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How to Make a Crystal Grid: Steps, Tips & Best Practices

INSIDE: Crystal grids provide a beautiful way to display crystals while also serving an energetic purpose. From simple designs to intricate patterns, the rules of crystal grids are very flexible! Read on to learn how to make a crystal grid.


We talk a lot about the spiritual invocations of crystals, and we’ll get to that aspect of crystal grids here.

But before we dive in, let’s take a moment to consider the “official” science of crystals – crystallography, the study of how crystals form, what shapes their structures take, and how these contribute to the unique properties of crystals.

Crystallography has straddled the realm of science and mathematics since the discovery of the Bravais lattices, which are groupings of points or atoms that come together to create 7 different crystal shapes.

This isn’t the shape that we see with our naked eye but rather the deep, elemental bones of crystals.

While this fascinating field tries to explain the delicate balance in crystal structures that might contribute to their vibrational properties, you can find these patterns in other parts of nature too.

Take fractal geometry, which measures the surface texture of objects, for example. Fractals have demonstrated amazing self-copying patterns that seem to regenerate into infinity.

We desire to understand and realize the wonder of shapes in nature. Short of complex mathematical equations and strong microscopes, we can learn how to make a crystal grid by creating shapes and symmetry to unlock the power of crystal energy.

how to use a crystal grid

What is a Crystal Grid & How Do They Work?

A crystal grid in its most basic form is a deliberately planned arrangement of crystals, stones, and other natural elements. To elevate the pattern, you can imbue the grid with intention and activate it to vibrate energy.

The Purpose of a Crystal Grid

Creating crystal grids can serve as a tool or ritual to invite healing, motivation, or focus.

Because the process for how to make a crystal grid involves preparation, meditation, and intention, the outcome produces a beautiful structure of inspiration to return to as you seek to manifest different things in your life.

The Power of a Crystal Grid

The grid in itself emits incredible frequencies that attract important energy. Wherever you decide to construct a crystal grid, treat it as a sacred space where you can return time and time again to remember and absorb the positive vibrations of intention and intuition.

The power in the grid mirrors the perfect geometry in the crystals. By focusing points and angles within a shape, the grid directs energy flow throughout the structure.

Many crystal grids work through symmetry because a balance of energy is important even when we need to focus on a very specific energetic field. However, there are no hard rules for crystal grids.

Sometimes life is so out of balance one way that we have to counterbalance through an asymmetric grid. Let's learn how to do it!

How to Make a Crystal Grid 

Just like there are no rules to the shape of a grid, the process for how to make a crystal grid can differ too. Some people choose to build from inside out while others go from outside in.

This can all be a matter of preference or intention, infusing meaning into each step you take. 


To begin, take time to meditate on what you hope to learn from or receive from your crystal grid. Get clear about your intentions – maybe even write them down. It's important that you can focus on and recall your intention throughout the process. 

Gather cleansed crystals (we’ll talk more about that later). Choose them according to your intention and what kind of energy you hope to attract.

You will want one center crystal, which serves as the anchor, exuding the most powerful frequency towards your intention. Some examples of good anchor crystals include:

Then, seek out 2 to 3 other types of crystals, tumbled or natural, that can support the center’s power and energy. These stones harmonize, increase, and balance the center’s intentional vibration.

It can be a good idea to have an even number of support stones. A number like 8 is an easy, balanced number. Also, turned on its side, it symbolizes the sacred symbol of infinity.

If you have a Clear Quartz or Selenite pointer or wand, you may want to keep that handy for when we get the activation step below. You can also include tumbled stones, leaves, flowers, or other natural objects. You really can’t go wrong with your crystals, so trust your intuition to guide you.

Finally, consider the shape you want to create, freestyle or structured. You can find many crystal grid templates online, ranging from simple starter shapes to intricate advanced designs, to print out and use as a placement guide. Or, you can just create your own.

Tumbled Stones


With your tools in hand, it’s time to construct your crystal grid. You can build your crystal grid anywhere, inside or outside, but it’s a good idea to chose a safe, sacred space. Here you need to feel comfortable interacting with powerful energy and give your crystals a protective sanctuary. 

We will discuss how to make a crystal grid from the center working outward. We’ve mentioned a few times now that there are no rules, so you do not have to follow these steps perfectly. 

Critical to the flow of energy in your grid is proper alignment and placement of the crystal group on a grid, especially if you are using a template. Make sure the crystals are centered at their energetic points when you do place them.

Remember, though, that alignment and placement can be completely up to you as well if you are creating a freestyle formation. Also, keep in mind at all times the intention you prepared earlier. 

Now you can begin to set the crystals to build your grid. Start with the center stone to anchor the intention you have set. This center crystal has the strongest aura towards your intention.

With the anchor stone placed, begin to place the support stones around the center one-by-one. If you want to follow a particular order, you can begin by situating the 4 support stones in the cardinal directions – north, south, east, and west. Then, fill in the ordinal directions – northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest.

With the main foundation set, you can place any other tumbled stones or objects in patterns radiating from your grid.


Finally, once you’ve built your crystal grid, you need to know how to activate it. Activation is a multi-step process of connecting the lines to unify your grid and crystal powers to resonate energy as you sit within this sanctuary space and as you move about your day.

This is where your Clear Quartz point or wand can come into play if you haven’t already placed them in your grid. You'll want to activate your grid using Clear Quartz.

