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Journaling for Manifestation: 7 Techniques to Get Abundance Flowing

INSIDE: Journaling for manifestation unleashes the flow of abundant expression for what we desire to cultivate in our lives. Bring your thoughts out of your head and into this world by putting pen to paper. Then, watch the wonderful dreams swirl in your mind. 


Several years ago, a group of neuroscientists in Germany began to wonder how the brains of people engaged in fiction writing were activated during the creative process.

By comparing novice and expert writers, they found that an area of the human brain called the caudate nucleus turned on when the experts wrote. The caudate nucleus corresponds to skill when practiced behaviors take less conscious thought and develop into a sort of second nature.

The research suggested that as people regularly write fiction, the ability to envision a dream world becomes easier. This concept can apply to journaling for manifestation as well.

Perhaps the more we build a habit of transferring hopes and dreams from our minds into words on the page, the greater chance we have to see them into reality – because our dreams never have to be fiction.

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7 Journaling for Manifestation Techniques You’ll Want to Try

Keeping a manifestation journal serves as a tangible means of accountability as you seek to express your desires and help them come into your life.

Manifestation happens in two steps:

  1. Recognize and reflect on the abilities you have and the abundance you deserve.
  2. Consciously live your life with awareness and intention in the direction of your goals.

Let’s explore a few incredible ways to develop a habit of journaling…

Gratitude Journaling

With the first step of manifestation - reflection - we need to spend time considering what we already have in our lives. Expressing gratitude in a journal can help us learn to more openly and instinctively recognize the beautiful gifts that are offered to us everyday, even the tiny moments.

When journaling for manifestation, we should begin by saying thanks for what we already have, for what we may have let go, and for the people who have guided us to the place where we are.

In a daily practice, we can thank the universe for each person we interacted with that day because each meeting is an opportunity to share our energy, purpose, and intention.

An area of gratitude we often forget is ourselves, so through gratitude journaling develop the habit of thanking yourself for investing the time and focus on manifestation. As you do so, you may be surprised to realize that your progressive shifts are subtle yet expansive.

Writing Our Your Hopes & Dreams

After taking stock of what we have, we can move on to truly articulating our hopes and dreams. When we write out what we have stored deep in our heart and mind, we start to clarify what those dreams will fulfill in our spiritual path

Don’t be surprised if while journaling for manifestation you see parts of your desires that, frankly, you feel less attracted to. This may be because the idea you used to have of abundance no longer fits in your path or fulfills your true purpose. It is okay for your dreams to morph and realign.

Dr. Blaine Lawlor, a professor of management, designed a system to evaluate goals. Streamlined by the acronym SMART, we should strive to make our goals Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Realistic, and Trackable.

When our goals adhere to the SMART system, we will find them easier to achieve and have more fulfilling experience in the process.

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New Moon Journaling

A powerful way to design a manifestation journal revolves around the lunar cycle so that we can not only mark the time as we work towards what we desire, but also so that we can ensure that the power of the universe is on working with us.

New moon journaling involves setting a ritual every two weeks that coincides with the birth of a new moon. On the night when the moon has reached its final point of waning, grab your journal and find a peaceful lamp or candle-lit corner to write.

During this ritual, concentrate on writing what you want to focus on over the next two weeks. Set tangible, accomplishable goals that lead to your dreams. There is no time that is more powerful for setting intentions than during the new moon. Try manifesting with the moon and you'll see how powerful it can be.

Full Moon Journaling

At the other end of the lunar cycle, we meet the full moon, when the celestial orb tells us it's time to let go.

On the night of the full moon, reflect on your accomplishments over the past two weeks. Revisit what you wrote on the night of the new moon to see what growth and progress you’ve made. 

Release anything that is holding you back from achieving your goal, whether that be limiting thoughts or a circumstance in your life. Think about all the ways you have actively worked for your goals, and continue to feed the passion while offering yourself permission to rest and take your time.

I AM Journaling

In our manifestation practices, a crucial aspect we need to nurture involves building our own self-worth and confidence. When we acknowledge the things we can do and what we have done, it becomes clear how incredibly equipped and resilient we are to accomplish anything we want.

Try writing I AM statements when journaling for manifestation. By truly targeting yourself and what is unique to you, you become much clearer on your truth and intention. What is especially important in this technique is to maintain a positive mindset on progress.

Avoid writing statements about anything you see as being negative about yourself. Write down ways that you are working towards your goals. Consider statements that begin like these and fill them in with any creative expression you can think of. We’ve given a few options:

  • I AM [beautiful, adventurous, intelligent, compassionate, focused, etc….]
  • I AM giving back to the world by [creating art, sharing information, volunteering, etc….]
  • I AM actively trying to [sing everyday, spend time in meditation, exercise, eat vegetables, etc…]

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Answer Manifestation Prompts

If journaling for manifestation feels intimidating, that’s okay! Ease into it – not everyone feels like a writer, but our journals are meant to be personal logs, not literary masterpieces. Let go of judgment about what you write. 

A great way to get flowing into journaling is to answer prompts each day. A quick internet search can give you a vast array of topics to use every day. Just choose one and write a few sentences to check in with yourself and your goals.

Again, this is a catalog of your intentions. Some days you might fill pages and others only find two sentences to write. It’s about building a habit to hold yourself accountable.

Here are some ideas to get you going with these types of manifestation prompts:

  • What goal did I take a step towards today? How?
  • What did I do today that contributed to an aspect of my wellbeing?
  • How have I changed in the past month? Year? Decade?
  • What small task can I accomplish tomorrow in the direction of my dream?

Befriend Abundance Crystals

Although journaling for manifestation may seem like an individual activity, we actually can seek a helping hand for our practice. By befriending abundance crystals, we invite positive energy to radiate around us as we explore how we want to approach our goals.

Crystals like Citrine, Pyrite, and Jade have natural frequencies that keep us focused on actions of prosperity and growth. When we hold them in our hands or wear them as we write, we might find that our ideas flow more freely. 

As we set aside our journal and place an abundance crystal on top as we express our gratitude and intention in a moment of mindfulness with the stone, it can instill powerful vibrations between our practice, our bodies, and our minds for manifestation.

Final Thoughts

Journaling for manifestation is an actionable step towards meeting face-to-face with our dreams. While writing our dreams on paper won’t magically make the wealth and abundance we seek appear, the more time we spend thinking about and planning for our abundant lives, the more likely we are to actually put our words into action. 

As this forms a healthy, meditative habit, we may find it easier and easier to find, forge, and finish the path ahead.

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Journaling for Manifestation

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