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Grounding to the Earth: What It Is, Why It’s Important & 4 Simple Methods

INSIDE: We seldom stop to think about our most stable, permanent relationship on this planet – our connection to the earth. Grounding to the earth requires that we take stock of our ties to nature so that we can enjoy its incredible healing and protection.


Grounding plays a major role in protecting your aura – not just around your body but around your sacred home too! A building connected to a power grid needs a well-maintained grounding system to ensure that electric frequencies stay balanced as they charge a home.

Grounding to the earth helps electrons expend and neutralize excess negative charge – during events like power surges or lightning strikes – by finding equilibrium with Earth’s positive energy.

The Earth protects the structure, and it can protect and heal our human bodies and auras, too!

What is Grounding?

Grounding for the body and mind involves a different process than that used in structural earthing systems that are complete with copper rods and wires.

In its most basic sense, grounding means to be connected to the earth, so let’s find out what can happen between humans and earth during this process…

Branch of Grounding Physics

Scientific research on living organisms' electrical charges show that we constantly emit frequencies from our bodies and absorb vibrational signals from objects and others around us.

Considering the physics of the matter, the earth as one giant object can pass significant amounts of energy and electrical charges to our bodies. It has surface electrons that can balance our bodies internal charge. This has been a focus of the fields of earthing science, grounding physics, and environmental medicine.

Science-wise, there is much to be explored and verified about the impacts of grounding. Most research has relied on small samples and self-reported measures and treatments. Nonetheless, grounding to the earth represents an important mindfulness practice. 

Tumbled Stones

Therapeutic Practice of Grounding to the Earth

Understanding that grounding involves an earth connection to pass electric currents to the body is the first step in fully grasping what exactly the practice entails.

Therapeutically, grounding to the earth refers to any activity that allows you to feel reconnected and fully embraced by the natural world and especially aware of the ground beneath your feet. We’ll talk later about some simple methods to access the therapeutic earth vibe.

The results of such a connection may simply manifest as a satisfied, calm feeling of unity with nature, but it can lead to important improvements for your overall health.

Why is Grounding Important?

Grounding is a full body holistic healing practice that provides crucial benefits to our mind, body, and spirit.

Mental Benefits of Grounding to the Earth

The process of grounding can take any length of time, from a simple 5 minutes to several hours in nature. The longer the time, the more significant the mental shift we experience. After 1 hour, research has shown that grounding improves our mood measurably.

Our mood includes our emotions and mental focus. Therapeutic earth healing alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety. Grounding brings benefits that reduce stress and provide mental space to think clearly and steadily. It actually ties to the physical stabilizing of the hormone, cortisol.

What is Grounding?

Physical Benefits of Grounding Methods

Besides its effect on cortisol levels, grounding contributes to other aspects of physical healing. While the full-scale impact still needs further study, initial research shows that grounding processes relieve inflammation, muscle damage, and chronic pain.

It has been shown that the earth’s electrical current in connection with the human body increases charge and electrons that impact the strength of diseases and inflammation. 

While not necessarily curative, grounding can play a role in holistic health methods to aid in the functioning of our different bodily systems. The calming essence of grounding has exhibited an ability to reduce the clumping of blood cells, an indication of improved circulation for cardiovascular health.

Spiritual Benefits of Grounding

These mental and physical benefits of grounding provide immense healing opportunities. Even more, engaging in grounding to the earth creates a spiritual connection between humans and nature.

As we develop a habit of grounding, we experience the mysticism of the natural world. We recognize the power of the earth to bring relief and solace. Grounding opens our consciousness to divine processes that we may not fully understand yet but that truly work to heal our souls.

Methods for Grounding to the Earth

Whether you own a piece of countryside or live in a concrete jungle, grounding methods incorporate direct or indirect contact with the earth so that we can experience a connection to nature no matter where we are.

Let's look at some ways to do this...

Use Grounding Crystals

Grounding crystals provide a perfect conduit for an earth connection. These jewels of the earth have natural vibrations born out of their origins underground. What is grounding about crystals is that they have the soothing beauty of nature and their own unique healing properties.

Using grounding stones like Red Jasper and Hematite places the earth within reach, even if you’re flying high in the sky. Whether holding them in your hand, wearing them in jewelry, or resting them on chakra points, these crystals transfer the frequency of the earth into your body.

Grounding Stones

Walk Barefoot on the Earth

Making a solid connection to the earth requires simply placing bare feet onto any surface that resonates with the earth. Grounding to the earth can happen in a patch of dirt, a swathe of grass, a sandy seashore, or a silted lake bottom.

Our feet have sensitive pressure nodes that activate nerves and send signals throughout the body to the brain. By freeing our feet to feel the soft passing of air on the skin and setting a foundation on the earth, we allow healing sensations to reverberate through our whole body. 

Meditate in Nature

Sitting in nature and soaking in the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings that emerge from the earth is a powerful grounding practice. Meditation in nature requires nothing but a little space to sit or stand in stillness and feel embraced by the earth.

Whether in a city park, in a backyard garden, or on an apartment balcony surrounded by potted plants, acknowledging the presence of the natural and taking a mental-spiritual study of earth and nature through meditation can offer incredible healing and relief.

Lying on the Earth

Grounding to the earth can involve a full body experience. Finding a safe space in nature amenable to human presence and respectful of the natural ecology, let your entire being rest upon the earth.

By lying down and acknowledging how your body connects to the surface of the earth in different ways at different parts of the body, you can direct the earth’s healing energy to the parts of your body, mind, and soul that need it most.

Benefits of Grounding Crystals

Final Thoughts

Gravity keeps us rooted to the earth, but even with physics controlling our physical location between the ground and atmosphere, we sometimes lose our sense of place in nature. Grounding to the earth has an important role to play in our wellbeing, and not just in terms of a safely electrified home.

When we incorporate grounding practices into our holistic health plan, we learn to use a valuable tool – the earth – in ways that promote physical, mental, and spiritual healing, maintaining our balance and stability to allow us to thrive.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Grounding to the Earth What It Is, Why It’s Important & 4 Simple Methods

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