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How to be Less Judgmental & Why You Should Bother

INSIDE: We all judge people, and kudos to you for wanting to do better. Because judging is an automatic habit, we need to work at it to know how to be less judgmental. Here are some tips to help you.


It is human nature to judge other people. However, doing so can affect our mental health and well-being. That's why in this article, we will learn how to be less judgmental towards others and focus on our own selves. 

Being judgmental and passing judgment has to do with how you see the world and what you think of the world around you. Though being judgmental is not always a bad thing, it is human nature to make judgments out of context, especially negative ones.

Judging other people can make us fearful of being judged ourselves and decrease our feelings and connections with others around us. Therefore it is essential to learn how to be less judgmental towards others for your own good and to maintain strong and healthy relationships. 

We'll offer a few practical tips to help you release judgments, so you can have a more positive perception of life and see the good in others around you. 

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How Releasing Judgment Can Change Your Life

Life is really all about perspective. The way I see the world is different from how you see the world, and neither is right or wrong. The more we stop judging, the more we can open our minds to new perspectives and the more peaceful and loving we become.

Do you find yourself jumping to conclusions quickly?

Or do you just make up your mind before learning all the facts about a person or situation?

We all do it.

Most of us don't even realize we are judging others because this habit is rooted so deep in our minds that it becomes hard to break (or even notice).

The good news, though, is that it isn't impossible to change and there are many benefits associated with being less judgmental.

Let's look at those now...

Being Less Judgmental Opens Doors to New Experiences

Naturally, we have a habit of stopping ourselves from trying new things because we fear we won't be good at it. But, if you stop judging it before you even do it, it can make your life more pleasurable, exciting, and valuable.

The more we practice non-judgment about people, experiences, and things, the more open our minds are, which can lead to lots of new experiences in life.

It Improves Our Relationships

While you may find it stressful to be friends with judgmental people, your friends can feel the same if you are too critical towards them. This may cause them to share only a specific part of their lives with you and keep secrets from you because they fear you will judge them without even knowing the complete story.

If you learn how to be less judgmental, however, your relationships with friends and family will likely become stronger and more trustworthy. People will start looking up to you as they realize you are not a person who will mock or ridicule their actions or personal choices. 

how to stop judging

It Makes You a More Positive & Happier Person

While others label things around them as good, bad, acceptable, unacceptable, etc., when you are being less judgmental, you will be a happier person since you are not indulging in such activities and are accepting people as they are instead of labeling their actions and life choices.

Doing this will open doors of positivity in your life, and you will develop a strong resilience towards judgmental people, making you happier and more empathetic.

Why We Judge Others

Before you can learn how to be less judgmental and stop labeling others for their preferences and choices in life, it is essential to know why we actually judge others and why it is a bad habit. 

We often tend to spend time with people who are like-minded to feel peaceful and happy. We also wish that our friends and family would be more supportive and trustworthy.

Therefore, whenever we meet a new person, subconsciously, our minds begin to form opinions about them, their physical appearance, their way of talking, etc. However, we need to learn that each person is unique and has a different perception of life in their mind. 

We start judging people because of the way we look at the world around us and what we believe it to be. We do not judge others based on facts but on our feelings and assumptions about them. 

Being judgmental towards others undermines their value while revealing more about ourselves than the people we are judging.

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How to be Less Judgmental Towards Others

We should all learn how to be less judgmental and accept that every individual is different and has the right to choose their way of living. 

Here are a few ways to be less judgmental of others.

Notice When You Judge Yourself & Reframe It

Since judging others reveals more about ourselves, we must reframe our self-judgmental thoughts to become less judgmental towards others.

Self-compassion can help you eliminate negative thoughts about yourself and reduce your need to seek validation from others. When you see yourself with kindness and forgiveness, you will have a more positive outlook on your life and view others with more acceptance. 

Catch Yourself When You Judge Others

As soon as you find yourself judging others, catch yourself immediately. Ask yourself the reason behind the judgment.

In most cases, being judgmental is a result of our personal insecurities. Therefore, find what you are insecure about and try to overcome that. Once you understand the latter, you will let go of your ego and finally learn how to be less judgmental. 

Learn to Love Differences

Try understanding that everyone perceives life according to their beliefs and choices, and learn to accept it. Everyone has their own way of living, and they do not need to explain why they believe in a particular thing.

If you learn to accept people for who they are and what they believe in, you will start judging them less and become more optimistic about life. 

how to release judgement

Read About Different Perspectives on a Topic

This is an excellent way of learning to be less judgmental of others. All you need to do is pick a topic and read different opinions and perceptions of various people about it.

Doing this will teach you to accept that every individual has their own way of thinking with unique choices. Once you practice, you will automatically become less judgmental towards others.  

Give People the Benefit of the Doubt

Meeting new people and increasing your social circle will help you to be less judgmental of others. Talking to people about their life experiences and giving them the benefit of the doubt is an excellent way of practicing acceptance towards others.

You will gradually realize that other people are just like you with their beliefs, and they do not deserve negative labels or judgement from you or anyone else. 

Get Curious

When you judge others, it is based on your personal thoughts and not on the facts. If you practice becoming curious about others and their points of view, you can overcome your habit of judging others.

Getting curious will make you more inquisitive about the person instead of feeling judgmental toward them.

Final Thoughts

Judging other people can make you lose your ability to connect with your friends and family or create stronger bonds with them. Our relationships and well-being will automatically improve when we see others with more empathy and kindness. 

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