seems to be none. Their open-minded approach helps them not only see, but seize possibilities and persevere and flow gently in times of change.

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