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How To Make an Elixir & The Best Crystal Elixir Recipes

INSIDE: Ever wondered how to make an elixir? Discover all the different types, the steps for making a crystal elixir, and some recipes for specific intentions.


Modern medicine offers a variety of syrups and elixirs that are intended for therapeutic purposes in treating specific health conditions. However, the benefits of elixirs don’t stop with medicine as we know it today.

As a matter of fact, there are those that are not only beneficial and healthy but also homemade.

For instance, according to Healthline, researchers have found that aloe vera juice, which is a simple form of a natural elixir, helps reduce pain.

These are precisely the ones we are talking about today - potent, but natural elixirs made to improve our health and wellbeing.

If you want to learn how to make an elixir, let’s get to it...

What is an Elixir?

Elixirs are a type of energetic potions in a sense. They are nature-based cocktails for wellbeing. They might even be thought of as liquid cures, although we're certainly not claiming that they cure anything.

Elixirs have a long history and are part of alternative and holistic medicine. They were created centuries back and were used for healing in various cultures. Some of them we even use today in a simple form, and they are known as teas.

The basic principle of an elixir is that it uses a natural resource that is good for our wellbeing. In other words, it is a liquid mixture of water, herbs, crystals, and aromas that have specific nourishing properties.

They are based on a careful selection of ingredients, each of which has a purpose, and that is to heal and protect our mental and physical health.

They vary in complexity, compounds, and potency of goods used. They are taken orally and meant to make positive changes both in our aura and physical body.

Tumbled Stones

Types of Elixirs

There are many different types of these powerful potions, determined by the main ingredients used and the purpose. Depending on the ingredients and characteristics of main compounds, they can be taken orally, applied topically, or used to enrich beauty routines.

Here are some of the most common elixirs:

Crystal Elixirs

Crystal elixirs are made of fresh water and a chosen crystal (or crystals). They are used to heal and cleanse our bodies, and are created to amplify the natural healing properties of gemstones. They have a direct effect on the mind and body, as they are taken orally.

All crystals have a specific mineral structure and beneficial compounds, which allow such potions to balance and improve our resilience.

There are plenty of mixtures and purposes we can use these types of elixirs for. Their main benefit is that they help eliminate or cleanse our body from negative energy, while ‘’intaking’’ beneficial energy and ions. 

Herbal Elixirs

Herbal elixirs, which are popularly known as teas, are made of either herbal extracts, fresh or dried plant leaves, or roots.

These can be safe medicinal herbs, like Chamomile, Hibiscus, Echinacea, or Lemon Balm, and they can be used either individually or as part of an herbal mixture.

Curative plant elixirs are infusions, usually made to heal or soothe the effects of certain conditions.

Aromatic Elixirs

Aromatic elixirs are remedies made with water and drops of essential oils to create a specific healing effect. They are usually inhaled or applied topically, and are only sometimes taken orally, when medically proven.

Aromatic elixirs are mixtures of highly dense drops of healing herbal extracts and water. However, most of them are made with some percentage of alcohol due to the relative solubility of certain compounds.

Fruit & Vegetable Elixirs

Fruit and vegetable elixirs are usually healing antioxidant elixirs that are used to rejuvenate and refresh us. They are made of freshly cut pieces of fruits and/or vegetables and fresh water.

They are usually left to rest for a few hours and are kept in certain conditions and temperature for water and fruit to release vitamins and minerals into the water.

Crystal Elixir Recipes

How to Make a Crystal Elixir?

Before we get into the steps for how to make an elixir, here's what you need to know first...

The first rule for creating an elixir of your choice is that none of the ingredients can be toxic or artificially processed by any means.

Before embarking on your potion-making journey, be fully aware of the properties of each and every ingredient as you don’t want to be risking your health or triggering an allergic reaction.

All crystals have healing properties, but some can have adverse effects when in contact with drinking water and taken orally.

For instance, Pyrite induced water can be toxic, so keep your shiny Fools Gold on a dry surface to get the most of it.

To be certain, check this guide for what crystals can’t be used in the water. It will also give you an insight into how to prepare your crystal for an elixir, which is step two of the elixir-making process.

Remember, if in doubt, always consult a trusted source.

The Direct Method 

Use this method for how to make an elixir when you're using crystals that can be in direct contact with water...

Step 1: Choose a Crystal

Choose the desired crystal and bless it with an intention. All crystals work on at least a few levels, so setting a clear healing intention will help the water amplify specific healing properties of the chosen gemstone. 

Step 2: Prepare the Crystal

Make sure the crystal is cleansed before creating your crystal elixir.

Each gemstone discharges energy and charges in a unique way. For instance, while some can get charged by sunlight, others can’t be exposed to direct sun, as it will weaken their power.