Here’s a 6-step activation overview:

  1. Pointing the Quartz above your anchor, think about your intention. Pause for a moment as you imagine pure light streaming from your Quartz Wand to energize the center crystal. Let this light follow you throughout the next steps.
  1. Draw a line from the center to one of the outside stones. Pause and reiterate your intention. 
  1. Moving clockwise on the grid’s external rim, trace a line to the next stone. Pause again. Think about your intention.
  1. Draw a line from this second outer stone back to the anchor. Pause with intention and let the center crystal recharge the intention through your Quartz Wand. 
  1. Retrace that line back to the second outer stone, and after a brief pause, connect it to the next stone.
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 around the entire grid, finishing at the center stone to fully open the circuits of energy. Always keep your intention at the forefront of your mind. You can even recite it at each node.

crystal grid templates

Freehand vs Crystal Grid Templates

What we described above for how to make a crystal grid takes a somewhat circular path, but crystal grids can come in many shapes and sizes. You can even make your own freestyle grid.

Below are some patterns that range from structured shapes to freehand designs.

Sacred Geometry

Tapping into sacred geometric shapes magnifies the vibrational energy of your crystal grid. Sacred geometry refers to symbols or patterns that connect to divine forces and help transport a person towards consciousness.

The Flower of Life, the Seed of Life, and the Merkaba are all examples of sacred geometric shapes. These have set nodes where you'll want to place your crystal to maximize the energetic pull, so using a crystal grid template to follow sacred geometry is a great idea. 

You can find awesome templates for free online. Pinterest is loaded with examples. You can find a range of simple patterns or more detailed designs to print and add to the aesthetic beauty of your grid.


Mandalas relate to sacred geometry because in many cultures and religions, the making of a mandala is a sacred practice of meditation. Mandalas can also take sacred geometric patterns.

A key characteristic of mandalas is rotational symmetry. They are excellent designs to call forth balance in your life.

In Buddhist traditions, monks construct mandalas with intricate details, often out of organic material like sand or pebbles. Once the mandala is complete, they immediately destroy it as a lesson in impermanence.

If you choose a mandala design, you don't have to adhere to this principle of destruction. Crystal grids often work best when given some time to charge and release energy – anywhere from a few hours to months. 

Smudging With Sage


Just as a great painting or sculpture offers inspiration and reflection, crystal grids can work in a more general way. We’ve talked about the importance of intention for how to make a crystal grid, but sometimes your intention isn’t totally clear yet - you just sense that you need some spiritual guidance.

That’s why creating a crystal grid artfully from what comes to your mind can help clarify your vision and detect what areas of your life need attention and energy.

You can get creative, letting your intuition lead you in picking your crystals and building a pattern for energetic flow.

Tips & Best Practices 

Now that we are clear on how to make a crystal grid, here are some tips and best practices to get the most out of your sacred art.

Choose a Center Stone

We’ve said there are no rules to crystal grids. While we stand by that, a center stone for your crystal grid is a really important feature.

The center stone packs the most intentional energy, but it still needs the rest of the grid to make it work. It’s like our earth chakra. We need to be tethered to the earth to stay grounded and present in this world, and all of our other chakras in balance help keep this strong.

Select Crystal Points to Direct the Energy

Clear Quartz isn’t the only crystal point you can include in your grid. Crystal points work like road signs and arrows to lead the energy flow where you want it to go. 

Using vertical points for your center stone can direct an energetic flow from the grid to the divine realm and to you. Crystal points for your support stones guide their helpful energy towards the anchor.

Choose Crystals That Match Your Intention

Even if you aren’t perfectly clear on your intention, your crystal grid needs some sort of force to work towards.

Your intention plays a huge part in how to make a crystal grid. Each crystal contains properties that nourish certain aspects of our life. Choose what stones to incorporate in your grid so that they match and fuel your intention.

Add in Supportive Crystals

It’s always better to work as a team – that’s why you’ve recruited the process for how to make a crystal grid to help you out! Don’t make just one type of crystal do all the work. Add in supportive crystals.

Clear Quartz is generally a great stone to incorporate in a grid because of its impressive ability to increase the properties of any other crystal. Your intuition will also match your anchor with stones that fill in any blanks or add a boost to its properties.

Cleanse Your Crystals First

This is HUGE! We mentioned briefly in the process to begin with cleansed crystals. If you want to maximize the power from your crystals, you do not want to carry in old, stale, negative energy that they may have accumulated in other meditations or healings.

There are many ways to cleanse crystals. Some just need to be rinsed (while some should never touch water!), and others recharge in sunlight or moonlight some shouldn't be placed in the sun).

An essential oil spray can invigorate your crystal with extra healing properties. Sound vibrations and frequencies can also balance your crystals.

You don’t just want cleansed crystals. You also should consider your own body and the space where you build. Smudging with sage, including over your crystals, can prepare a protective sanctuary for your intentions and energy.

Choose a Space That Won’t Be Disturbed

If you want to know how to make a crystal grid work, then be patient and give your crystal grid time and space.

The grid needs stability. If the crystals get knocked out of their purposeful positions, that can block the energy flow. So build your grid somewhere where it won’t be destroyed until you feel that either your intention has been fulfilled or that you need to build new and fresh.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve built a crystal grid, you can keep returning to it. You can recharge it or recalibrate it with a new intention. 

The patterns of nature, as we know, can mesmerize our senses and heal our scattered thoughts and lives. Having learned how to use a crystal grid, you can harness this natural power force by connecting with the patterns of crystals anywhere you go.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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