The large majority of crystals can be cleansed by water, but to make sure whether this is the best method to prepare your stone, follow the guide provided above. 

Preparing the crystal is essential as it will amplify its potency and prevent negative energy from mixing with your water. Crystals take on and absorb negative energy when exposed to it for too long, which is why they need to be cleansed properly in order to be fully powerful as they are.

Step 3: Place it in Fresh Water

The molecular structure of water is influenced by frequencies and vibration. A crystal that is placed in water and blessed with a positive intention will impact the attributes of the water and make it more beneficial.

For this purpose, choose glass bottles or jars, as glass magnifies the power of a crystal and is the healthiest material because it doesn't change the properties of the water.

The water that you use for the elixir should be fresh, spring water. 

Sage Smudge Sticks

Step 4: Leave it to Rest

Based on how a chosen crystal reacts to sunlight, you can either leave it to rest for 24 hours (no more than that), expose it to sun and moonlight, or just leave for the night (for those that weaken in the sun, such as Rose Quartz).

For special potency, use every new moon in a moon cycle as an opportunity to prepare a crystal elixir. The energy of the moon is directly connected to water, and it will help bring fresh energy into your life.

Once done, filter your elixir water through a tea or coffee filter paper to get rid of any unwanted debris. 

Step 5: Enjoy the Benefits

The last step in knowing how to make an elixir is of course using it. If you're planning to use the elixir immediately, you are safe to go and enjoy its benefits. If not, make sure to store it in a dark glass bottle with a pipette in a dry place.

For preservation, add alcohol or glycerol to your mixture, as it will sanitize the crystal elixir and prevent contamination over time. The formula should be approximately 70% elixir water and 30% alcohol.

You will be able to use it for an extended period, simply by mixing a few drops of it with a glass of fresh water.

Rose Quartz Elixir

The Indirect Method

Alternatively, if a chosen crystal can’t be placed in water, you can use the indirect method for how to make an elixir.

  1. Just place it in a small vessel and seal it tightly so it doesn't come in direct contact with the water.
  2. Then, place the vessel in another, larger one filled with spring water and leave the two vessels to rest, as mentioned in step four of the direct method.
  3. Remove the small vessel with the crystal and put it aside.
  4. What you are working with now is only water from the larger vessel. Filter the water and follow step five from the direct method.

    Powerful Elixirs To Try

    Now that you know how to make an elixir, let's talk about some of the most common crystal elixirs to make...

    Amethyst Elixir For Stress Relief & Anxiety 

    Here are the steps to make an Amethyst Elixir:
    1. Use a piece of water-cleansed Amethyst and place it in a vessel with spring water.
    2. Sit and meditate with this mixture for a few minutes.
    3. Set the clear intention that you want the elixir to soothe your nervous system and cleanse your aura from tense energy.
    4. To amplify your intention, leave the elixir in the Moonlight over night.

    This elixir can be used orally or topically when mixed with a few drops of lavender essential oil. You can add it to your skin, bed sheets, or wrists to relieve stress.

    Amethyst is naturally soothing and has the power to help us let go of negativity, anxiety, and tension. When mixed with alcohol, you can use a few drops of this potion under your tongue in situations when you need an immediate stress-reliever.

    Rose Quartz Elixir For Love

    Place Rose Quartz in fresh, drinking water and keep it in a tinted bottle away from direct sunlight.

    Rose Quartz helps open us up to unconditional love and has the power to heal wounds and negative beliefs about how lovable or worthy we feel.

    You can write positive affirmations about love and self love on a piece of paper and place the bottle with the Rose Quartz infusion on top of it overnight. This will help raise the vibration of the water and bless it with positive intentions.

    Once it’s filtered, take a few drops in the morning to start a new day with self-love or add a few drops to your bath as a self-care routine.

    You can even include your Rose Quartz crystal elixir every time you drink fresh water, under the condition it is properly cleansed from negative energy. Just set the intention and you are ready. 

    Citrine for Energy and Optimism

    If you feel tired all the time and find it difficult to see the positives in life, this is the crystal elixir for you.

    Citrine should be placed in a dry, sealed bowl, which is dipped into a larger one, filled with water (follow the indirect method).

    When you intend to use it immediately, you can mix the elixir water with orange juice or mango pieces. This will help cleanse toxins from your body that slow you down.

    Citrine has the power to lift our spirits and heal the negative patterns we keep creating in our minds. If you feel extra fatigued and you want an extra energy-boost, you can use two or three Citrine.

    Here are some other crystal elixirs you can try using the indirect method:

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you know how to make an elixir and some of the best crystal elixir recipes, you can start to enjoy the health and well-being that comes from making them and taking them. Have fun!

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    * Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.
    Crystal Elixir Recipes
    How to Make an Elixir
    Best Crystal Elixir Recipes

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